WAL Daily 15: How America Destroyed Honduras

We Are Libertarians

The United States of America has an illustrious history in large part due to a free market economy. So why is it that when we prop up a government in another country, we make sure it is some type of single-crop dictatorship? Hodey Johns and Rhinehold explore how Honduras went from a fertile land of plenty to the most deadly place on earth thanks to your tax dollars.

Show Notes: wearelibertarians.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/How-America-Destroyed-Honduras.pdf

WAL Daily 14: Trump Wants to End Birthright Citizenship

We Are Libertarians

Sarah Brady Wagner and Rhinehold discuss President Trump’s recent comments on ending birthright citizenship. What is it and how does his idea jive with the 14th Amendment?

WAL 326: The Swamp Explained – Political Violence Now vs. 60s, Is Trump Draining the Swamp?

We Are Libertarians

In our “The Swamp, Explained” series, Chris Spangle and Rob Quartel go in depth on how Washington works. On this episode, we compare the heated political environments of the 1960’s to today, we examine how Trump is emboldening the Swamp by not staffing the Executive Branch, and we question if the Federal Reserve is truly independent.

Bib Gourmand – dcist.com/2018/09/bibgourmand2018_dc.php

Rob has lived and worked in Washington DC for 40 years. He worked for the EPA and the Ford and H.W. Bush campaigns. Check out his resume here: www.linkedin.com/in/rob-quartel-5291553/

Have questions for Rob? Email us – editor@wearelibertarians.com

WAL Daily 13: The Side of Mike Shipley Nobody Sees

We Are Libertarians

Hodey Johns flips the script that people try to write about Michael Shipley. We explain why philosophical disagreements need not lead to broken alliances, how everyone can be excited about a horizontal business model, and the subtle difference between Orwell and Stalin.

WAL Daily 12: Jailed for Words with Alicia Dearn

We Are Libertarians

A judge sentences a man to an extra 4 years in prison over rap lyrics. Hodey Johns and Alicia Dearn, legal guru, explains how it happened, why you should rethink anything you’ve ever put on social media, and how we begin to change the system.

WAL Daily 11: Liberty Memes Speaks! An Interview with David and Peter Gay

We Are Libertarians

David and Peter Gay have run Liberty Memes since 2013. We first speak to David about what might have led to the ban and their significant charitable efforts over the years. We then talk to Peter about the philosophical foundations of Liberty Memes, if they have aspirations beyond being page admins, and the future of their brand.

* www.libertymemes.com/
* New Page: www.facebook.com/LibertyMemes2
* Liberty Memes Group: www.facebook.com/groups/575184586207532/
* Patreon: www.patreon.com/LibertyMemes

WAL 325: Liberty Memes Update, Saudi Arabia’s Reforms and Khashoggi’s Death

We Are Libertarians

Chris Spangle and Harry Price give an update on Facebook’s censorship of mainstream libertarians. We then explain the reforms in Saudi Arabia, both good and bad, why we are supplying them weapons in Yemen, and give all of the details on Jamal Khashoggi’s death.

Show Notes: wearelibertarians.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/The-Assassination-of-Jamal-Kashoggi2FYemen.pdf

WAL Daily 10: Prison Labor

We Are Libertarians

Take a commute to work inside the walls of a prison using the vehicle of discussion. Hodey Johns and Sarah Brady Wagner give you personal experiences and hard statistics that might make you change your mind on reforming our prison work system.

Show Notes: wearelibertarians.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Prison-Labor-Show-Notes.pdf

WAL 324: Liberty Memes Banned By Facebook

We Are Libertarians

Chris Spangle warned months ago that Alex Jones was the canary in the coal mine and that mainstream libertarian voices would be next. Today, Liberty Memes was banned. He discusses the ramifications. Since Facebook says they are cracking down on “inauthentic voices,” we replay our interview with the admins of this Facebook page. Neither are Russians. Neither are dangerous. They just love liberty and memes.

WAL Daily 9: Tough Questions- How do We Save These Kids?

We Are Libertarians

Paul Copeland and Hodey Johns dive into what child intervention might look like in a libertarian society. Learn about how the government is incentivized to kidnap children, why taking a child away (even from an abusive family) is 10 times more fatal than leaving them alone, and when protecting innocent children becomes a moral imperative for liberty-minded minarchists and anarchists.

Show Notes: wearelibertarians.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/How-do-we-Save-the-Kids_.pdf