We could fix it in a Single Day: But voters, as always, must choose

Many feel that our “Major Party” choices on Election Day have been getting worse and worse, while the general condition of our society and individual lives seems to be devolving toward calamity. That’s true, of course. But we could fix it if only we’d acknowledge the problem, admit who freely chose this, and realize who’s […]

Money, Politics, and Central Banks: Politicians have robbed us for generations

I have proposed a three-step plan to fix most of our worst problems by federal legislation. In many previous releases I detailed plans for fixing the corruption we call “the Two Party System.” That was Step #1. Step #2 is our twisted-hybrid political/private financial system. Money itself, as a fiduciary currency/unit of trade, can be […]

STOP stealing our wealth, opportunity and security!

The Orwellian “Bank Secrecy Act” of 1970 forces banks to report large financial transactions to federal agents. As with all “federal” laws, since its passage, requirements have gottentougher, more expansive, and secretive. For example, the“Suspicious Activity Report” invokes a gag order, and nullifies the already-lowered dollar limit such that any financial activity at allmay be secretly […]

Gun control? Who’re we kidding?

During the slippery slope SCOTUS case, VOISINE ET AL. v. UNITED STATES, Clarence Thomas shocked everyone by asking his first question from bench in ten years: “Can you give me another area where a misdemeanor suspends a constitutional right?” He was talking about the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, of course. Thomas […]

Radically Reasonable

Besides the complaints about jobs, money and immigration that now seem ubiquitous on this planet, the Brexit supporters complained about the “unelected bureaucrats” in Brussels who write laws for all of Europe. This ruling cabal of commissioners was called things like, “…overpaid and arrogant, but opaque and unaccountable…” USA wonks nodded their smug comprehension, apparently […]

Kill the Two Party System before it kills us

Update:  Well, dang it. Against all my hopes, but as expected, and mostly because there was just no public interest in it, my case was “dismissed with prejudice.” That means, in legal parlance, “Shut up, go away, and never come back.” The new judge blathered on about lots of things.  But in practical fact (and only […]

Technology versus Politics

Technology is marvelous. It tends to make things better, cheaper, more available. It tends to make people happy. Politics, on the contrary, is the opposite of all the above.  The most exciting, promising technology turns divisive, corrupt, costly and deadly once politicians get their mitts on it. We should never have let them monkey with […]

You wanna talk inequality?

As defined by Ind. Code § 3-5-2-30, there are two extremely unequal classes of citizens in terms of political and electoral rights, powers, privileges and immunities in Indiana: Those associated with the two private organizations called “Major Political Parties” (Democratic party partisans and Republican party partisans), and, Everyone else. This violates the equal protections clause of […]

No, court cases and precedents are not laws…

The United States Constitution has a fine Preamble.  But the preamble is just a preamble.  The USA Constitution’s first words of actual law follow immediately after that one-sentence preamble.  This sentence is Article I, Section I: “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of […]