The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics, Issue 479.

I’ll be taking a break from this for a while.  Stay vigilant my friends.





South Carolina government schools will actually be teaching about the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Federalist Papers beginning this fall:

Sad that it took a state law to require it.  How many other states teach this countries founding documents?


Joe Wolverton questions, ‘has the president usurped the Constitutional authority of congress’?:

My response is, not without their own unspoken approval.


Senator Dianne Feinstein says you must prove your innocence (1:19):

Just like it is written in the Constitution?


For being a ‘Constitutional professor’, Obama doesn’t seem to get it:

After another SCOTUS defeat of his policies, he says he will continue to issue un-Constitutional ‘executive orders’.

We do not live in a dictatorship or kingdom but a Constitutional Republic.






After an adult reporter (Gersh Kuntzman) stated how scary an AR-15 felt after shooting it (4:51):

Here’s a short video on a 7 year old’s first shots with the same (1:12):

The AR-15 shoots an intermediate range bullet .223 (NATO 5.56).  It is not a powerful cartridge.


VOX needs to educate themselves on the AR-15 before they attempt to explain the weapon to others:


What happens when an undercover reporter tries to buy a weapon in Chicago?:

This story made me chuckle.


Don’t let the anti-gunners see this (4:32):

Or we’ll have to fill out forms to buy a Nerf gun.


Larry Pratt (GOA – Executive Director) goes on MSNBC to ask them why no one mentions the Pulse nightclub killing occurred in a ‘gun free’ zone (1:38):

The MSM refuses to acknowledge this fact.  Blaming the gun, not the laws.






Joe being Joe (:41):

Saddam/Assad, those Middle Eastern leaders are all the same!


Corruption is deeply rooted in the Obama administration:

Can anybody play by the rules anymore?


Baldwin County, Alabama county commissioner Tucker Dorsey; I stand with you:

Did you know Obama has ordered the US flag lowered to half-staff more than any other president?  I honestly don’t think Obama knows any flag etiquette what-so-ever.


Voters, know your candidate? (2:59 & 5:47):


Hillary’s demands for a speaking engagement:

Why does this not surprise me?


Donald Trump’s campaign has launched a new website:

This is supposed to be a ‘one stop shop’ for Clinton scandals.


Julian Assange states WikiLeaks (and the FBI), have enough evidence to indict Hillary Clinton (3:41):

But it most likely won’t happen under Obama’s administration.


Gary Johnson/Bill Weld town hall on CNN (3 minute recap or full Townhall, your choice):






Loretta Lynch (AG) is Islam’s best PR agent (1:21):

Will edit the conversation Omar had with the Orlando PD because he said the reason he is doing this is for ISIS, no mention of gays what-so-ever.


Bill Whittle reaches his boiling point on Obama and Islam (4:19):

Caution, this video contains graphic images of peaceful Islam.


Obama administration loses this round:

FBI releases the full transcripts of the Orlando shooter, not the ‘edited’ version the administration tried to get away with.






In the legal case against Pete Santilli, the government allowed a key witness to lie (and they knew it) to secure charges against him:

Not my country any longer.  I do not consent.


A federal district court in Virginia has ruled the 4th amendment does not apply to your personal computer:

This will have to be overturned on appeal, I don’t know how they could have ruled this way unless the judge has never heard of the ‘Bill of Rights’.


CAIR faces federal charges of fraud and cover up of crimes:


How much is this police mistreatment worth? (1:32):

East Cleveland, OH.  You have a problem and now you also owe Arnold Black $22 million, which will most likely bankrupt the city.


Kayla McKelvey gets sentenced to the maximum allowed according to her plea deal (2:20):

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.






This article published by ProPublica in association with NPR, Boston Globe and Tampa Bay Times shows that doctors who accept money and gifts from big Pharma prescribe their drugs more often:

This information should surprise absolutely nobody.




US News


Sheryl Attkisson explains how the US MSM has been completely co-opted by government and big business over the past 10 years:

When you only have 7 companies controlling 90+% of the content, it becomes even easier.  Sam Rolley reports.


What has happened in America? (1:15 & 4:03):

The Air Force has begun an investigation into this:

I sincerely hope our next president allows this nation to return to normalcy.


Vin Scully brings a dose of politics to baseball (:22):

Socialism doesn’t work.


5 things you weren’t supposed to know about while Orlando filled the news:

Pay attention, you were distracted.


I don’t think Californians are prepared for no electricity for 14 days:

If it happens, I would expect martial law to be declared to quell the violence.  Prepare for a long, hot summer California.




