Top libertarian activist responds to libel with truth bomb

It is a joke in libertarian circles that libertarians are their own worst enemies. As with many jokes, there is an element of truth to this. Take for instance the case of 2016 vice presidential nomination loser Judd Weiss and his girlfriend spreading libelous smears about Chris Thrasher and other members of Gov. Gary Johnson’s […]

Another day, another drone bombing as strikes triple under Trump

Many Americans remain oblivious to the drones strikes that continue to rain down weekly around the middle east at an alarming rate. Just yesterday, another drone strike allegedly killed two children in Yemen. In early March, the Pentagon conducted over 30 airstrikes in Yemen over the course of just two days. This is a continuation of the […]

Wikileaks drops massive new bombshell about CIA hacking

News dropped this morning about another new Wikileaks dump, this time regarding the CIA and its massive cyber spying and warfare operations. The over 8000 pages released contain intimate details of things like cyber warfare locations, tools, and agency structure.  Vault 7 as it’s called paints a picture of an agency with a near boundless capacity to […]

Continue mass surveillance without reform says Trump administration

If you thought that the current administration would be any better than the last on issues like electronic privacy and mass surveillance, you were sorely wrong. The Trump administration announced it wants the “clean reauthorization” of parts of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, which permit some of the nations most intrusive and controversial mass surveillance programs. […]

Federal court rules semi-automatic rifles aren’t protected by 2nd amendment

A federal appeals court ruled in late February that a Maryland law banning many semi-automatic rifles was perfectly constitutional. The ruling states: We conclude — contrary to the now-vacated decision of our prior panel — that the banned assault weapons and large-capacity magazines are not protected by the Second Amendment. The referenced banned weapons include “…semiautomatic centerfire rifle that […]

Brace yourself for the incoming war on recreational pot and states’ rights

Will Trump’s Justice Department focus its attention on caging and harassing non-violent marijuana users? A particular cabinet pick and revelations from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer point to yes. In a recent White House press briefing a reporter asked what the administration’s position on marijuana legalization is when there is a conflict between state and federal […]

White House: The Powers of the President Will Not Be Questioned

Was it Pinochet or a senior White House advisor that said “the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned”? If you guessed Pinochet, sorry, you’re wrong. The questionable statement was not made by an authoritarian dictator but by Senior White House Adviser Stephen Miller, raising troubling […]

Libertarian Party Vice Chair Throws Cato Institute Under Bus, Outrage Ensues

Libertarian Party Vice Chair Arvin Vohra got into some hot water over the weekend with some Libertarian Party members after comments he made on social media bashing the Cato Institute. The Cato Institute is perhaps the most widely known, respected, and trusted source of libertarian policy analysis. Arvin stated that “Groups like The Cato Institute have condoned welfare […]

Did Justin Amash Hint at a Presidential Run?

Did Representative Justin Amash of Michigan, one of America’s leading libertarian-leaning Republicans, hint again at a Presidential run in 2020? The twitter post from February 9th, posted that was retweeted by Rep. Amash stated: You guys, @justinamash says if I’d vote for him, he’d run for POTUS. — Lindsey Smith (@lzsmitty) February 10, 2017 This […]