Business & Politics, Issue 470.

Went to the libertarian state convention this weekend in Indianapolis. Caught up with a lot of old friends and met some new ones.
Listened to what some of our presidential candidates had to say as well.
Long but productive weekend, back to reality. Had breakfast Sunday with our gubernatorial candidate Rex Bell (he shares a lot of my father’s wisdom).


Eric Holder was an active participant to prevent information on ‘Fast & Furious’ to be released:

Chaffetz: Holder participated in a coordinated effort to obstruct Congress on Fast & Furious

Fast and Furious Document Release Highlights Continued Arrogant Stonewalling

I have long maintained that Eric Holder should be in jail. Maybe the next president will clean up the DoJ.

A history lesson and exactly the reason we have our 2nd amendment:
Don’t ever forget it.

I don’t think government is any more honest or truthful since Waco in 1993 (1:49:50):

Waco – A new revelation. Anyone else see parallels to the Bundy/Finicum situation playing out today?

It’s just a little radioactive waste; what’s the big deal?
Tyler Durden reports on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, where 3K to 4K gallons of highly radioactive waste leaked from a double-walled storage tank this past weekend:

Since it is only an agreement we will not be held responsible for any potential fines for violating it, right?:

Obama’s Violating the Constitution by Not Submitting Climate Treaty to Senate

It can’t be treaty since Obama signed it in violation of the Constitution (without senate consent).
Obama didn’t even sign the Paris ‘treaty’, he had SoS John Kerry sign it on behalf of our country:
Meanwhile, congress does nothing. If they had any moral compass or understanding of the Constitution, impeachment proceedings would begin now.
Alex Newman reminds us all that it doesn’t matter, congress passed a law in 1994 prohibiting any disbursement of funds to the UN since they have recognized the ‘State of Palestine’:
Whew, that was close.

Kentucky is launching a full investigation into the previous administration’s possible corruption, reports Onan Coca:
This looks like it might be something major in a few months. Looks like the FBI is involved as well.

Harry Reid is a dirty politician, will this latest bribery scandal bring him down?:
Probably not.

Warren Mass writes on the CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association) protecting us from this nation’s greatest threat to our freedom:
Our federal government. I wish this was a parody piece but it isn’t.

Bundy Ranch

This is an important story to me so I will continue to report and attempt to educate others until it is resolved.

Tim Brown reports that Larry Klayman has been refused to be allowed to represent Cliven Bundy for a second time by judge Gloria Navarro.
This is a CLEAR violation of the 6th amendment and another example of the federal government being the bully in this matter:

Judge Refuses for the Second Time to Allow Attorney to Defend Cliven Bundy


After my rants on the government over the Bundy and Finicum families last issue the government still isn’t backing down (4:30):

FBI Roundup of Bundy Ranch Protesters Continues… in North Carolina – 2 Women Detained, Questioned, Threatened with Arrest

The FBI is going after two women who may have taken pictures at the Bundy Ranch in 2014. When will we demand an end to this tyranny?
Remember, LEO’s can and will lie to you (this includes FBI agents):

Mother of Oregon Protester Who Was Jailed: The FBI Didn’t Keep Their Word about not Arresting My Son!

Too late for Jake Ryan, he’s now in jail on bullshit federal charges like most of the Bundy’s.

Tim Brown reports on the abuse our government is responsible for in regards to Cliven Bundy:

Bundy Sons Lose Bid for Release before Trial as Feds do all they can to Keep Cliven Bundy in Jail
To deny bail is insane, they are not ‘flight risks’ or ‘dangers to the community’. The Bundy’s are clearly being held as political prisoners. I do not consent.

A heartfelt op-ed by Gary Hunt regarding civil defiance or submission:

Burns Chronicles No 9 – Civil Defiance or Submission?

Where does your allegiance lie?


I found this very interesting. Courts (including SCOTUS) have ruled many times that a ‘driver’s license’ in NOT required to drive a vehicle on all public or common ways unless you are being paid to drive:

U.S. Supreme Court Says No License Necessary To Drive Automobile On Public Roads
OK, who’s first to test this?

Isn’t this a crime on its own? Willfully withholding evidence demanded as part of a congressional subpoena?:
Whoever was SoS at the time (Hillary in case you didn’t understand my frustration), should be in jail.