World News


Throwing rocks has come to the Netherlands (2:06):

A new tradition for Europe!


Alex Newman reports that the UN wants a stronger UN ‘police force’:

Hasn’t there been enough UN ‘peacekeeping’ abuse already?  Do we really want more of it?


Britain has elected to leave the European Union, will other countries now follow? (1:03):

Nile Gardiner explains why the Brexit vote is good for America:

I’m just happy that the UK decided to control their own destiny and is no longer subjugated by the whims of the EU.


A Gaza kindergarten graduation ceremony (2:29):

I’m having a hard time with their definition of peace.  These a 6 year olds.


Bethany Blankley ponders where Iran would be if our CIA had not overthrown their government in 1953:

Most likely a far better place.


North Korea is once again threatening the US (2:26):

Be afraid, be very afraid.






Too late for father’s day but (2:36):




Perry Sheetz


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The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics, Issue 478.

Happy Father’s Day.  Here’s a Father’s Day Flashback from 2012 that bears repeating (8:22):

Makes me laugh every time.



 You probably won’t hear this about Chik-Fil-A from the MSM:

So you will hear it here.


After being robbed twice in three months, this Sauk Rapids, MN gas station is trying something different:

A 10 cent a gallon discount for LEO’s and ‘permit to carry’ citizens buying gas after 7 PM.  Free enterprise at work here!


I’ve not heard of the southern burger chain ‘Cook Out’ but where’s the ACLU on this?  A Colonial Heights, VA store refused service to a family because they were wearing Trump shirts and hats:

I personally don’t have a problem with the market deciding the issue, but after bakers, wedding establishments and photographers being sued for denying service…fair is fair.


Tim Brown reports on the rash of ‘peeping Tom’ incidents at Target stores across the county:

They are not safe places for girls and women to try on clothes anymore (unless they are voyeuristic by default).





 Larry & Amanda Anderson got the creative juices flowing when they received a letter from the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife:

This is marvelous.  You’ve got to read this.


I thought the republican party was the party of fiscal conservatism:

Guess I’m wrong.


To really screw something up, we need the government involved:

Melissa Quinn reports on the story of Mical Caterina and the FAA.  Beyond ridiculous.


I used to hear the line ‘taxation is theft’ and paid it little mind (other than thinking the speaker must just be an anarchist):

But as I have grown older (and wiser?), I have come to the realization…they are right.  Op-ed by Gary DeMar.


Want to stop paying federal taxes?  It can be done but it’s very tricky (41:30):

I still believe that if I fail to pay my taxes, bad people with guns will come to collect, I don’t think of paying taxes as ‘voluntary’.


DHA forbids the terms ‘jihad’ and ‘sharia’ because they are disrespectful to Islam:

Seriously?  They are terms used repeatedly in their own holy book.  SMH.


The ‘Former Presidents Act of 1958’ simply needs to be repealed and replaced with nothing:

Why would any former president be legally entitled to almost $4 million per year?  Why would congress ever agree with this un-Constitutional allotment of our tax dollars?

Just another advantage of having a fiat based currency that has no real value other than the belief it does?  It’s long past time to restore this nation to its Constitutional roots.


Mary Grabar writes on the trials and tribulations of trying to be a conservative and playing by the rules of the corrupt IRS and this administration:

Enough to make your blood boil.


Obama is plotting with Saudi Arabia in secret (:18):

It’s never good for freedom when these two get together.


Seattle is a very progressive city and really believes in regulation.  Greg Gottesman with a slightly cynical look at some other suggestions the city council should consider:





 Maxine Waters is one of the most corrupt members of congress:

Yet silly voters keep re-electing her again and again.


Did you know government created the smartphone?  According to Nancy Pelosi, yes (:39):

Another corrupt politician…and not very bright either.


WikiLeaks told us this last week; here’s further proof:

Hillary and Google are a team.  Time to find another search engine, friends.


Not to politicize the Orlando massacre but everyone else is and the Libertarian Party is no exception:

Calling for an end to ‘gun free zones’.  I am in agreement.  We are the final protector for our own well being, not police and not the government.


DeRay McKesson’s (BLM activist and George Soros foot soldier) phone has been hacked (8:19):

Some pretty wild information was released. 

BLM plans to shut down both the D and R conventions with protests and violence to the point that Obama will declare martial law to keep himself in office.

(Told you it was wild).


Gary Johnson interview on CNN (6:35):

Johnson also defends marijuana and disagrees with Mitt Romney that ‘marijuana makes people stupid’.

Don’t like Trump, don’t like Hillary?  Look at this guy…seriously.


