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LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 059: Secretary of State Candidate Mike Wherry on Ballot Access

The importance of the Secretary of State’s race to the Libertarian Party is well known to political insiders and long-time Libertarian supporters. Those supporters new to the political process might be surprised to learn that if Mike Wherry fails to achieve a minimum percentage of votes, the Libertarian party will lose its’ ballot status.

Wherry spoke about ballot access particulars and the value Libertarians bring to Hoosier voters when they challenge incumbents.

Plus, a new Mike Wherry radio ad debuts at the beginning of the podcast. Please contribute to putting this ad on the air through financial contributions at:

Listen to the podcast here: 059 Mike Wherry on ballot access and the implications of the lack thereof [Read more…]

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 056: Judge Bell's Pennies, and Thoughts

Second-term Libertarian Judge Susan Bell of Hagerstown had two interesting experiences recently as the Hagerstown Judge.

The first was of a man trying to get an audience via protest in her courtroom, and the other being the media covering his protest, but focusing on an odd detail he had considered. He wanted to pay in pennies.

The resulting media news reporting had the effect of painting Judge Bell in a tough “law and order” light, or of being unsympathetic to the man’s position.

In this special edition of the podcast, Bell tells her side of the story to clear up misconceptions and to explain her role as a Judge.

Listen to the podcast here: 056 Judge Bell’s pennies, and thoughts [Read more…]

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 057: Ed Coleman’s self-defense proposal shot down

If the US and Indiana Constitutions uphold the right of citizens to defend themselves with firearms, why does Indianapolis and Marion County override these freedoms with ordinances? And, why in City parks?

Libertarian City-County Councilman Ed Coleman sought to restore what he calls ‘basic human rights’ with an ordinance that would permit those with concealed carry licenses to do so in the parks. Coleman’s proposal brought swift denunciations by Republicans.

Coleman explains the process and the politics that shot down his proposal.

Listen to the podcast here: 057 Ed Coleman’s self-defense proposal shot down

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LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 058: Young Gun TJ Thompson’s takes aim at Mike Pence

TJ Thompson is one of three Libertarian candidates for US House under the age of 30 (the others are Jon Morris in District 1, and Chard Reid in District 5) calling themselves ‘The Young Guns’ in acknowledgment not just of their age, but their energy and passion for the work of turning the country around.

Thompson is interested at a very technical level, holding the belief that each member of Congress should read each bill before voting on them, and has written legislative proposals addressing topics such as Congressional pay.

Listen to the podcast here: 058 Young Gun TJ Thompson’s takes aim at Mike Pence [Read more…]

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