The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 380

The EPA has raised the ‘safe’ limits allowed in food products for the herbicide glyphosate drastically. Glyphosate is the active ingredient developed by Monsanto is 1970 that we know as ‘Round-up’: Do you need another reason to oppose GMO in our food?  Here it is, scary stuff indeed. I wonder why the MSM doesn’t […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 360

A bunch of good stuff, try to scan the comments until you find something of interest to you.  Thanks. [divide] I have made mention of how unqualified Vivek Murthy is as Obama’s nominee for surgeon general (6:46): If the senate approves (they might, with only needing 51 votes [Thanks […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 359

Ben Swann hit the ground running with his first episode of season 2’s Truth in Media project. I urge you to watch this video, as it explains why we are where we are (13:20): It’s like seeing the light bulb go on, to fix our government we must end partisanship as the first step. […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 358

Ben Bullard reports of a new SCOTUS that amends the 4th amendment: As long as anyone in the home consents, it’s OK.  This reverses the 2006 ruling that stated if anyone refuses police may not enter. Inform your family of this major change, police will now attempt to coerce a family member to allow access […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 356

In honor of what would have been Aaron Russo’s 71st birthday, Gary Franchi released this video in tribute (10:15): If you didn’t know Aaron and what he stood for, watch this. [divide] This 7:10 video and transcript of Catherine Engelbrecht speaking before the house oversight and government reform committee is a MUST watch:! It’s […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 355

Why Obama would sit down for an interview with Bill O’Reilly preceding the Superbowl is beyond me (9:57): I don’t like Bill, but at least he didn’t offer softball questions like the rest of the MSM. Still, Obama took no responsibility for his past actions and mistakes.  Unfit for the office. [divide] Trey Gowdy […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 353

Ben Bullard reports on just how easy it is for our representatives can spend $1.1 trillion without even reading the bill: Pelosi’s past statements about the cupboard being bare sound kind of hollow, don’t they? Here’s a list of 359 representatives that need to go: You can’t justify a yes vote without […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 352

What happened to the company that used to have the motto “do no evil” (Google):! I predict they will be THE prime supplier of metadata to the NSA within 2 years.  Heck, they might already be. At the rate they are buying robotic companies and hiring ex-DARPA people, they might also be one of […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 351

Suzanne Hamner with an article that needs to be read.  We need to start educating ourselves on exactly what is happening in Fukushima: And this from Mac Slavo: In my best, little girl Heather O’Rourke from Poltergeist voice; They’re here: This is beyond scary. Of course, when you try to fix radiation […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 349

I find it funny (in a very sad way), that Barack Obama’s aids were unable to sign him up for healthcare through the website:! Seems that HHS could not verify his identity. [divide] Glenn Greenwald interview on MSNBC regarding Edward Snowden (2:04): I loved his response. [divide] If you have never read […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 348

It has now be proven that Obama framed Assad for the chemical attacks in his own country of Syria. Article and video by Kris Zane document what occurred (4:56):! The president is a LIAR and should be impeached immediately, this is worse (much worse) than anything the Bush’s did. The Joint Chiefs wouldn’t back […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 347

The federal reserve: 100 years of boom and bust (55:20): A documentary worth your time, if you want to understand what your government is doing to your money. [divide] Zach Weissmueller interviews Jim Bruce on his new documentary “Money For Nothing” (9:49): Pay attention, no one is concerned about your long-term financial well-being […]