Remember is the old days when you hired ‘plumbers’ to break into hotel rooms to plant listening devices to see what was being said? (Watergate for you youngsters):

Nowadays, you just hack into the right server(s) to do the same.  Hillary’s server, State Department servers along with servers belonging to the DNC were hacked to obtain the information dossier on Trump.

Seems Russia didn’t have a lot of data on him because he’s new to politics.  Ain’t technology wonderful?

An unknown hacker (Guccifer 2.0) releases what he found on the DNC server, it should be available on WikiLeaks as well in a couple of days:


Democrats blame republicans for a lack of funding causing the latest data breach:

Sorry, the DNC and RNC are private clubs, not a branch of government.  Security is their own problem, not a taxpayer problem.


This is highly entertaining, a street discussion between Trump supporters and Hillary supporters (10:18):

Amazing the young black kid had facts, the middle aged black man relied on talking points.




Clinton’s and corruption

These two words go well together.


Hugh Hewitt explains when it comes to the Clinton’s, always follow the money (:49):

I too, wish to be an ‘honorary chancellor’ or ‘laureate’; both gigs pay extremely well.


The lies about her email just keep coming:

And the democrats really want her as president?


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange states they are preparing another batch of Hillary’s emails for release.

He goes on to state that she will not be charged even though the evidence is damning:

Additionally, if Google gets any more powerful, we will not be able to easily find the truth.  I recommend you find another company to do business with.

Interesting short read.


The company you keep (2:53):

These three stories are self-explanatory.  Hillary is too corrupt to lead this nation.




US News

 This is how CAIR handles the press (1:56):

There is a reason many other countries consider the CAIR a terrorist organization, my country should do the same.


Just how stupid are we?:

We know the vast amount of terrorist attacks are committed by a single group, but we can’t investigate them?

It’s called radical Islam for a reason, wake up.


Spend 5 minutes to understand what our government is doing to Amarillo, Texas (5:23):

Thanks to Infowars.  Funny that the MSM doesn’t report on this.


We allow freedom of speech and freedom of religion in this country so I don’t have an issue with what Orlando Imam Abu Taubah stated to Greta Van Susteren on her FOX show this week (4:00):

It is acting on your statements that will be considered a crime.  Additionally, you can’t remove the Constitution from this country or we will have exactly what I fear (Sharia Law).


Wow, this story on Ella Clarke is truly sad:

But at least her baby girl (her 7th child) was born healthy.


On a lighter note, a real cowboy stops a bike thief…by lassoing him (2:27):

This occurred at the East Point, Oregon Wal-Mart.


The decline of America – 1978 to 2016:

Written by John Myers.  I agree with most everything he states.


It’s hard to believe that Josh Welch (now 10 years old) the ‘pop-tart gun’ boy story from three years ago finally has closure (2:05):

Anne Arundel County, MD judge Ronald Silkworth has upheld the school’s 2 day suspension.


I’m just including this because I found it hilarious:

A fight in a Key West bar over flatulence.




The Omar Mateen family (Orlando shooter)

 The FBI knew much about Omar Mateen long before he committed the Orlando massacre:

Going back to 2013.


The more I am learning about the entire Omar Mateen family, the more I believe the entire family should be deported back to Afghanistan:

Paul Sperry reports Omar sold his house to his brother in law for $10 two months ago (public record).  Wife as a witness.  Father running for president of Afghanistan as a fringe candidate.  Supporters of the Taliban.  I’ve read enough.


And if you want to go down the rabbit hole on Omar Mateen, this is where to start (various):

…and this, Omar’s father has visited the state department and numerous congressmen on several occasions AND knows Hillary?  Such a small world:

This as well, no FBI follow-up:

I will admit, things don’t add up on this man.




World News

 Suzanne Hamner article wonders why Fukushima is no longer in the news.  Considering this could still destroy all life in the northern hemisphere it should be a big deal:

I’m concerned and you should be too.


I wonder how Londoner’s feel now about their new Islamic mayor?:

Segregated (by sex) mayor’s rally, banning any advertisements of scantily clad women, etc.  What’s next and why would Londoner’s ever accept this without protest?

Full blown Sharia Law for London (and Great Britain) is coming soon.  Thank God we in America live under a Constitution, don’t EVER forget that.


The United Kingdom faces a huge vote this week:

To stay in the EU or leave, nicknamed ‘Brexit’.  It’s a big decision, and polling is currently a dead heat tie.


Infowars provides an update on what is occurring in Venezuela.  The MSM certainly isn’t reporting on this (9:45):

I sure am glad I don’t live there.


