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Raw Audio: Abdul interviews Rupert 40 Days Out editor Abdul-Hakim Shabazz interviews Rupert.

Leon-Tailored Interview – Libertarian candidate for Governor Rupert Boneham (8 min)

Episode 023: Gangam Style, Tea Parties, and then The Fight

The seeds of last week’s passive aggression bubble over in to plain-old aggression over discussing conspiracies. We also discuss types of personalities in politics and what the heck happened to the tea party.

Raw Audio: Judge Jim Gray Speaks at PAUL Fest

Judge Jim Gray’s speech at P.A.U.L.Fest in Tampa, Florida during the RNC Convention.

Raw Audio: America Needs A Handyman, Gary Johnson's latest video Ad

Two-term Governor, Gary Johnson put himself through college as a handyman. Through determination, intelligence and integrity, he grew that small business into the largest construction company in New Mexico. As Governor, he kept his word to shrink government, cut taxes and end the reckless spending. He was re-elected as a Republican in a state that votes two-to-one Democrat — in a landslide. Gary Johnson can fix what the two-party system has broken. America needs a handyman. LIVE FREE –

Raw Audio: Gary Johnson's Speech At PAUL Fest

LP Presidential candidate Gary Johnson speaks to Ron Paul supporters in Tampa, Florida during the RNC convention.

Raw Audio: Gary Johnson’s Acceptance Speech to the Libertarian National Convention

Gary Johnson speaks to the Libertarian National Convention on May 5, 2012, and thanks the delegates as he becomes the LP Presidential nominee.

Raw Audio: Gary Johnson's Nomination Speech to the Libertarian National Convention

Gary Johnson speaks to the Libertarian National Convention on May 5, 2012, and asks for the delegate support in his effort to become the LP Presidential nominee.

Episode 022: James Nease, Discord, Bad Cords, and Property Rights

In a show filled with co-host discord, bad cords, and James Nease, the guys go deep in the philosophy of mutualism vs. anarcho-capitalism, property rights, eminent domain, and the future of the economy after QE 3.

LPIN Podcast Season 2 – 012: Andy Horning for US Senate

Chris Spangle sits down to talk with US Senate candidate Andy Horning for an in-depth interview on running the first negative campaign on voters, why he keeps coming back, and what it’s like inside the Republican Party.

LPIN Podcast Season 2 – 011: Joe Ruiz for Congress, District 2

Congressional District 2 candidate Joe Ruiz discusses his philosophy of government and updates us on his campaign.

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