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Interview: Noam Chomsky

We interview Noam Chomsky on linguistics, propaganda, terrorism, American foreign policy, and his view on modern libertarianism. We then talk about the media’s slant on the government shutdown and the future of journalism. [Read more…]

Episode 074: Jeffrey Tucker on, the NSA and MLK’s Legacy

Chris, Greg, Joe, and Dan are joined by Jeffrey Tucker to discuss his new venture, an NSA-less society, and the civil liberties battle of the future using MLK’s model.

Episode 3: The Stinkman Cometh

Now that Joe Ruiz, David Murrell, and Jason Murrell have finally reunited, Episode 3 of The CAP (Culture & Arts Podcast) flies off the handle! This week The CAP Panel discusses a man who hasn’t bathed in 60 years, accidentally finding celebrity cell phones, yet another season of American Idol and the relaunch of the Star Wars Franchise. Listen Here.

Episode 073: Walter Block, An EPA Free World, War on Poverty

Chris Spangle and Dan Peffers are joined by Dr. Walter Block. They discuss the chemical leak in WV, the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty, courts in an stateless society, Dr. Block’s recent controversy, and his favorite TV shows.

The CAP: Culture and Arts Podcast

While other shows on the WAL Radio Network discuss economics, policy, human rights, and political philosophies, The CAP investigates life’s more complicated issues. This weekly series, hosted by We Are Libertarians Editor Joe Ruiz, along with co-hosts David and Jason Murrell, explores the Arts; Music, Movies, and Television, as well sports, entertainment and human relationships.

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Episode 2: What Does Todd Fox Say?

Joe Ruiz and David Murrell discuss the People’s Choice Awards, Japanese Man Bras, and a North Dakota Man who fired the first shot in the War On Winter by clearing the snow with his flamethrower. Listen Here.

Episode 1: Nerdfest

In the pilot episode Joe Ruiz and Jason Murrell discuss the decline of the action film genre, comic book villains, divorcing your iPhone and Clay Aiken’s potential run for Congress. Listen Here.

Episode 072: Muh Snowy, Corrupt Roads

Chris, Greg, Gena, and Dan discuss the shutdown of snowy roads, the shutdown of the GWB by Chris Christie, and Rand Paul’s stance on Snowden prison time.

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