Why all the banker suicides?:

Is it a vast criminal conspiracy?





Human genome editing of DNA has made major advances in the past year.  Here’s an article written by Sarah Zhang explaining CRISPR along with Cas9:

Here’s a short video put out by the McGovern Institute for brain research at MIT that helps explain it (4:12):

Fascinating stuff in the world of biology.


How close did we come to a global medical disaster in 2009?:

You don’t really want to know, do you?





Bob Adelmann with the cold, hard facts on the Orlando massacre:

One citizen with a gun to defend himself and others could have ended this before such a tragic loss of life occurred. 

Alas, a gun free zone prevented that from occurring because as we all know, the only people that follow the law are law abiding citizens to begin with.


Erich Pratt, executive director for the Gun Owners of America (GOA) on the Orlando massacre:

Gun free zones end up harming more than helping.


Just once, I would like to see a politician actually know something about guns before he espouses utter nonsense (:30):

Democrat from Florida, Alan Grayson…another useless idiot.


Some people just don’t get it (1:33):

Whenever I hear the current president use the words ‘common sense gun control’, I cringe.


Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), the problem with gun control is ‘due process’ (3:26):

That damn, pesky Constitution and our rights guaranteed by it just keeps getting in the way.


5 ways an innocent American can end up on a ‘no buy’ list that would circumvent ‘due process’:

This should scare the hell out of all good American citizens.


Congressman Trey Gowdy drives home this exact point (2:37):

Drops mic.


The NRA releases their response to gun bans on ‘assault rifles’ (5:00):


Nothing like the threat of government outlawing a certain style of weapon (AR-15), to drive sales:

Hunter’s warehouse reports they’ve sold 30,000 of them this week.  (Even though the Orlando massacre shooter used a Sig Sauer MCX).


This opinion piece was written months before the Orlando massacre but it’s still very fitting:

Ken White is the author.





 Michael Rivero goes into great detail explaining that all wars are banker’s wars (43:33):

Recommended listen, this all makes complete sense and should be a sobering reality check for all of us.


Three years ago today, Michael Hastings was murdered(?) under highly unusual circumstances.  We still don’t have any answers:

Corbett Report did a good story on this at that time (42:42):

Hastings was a writer for Rolling Stone magazine and was working on a story about the CIA.  Funny how we don’t know any more today than we did then.  Are real reporters afraid to investigate this?

Want to REALLY go down the rabbit hole on our government?  Start investigating the death of Michael Hastings.


Frederic Bastiat and ‘The Law’ (here’s the forward) (10:30):

Want to learn about freedom?  Start here.




Perry Sheetz


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The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics, Issue 477.



D-Day was this past week.  June 6th, 1944.  Do you remember? (2:59):

To those that served in what I consider the last, just war…I thank you.


Bethany Blankley with 5 well documented ‘false flag’ events since 1953:

Our government’s deception has no morals when it comes to leading us into conflict.


Our government did a really stupid thing when we didn’t bring all our military toys back home when we left Iraq:

That’s OK, the military industrial complex will build more that our government will be happy to pay for.  (I want an H1 Hummer, and I don’t even need the additional armor plating)!






From the ‘long past due’ file, Sam Rolley explains why hemp needs to be promoted as a solution:

Government, stop being stupid.  Hemp won’t get you high.  It should have never been on the Schedule 1 drug list.  Correct it now.


The IRS has finally released the list of groups targeted for ‘special scrutiny’ nearly 3 years after told to do so by the courts:

Kind of blows these statements away (:22):

Just another sign of a corrupt executive branch.


Ben Swann’s ‘Truth in Media’ exposes the revolving door between the FDA and Big Pharma (6:35):

This is part 1 of 4.

Malia Zimmerman article on Luke Lichterman going public to get his bank to allow him to do business:

Operation Choke Point is no more, sometimes you just need to shame a bank into accepting that fact.


Senate testimony reveals there is no need for H-2B visas:

As there is no shortage of American workers to fill those jobs.


A very Orwellian bill has been introduced in congress.  HR 5181, Tyler Durden reports:

We may finally achieve our very own ‘Ministry of Truth’, who needs a free press anyway?


EBT card benefits temporarily don’t work, chaos ensues (1:28 & 2:32):

If you want to down a rabbit hole on this, is it planned:

We are close to a major event bringing down civil society, are you prepared?


Dave Jolly article explaining some of the evils that ‘government social workers’ can levy on a family:

This is wrong, I do not consent.


After 80 years of data, the government quietly admits the benefits of cannabis.

