Kill the Two Party System before it kills us


Update:  Well, dang it.

Against all my hopes, but as expected, and mostly because there was just no public interest in it, my case was “dismissed with prejudice.”

That means, in legal parlance, “Shut up, go away, and never come back.”

The new judge blathered on about lots of things.  But in practical fact (and only slightly paraphrasing) he said, “nanner nanner; we’re The Powers That Be and you’re nobody.”  Without any public interest in the underlying issue, the judgment is, unfortunately, fact.  People get what they vote for, and fight for; not what they merely say they want.  And one guy’s vote and fight isn’t enough to change anything.

The status quo may once again breathe a sigh of relief that yet another challenge to their crony corruption has been silenced.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the two-headed monster we only think is a two-party system is actually a crime ring.

You know it’s corrupt. But very few understand that it’s operating under illegal, unconstitutional, immoral, destructive and even stupid rules that hurt everybody.

Here is the original complaint. And my final response to the state’s blathering responses is here.

The basic scoop is that our society is divided into two classes of people; the favored corporate entities, and everybody else. Individuals are nobody; corporations and only two political parties have special rights and powers that individuals are denied.

Only MPPs (major political parties, of which, by recent “laws” there can be only two) can have Precinct Committeemen, be on election-related committees, fill vacancies, and in general, run the country. Nobody else, no other party, has such power.

I’m arguing a constitutional case for equal rights among all human beings, regardless of affiliation, class, creed or crony network.

But, really, you should be arguing that too.  Every day.  In every way you can.


I love my life.

I'm very comfortable on my little farm. My wife is the best thing that ever happened to me. I've got great kids. I've got more hobbies than I should. I don't need the hassle of running for office; particularly when people keep foolishly blabbering about "odds" and "working within the system."

Why do you suppose I've been battling "The Two Party System" for over twenty years nonstop? You think I like it? No, I don't.

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5 thoughts on “Kill the Two Party System before it kills us

  1. Andy,the states blathering responses isn’t showing up when clicking the “is here” it goes to your second response again.

    Just want to thank you again for doing this for “US”, I for one REALLY DO APPRECIATE IT!!!

    I think I’ll start choosing friends by making them read this first just to see if they run, care about or know about how truly screwed up our system is…lol probably lose a few more “friends” and not gain any.

    Keep swinging,you’ll connect with one of them

    • Thank you sir!
      I decided not to post the state’s responses. It just didn’t seem Kosher to me somehow, and our legal system is so !@#$? up that it’s probably against some rule or other anyway.
      Please do talk this up. Pass it around. Let people know how ungoverned their government really is, and maybe then we’ll be able to fix it.
      Again, thanks!

  2. Can’t blame you for not posting it, your right not to trust a corrupt system especially when your attacking it.

    I didn’t read that sentence right in the first place…sorry about that.

    I’m spreading the message.