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Episode 026: Election Results, Petraus, Ron Paul’s Legacy

The guys discuss the election results, why Mitt lost, why Mourdock lost, why Petraus resigned, why did an FBI agent send shirtless photos?, what  Ron Paul leaves behind, and what will the libertarian movement do now? Creighton also reads his awesome message to Ron Paul supporters in the third half hour.

This is our last podcast of 2012. We are going to take a hiatus to build a new website and to get settled in a new studio. Stay tuned to to get updates on what’s next!

LPIN Podcast Season 2 – 015: Local Bloggers Jon Easter and Paul Ogden Discuss Libertarians, Blogging, and Civility

Local Bloggers Jon Easter (Indy Democrat) and Paul Ogden (Ogden on Politics) discuss Libertarians, blogging, and civility in politics. They explain what they like about Libertarians, where they can grow, how we all can work together, what blogs they follow, and how to write a local political blog.

Episode 025: Sandy, Charity, Abortion, and Tuesday

The guys discuss Sandy, private charity and FEMA, Mourdock’s abortion comments, and other election related issues.

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