Archives for May 2013

Episode 045: Better Late than Never

Chris, Greg, Miah, and Suzanne Schaefer discuss the on-going Obama scandals while making fun of each other. Due to some technical issues, we’re posting a week late. Sorry.

Episode 045.5: Adam Kokesh

Chris, Greg, Miah and Suzanne Schaefer share their thoughts on Adam Kokesh. This is cut out of the regular show because it is no longer timely, but worth the listen.

Episode 044: Three Scandals and a Maybe

Chris, Creighton, Joe Ruiz, and Miah Akston discuss the three Obama scandals (IRS, AP spying, and Benghazi) and speculate on a potential fourth.

Episode 043: Religion, The Redskins, and James Nease

Chris, Creighton, Greg, and Ethan Hatcher discuss religion in the military and Christian persecution, Miah pops in to discuss the Washington Redskins and white people, and then James Nease shows up to ruin our podcast with drugs and Mutualism. We promise this is our weirdest show ever.

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