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Episode 034: Gault’s Google Obsession and the Future of the Libertarian Movement

Chris, Chris, Creighton, and Greg discuss Gault’s behavior over Google products, Spangle gives an update on the Students for Liberty conference, and the guys discuss the future of the libertarian movement. We also end with some very troubling audio from Washington D.C.

Episode 033: SOTU, Minimum Wage, and Dorner

Chris, Creighton, Miah and Greg discuss the State of the Union, Minimum wage, and the due process not afforded to Christopher Dorner.

Interview: Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers

Today I had the opportunity to interview Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers. Sheriff Rogers is a Constitutionalist who feels very passionately about the responsibilities that he has been given. He takes pride in maintaining his oath and standing by our National and State Constitutions.

Below you will find a podcast during which I ask Sheriff Rogers several questions regarding his office and his experiences. You can also take a look at the comments below – which Sheriff Rogers also made regarding various issues as we talked over lunch.

If hope still exists that elected officials can make a difference, stand their ground, and limit the often overreaching hands of government, men like Sheriff Brad Rogers are the reason why. – Joe Ruiz

Brad Rogers

Rogers on How He Does His Job

“I recently went to the State House to testify on behalf of SB400. Some people say, “You’re the Sheriff of Elkhart County. Why go to Anderson Cooper or Indianapolis?” But I realize that so much of what is done in Washington and so much of what is done at the State House is going to make an impact locally – and as an elected official I feel like I have to be involved in the conversation. You get so many officials that don’t want to make waves. Now I’m not out for a fight, but I just know that so many issues – take my recent involvement in the 2nd Amendment discussions – those things are going to have an impact on someone like me working in law enforcement.”

Rogers on His Oath to Office

“All parties should treat their oath of office as the most fundamental part of their job. I will continue to stay truth to that oath. I suppose if there are people who don’t like that they can vote me out when the time comes, but I have to stay true to what I believe in.”

Rogers on Leadership

“Just because you campaign on one particular party doesn’t meant that you can’t find issues where people of other parties or thoughts can agree with you. For instance, I ran as a Republican but I get a lot of support from liberals in light of how I feel about prison re-entry. It’s not about pleasing any one group of people. You have to just do what you can to do what’s best for the community, and I want to have an impact. The people need to feel safe and as Sheriff, that means sometimes I have to go the extra mile. It’s not enough to just do your job, as an elected official you have to be a leader. You have to be a good neighbor and you also have to lead by example.”

Rogers on Gun Control

“It’s funny that I’ve been talking so much about guns and our 2nd Amendment rights. You know, I’m not a gun nut. I have one, but it’s not like that’s all I think about. My advocacy for gun rights would extend to a lot of other things too whether it’s something I like or not. It’s about being sensitive to the rights of others. I have an obligation to be open to information. A person in my position has to make sure they’re always listening, always learning, and growing each day.”

Rogers on Being Republican versus Libertarian

“A lot of emphasis is put on labels. I don’t think it’s necessary. I ran as a Republican. That doesn’t mean I don’t agree with libertarians on a lot of things. I don’t agree with any one party 100% of the time. But I do know that if Republicans were actually doing their job, they’d be a lot more libertarian.”

Rogers on Being Interviewed

“I have been doing a lot of interviews, and I feel like that’s my responsibility. As an elected official I’m accountable to the people that elected me. That means I always have to be approachable, and I have to be willing to answer questions anytime people have questions for me. Now that doesn’t mean that I am going to just run off and tell anyone confidential police information. But if someone wants to know my political opinion on a certain issue, or if they have questions about how I do my job, I need to be ready and willing to give them answer.”

Episode 032: Killing Americans, the LAPD, USPS, and IMS

Chris, Creighton and Greg discuss the government killing Americans, the LAPD and the man terrorizing them, the USPS ending Saturday delivery, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway asking for corporate welfare.

Episode 031: Dani the deer and Rule of Law, Immigration, and Guns on Campus

The guys discuss Dani the deer and Rule of Law, Immigrations, and Guns on Campus.

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