Archives for September 2014

Episode 19: Booty Calls

In this edition of the Culture & Arts Podcast, Joe and Jason tackle J.Lo’s new single ‘Booty ft. Iggy Azalea’, and discuss whether older pop stars try to hard to follow current musical trends. In addition, the most bizarre 9-1-1 Calls in History.

Episode 090: Scottish Independence, Nationalism, and Obama’s Weakness

Chris and Greg discuss the vote on Scottish Independence and the fading concept of nationalism. Then we discuss Obama and the “new” war on ISIS.

Episode 18: The Fappening

The Culture & Arts Podcast gets dirty as the ethics of this week’s controversial celebrity nude leaks are discussed. Also, legal prostitution and boutique coffee.

Episode 089: ISIS and Putin

Chris, Greg, Daniel and Chris Peffers discuss the similarities between ISIS and Putin. We delve deeper into these two conflicts, and why we shouldn’t be involved.

Episode 17: Unfiltered

Would a man fake his death to avoid marriage? And what celebrity interactions have been keeping Joe and Jason entertained? Find out on an unedited, and uncensored edition of The Culture & Arts Podcast.

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