Did Justin Amash Hint at a Presidential Run?

Did Representative Justin Amash of Michigan, one of America’s leading libertarian-leaning Republicans, hint again at a Presidential run in 2020?

The twitter post from February 9th, posted that was retweeted by Rep. Amash stated:

This newest revelation further fuels speculation that the former lawyer and Austrian economics enthusiast will run. An interview in Feb. 2016 with rare.us revealed his willingness when he answered yes when asked about running for president.

Another tweet in April of 2016 has Rep. Amash responding about when the full 9/11 report would be declassified with a simple “when I’m President”.

If he isn’t running right now, it sure looks like he is. He has been packing auditoriums as of late. A recent event was so popular, people had to be turned away.

Rep. Amash has been establishing a record of resisting some of President’s Trump’s key policy areas. If Amash is contemplating a primary battle against the President, he is in for a fight. Trump has already begun to fundraise for his run in 2020, with nearly 10 million already stashed away.

It is also possible that Rep. Amash is planning something different. He could be stealthily preparing for a run with the Libertarian Party which seems to be more consistent with many of his views on things like trade and immigration. His ideas seem to align closely with many planks of the national party platform. Regardless of if Justin Amash will really run for President, people want him to. Do you?

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