Archives for June 2014

Episode 15: Bring on the Clowns

An Epic Criminal Fail. Also, Joe & Jason discuss the strangest dating sites on the internet including a few that you won’t believe!

Episode 14: The Strangest Divorces of All Time

Joe & Jason unveil the world’s strangest divorces as prompted by a woman who filed for divorce because her husband disliked Disney’s mega hit Frozen. Listen Here.

Episode 084: Charity and POW Swap

Chris and Greg discuss Miah’s recent appearance, discuss how private charity is the only charity that works, and the POW swap.

Episode 13: NerdPop

Jason and Joe discuss The Ralien Cult, Edward Snowden, Celebrity Death Hoaxes, and The Anti-Jennifer Lawrence. Also, find out why David Murrell is missing! Listen Here.

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