Archives for December 2013

Episode 071: Creighton Returns, Economic Update, Racists

Chris, Creighton, and Greg catch up on Creighton’s YAL job, discuss the GOP takeover, where the economy is heading, and wonder if Phil Robertson is a racist.

Episode 070: Duck Dynasty, Millennial Gender Roles

Chris, Greg, and Gena try to figure out if they actually care about the Duck Dynasty kerfuffle, ask you to #gettalking about government-less marriage, discuss the Obamacare #gettalking guy and the pussification of American men, and discuss gender roles in the millennial generation.

Episode 15: Mostly Happy Holidays

Gena, Chris and Greg discuss the holidays and some updates. Listen Here.

Episode 069: The State of Racism, Higher Education, Budgets

Chris, Greg, Gena, and Harry Price discuss the current state of race issues, ask if college is worth it, give thoughts on the budget deal, and discuss South Carolina’s nullification of Obamacare.

Episode 14: Annulling Pots

Gena gives us a quick update on quitting stuff. Listen Here.

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