Josh Siegel explains how politics has truly ruined SCOTUS:

Texas Governor Predicts Supreme Court ‘Politics’ Will Prevent States’ Outright Win on Obama Immigration Actions


Don’t try to take Whole Foods to court over an LGBTQ issue like Jordan Brown did (2:07):

Whole Foods taking legal action against man who made gay slur accusation

You will be countersued for defamation. Also, remember everything is video recorded now.

Tom Philpott, food and agriculture correspondent for ‘Mother Jones’ provides us with a very pro-GMO article after touring Monsanto’s HQ in St. Louis, MO:

Inside the Country’s Most Controversial Company

I personally found the reader comments section very entertaining, more so than the biased reporting on Tom’s part. Tom has drank the Monsanto Kool-Aid®.


Wow, Ron Paul agrees with Donald Trump on something (4:58):

Ron Paul Agrees with Donald Trump – Elections are Rigged!

Donald, it’s a private club…you (and all taxpayers) are just paying for it.


The recently uncovered ‘Panama Papers’ reveal many close connections to the Clintons reports Tyler Durden:
Why does this not surprise me in the slightest?

Well, you can’t argue with Anthony’s synopsis (:26):

The Clinton Foundation and foreign donors (3:40):

Hillary Shields Her Saudi Donors – Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

It should be illegal for Saudi Arabia to donate over $70 million to it…it’s like a foreign country attempting to buy the presidency (and that IS illegal).

Hillary fans, do you know who you’re supporting? (9:46):

I just wanted to make sure you knew…carry on.

The brother of Hillary’s campaign chief (Tony Podesta) gets $140K a month to lobby for Saudi Arabia:
I’m sure Tony is worth $1.68 million a year for this…and his relationship with the Clinton’s doesn’t factor into any of this. He must be one heck of a lobbyist.

The Hillary indictment is getting close (6:25):
Judge Napolitano gives us his insight.

Bad lip reading parodies the democratic debate (3:49):

Reality check

Just watch (4:27):
Joey Salads with a transgender bathroom reality.

We as a country still have a long way to go when it comes to race issues (1:27):

School Accused of Ignoring “White Student’s Claims of Racial Harassment” Settles Case

But it’s interesting to see white minorities sue and win when schools refuse to acknowledge race problems.

Bill Whittle with an excellent ‘Afterburner’ (7:10):

Bernie Sanders and the power of envy.

Louder with Crowder does a parody from ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ (4:04):
Is it wrong that I found this very funny?

It appears you are not allowed to hold an opinion that progressives deem ‘not politically correct’.
ESPN announcer and baseball legend Curt Shilling is fired for speaking HIS OPINION on men using women’s restrooms:
Tolerance and acceptance…but only if you agree with me.

Black Lives Matter, this does not help your cause (1:53):

Black Lives Matter Activist Pleads Guilty to Faking Racism on Twitter – May Get 90 Days & $82,000 Fine

The week after California raises the state’s minimum wage to $15:
UC-Berkeley fires 500 minimum wage workers.

Cool stuff

Do you want to learn how to play guitar the easy way? (3:30):
For $300 you too can play the guitar, very little skill needed.

If you really like car movies:
Here are some of the best of all time.

Pizza farm, with Nick Offerman (2:15):

World’s meanest mom? No, this is what a parent should do (1:43):


Poland gives a big, middle finger to the European Union:

After EU tries to Shame Poland into Submitting to Islam, Poland Tells EU to Get Lost

So why did the ‘Panama Papers’ just make the news? This information has been ‘out there’ for over a year and nobody was reporting it?
James Dean report:

NEO – The Panama Papers: The People Deceived

The latest psyop (or propaganda if you prefer) from our controlled media, we are only allowed to know what they want us to know.

A Saudi therapist give advice on how to properly beat your wife (4:09):
I wonder how this would work out in the US?

Whoever thought China would be a bastion against the new world order just hasn’t been paying attention:
Article by Alex Newman.

In a truly sad story (not):

10 Terrorists Killed When the Bomb They’re Building Accidentally Blows Up!

10 terrorists are killed when the bomb they were working on explodes inside the mosque where it was being built.

It’s been over 5 years since this movie was released ‘Freedom to Fascism’ (2:26:40):

Have things gotten better or worse?

Old news, but Gary Franchi confirms we killed Libya’s president Gaddafi over gold currency (5:00):

Can’t have hard money interfere with a fiat world now, can we.
If you want to learn more on the truth, here it is (1:00:25):

Perry Sheetz

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