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Interview: Rupert Boneham

Chris Spangle sat down with Rupert Boneham to discuss the origin and mission of Rupert’s Kids, the kids in the program, and our broken criminal justice system. He makes some very thoughtful points about how our system sets up the kids caught in the bottom 10% of the socio-economic ladder for failure. Listen Here.

You can donate to Rupert’s Kids here:!/?page_id=26 

Interview: Gary Hill

Gary Hill was a 19 year-old honor roll student with a college scholarship when he made a decision that would change the course of his life. Gary is a participant for Rupert’s Kids. At 27, he is now working to build a life inspiring those around him to make different decisions than he did. He also tells us how the program has impacted his life. You can donate to Rupert’s Kids here:!/?page_id=26 Listen Here.

Interview: Gary Johnson

Former Governor of New Mexico and 2012 LP Presidential candidate Gary Johnson joins us to discuss the NSA, the drug war, Rand Paul, Our America Initiative, and his future plans. [Read more…]

Interview: Gary Johnson

Former Governor of New Mexico and 2012 LP Presidential candidate Gary Johnson joins us to discuss the NSA, the drug war, Rand Paul, Our America Initiative, his future plans. Listen Here.

Episode 12: Bad Religion

Gena tells stories of business woe, and then we go deep in to religion. Listen Here.

Episode 063: Debt and Drama

Chris, Greg, Gena, and Miah discuss the debt drama, the tyranny of the binary choices, and a question on bullying creates some drama of our own.

Episode 062: Is the Debt Ceiling a Big Deal?

Chris, Greg, and Miah explain the debt ceiling and if October 17th means economic calamity, and then we answer your questions!

Episode 11: Gena’s Libertarian Streak

Don’t look Ethel!! Listen Here.

An Introduction to Libertarianism with Marshall Fritz

My main job at the Englehart Group is marketing the Advocates for Self-Government. As I have been working on a large project, I have come across this video of Marshall Fritz. Our organization was founded by Fritz, one of the lesser-known giants of the libertarian movement.(I hope you will share this to remedy that.)People like Friedman and Rothbard are know for their work in libertarian philosophy and economics. Marshall was brilliant at marketing the message. (Sadly, he passed in 2008.) He is the reason millions have been exposed to a new political paradigm through the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. This is his one hour explanation of libertarianism, and it is one of the most engaging and understandable explanations I’ve seen. Listen here.

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Interview: Julie Borowski

We spent some time talking with Julie Borowski, sometimes know as TokenLibertarian Girl. By day Julie is a policy analyst for Freedomworks, and in her spare time she makes fun, short videos that share the libertarian perspective on current events. She takes us behind the scenes of her creative process, her background, and how she found libertarianism. Follow her on YouTubeTwitterFacebook, and at her site. [Read more…]

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