No word on when it will be removed as a Schedule 1 drug (signifying it has no medical value) by our FDA:


Rachel Grezler article on government (that’s you and me) are now on the hook for bailing out union pension funds:

Why would this ever be needed, aren’t unions set up to help the members through retirement options?  Did union officials abscond or otherwise not spend their members’ dues wisely?

I see union bosses retiring with six figure pensions, do members approve of this (obviously they do or it wouldn’t be happening).

…and this is my fault why?


Mike Wire reports on the bizarre accounts concerning the downing of TWA flight 800 just off Long island, NY:

Bizarre indeed, why did the CIA go so far out of their way to change the story?

Have fun exploring this rabbit hole:

For entertainment purposes only.


Florida had two shootings this weekend.  Both occurred in gun free zones:

When will the bad guys start following the laws?




Constitutional Issues


The rightful remedy to Obama (and congress agreeing) to AFFH is:

The 9th and 10th amendments; quite simply nullification.  Suzanne Hamner explains.


LaVoy Finicum’s wife (Jeanette) breaks her silence and speaks to a patriot group in Plains, Montana (14:12):

I know I’m in a minority but I believe these people are true patriots.


I stumbled into this and found it fascinating (about 12 minute’s total):

The subject/producer was so calm and disarming, he ends up making Clemson officials and campus police look like fools.

If nothing else, this should make you pause and think.


This is an affront to the 2nd amendment at its core.  I understand the decision was made by the 9th circuit (most liberal in the nation) but:

‘No legal right to concealed carry in California’…really?






Strike a win for property rights and a loss for the EPA:

Key win for the Constitution in this 8-0 SCOTUS decision.


Just another sign of this corrupt administration, nobody from the EPA was ever charged with any wrong-doing in the Animas River pollution disaster:

Makes me sick.


Katie Couric’s producer of ‘Under the Gun’ documentary (Stephanie Soechtig) should probably shut up before she gets in even more legal trouble:

If she actually did what she claimed, she violated federal gun laws to do so.  I think she should be investigated and prosecuted like any common citizen would be for doing the same thing.


Pamela Adams (a police officer’s wife), speaks out against un-Constitutional civil asset forfeiture laws:

Here’s what Oklahoma state troopers are now using, ERAD devices confiscate money from your pre-paid cards, etc. (2:23):

All under the guise of preventing identity theft and drug money.  Just another example of how civil asset forfeiture is un-Constitutional.

Oh, the makers of the devices get $5K per reader and 7.7% of all money confiscated…hmm, no abuse here, please move along.


Civil asset forfeiture strikes close to home with this police chief’s personal ranch truck (5:27):

This too, occurred in Oklahoma…they have a reputation for utilizing CAF at every opportunity.


David Codrea with an immigration article worth your time:


Right Angle (the new Trifecta), discusses Stanford rapist Brock Turner’s light sentence (11:42):

20 minutes of ‘action’.

One more snippet on Brock Turner, convicted rapist (1:38):

Now I hope he is subject to some jailhouse justice over the next few months.  That is all.






BBQ on the Brazos makes their restroom policy very clear:

How very politically incorrect is that.  But this is Texas.


Seems like a justified shooting in my mind:

Since this was Texas, I doubt if any charges will be filed against the business/home owner.


The real reason marijuana is illegal, according to Joe Rogan (4:23):

Careful here, Joe’s making a whole lot of sense.




Law Enforcement


Another story that solidifies settled law, police have no legal obligation to protect you from harm caused by others:

San Jose, CA Trump rally.  This is why you have legal right to carry a weapon to protect yourself and your family.  You can’t have it both ways.

Of course, it probably didn’t help that the San Jose chief of police (Eddie Garcia) is a huge supporter of La Raza:

I wonder how many of these protestors were there and were not being paid to protest and/or cause physical or property damage?  Riots can be fun!


There is no doubt in my mind this was a totally justified shooting (1:11):

How many times do I have to say this, never bring a knife to a gun fight.


On the other hand, ex-officer Timothy Runnels is now serving 4 years in jail for violating Bryce Masters rights (1:56):

Bryce Masters was tasered for 21 seconds and went into cardiac arrest.






Gary Johnson interview with Samantha Bee (TBS-Full Frontal) (6:04):

This is not only informative but very funny, recommended watch.


Gary Johnson is now pulling at 12%, this is great considering that 68% of Americans still don’t know who he is:


Clare Malone attempts to explain what it means to be a libertarian:


Here’s a 20 year old essay originally written in January of 1996 by the late William Safire working for the New York Times:

‘Blizzard of Lies’.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Hillary is unfit to be president (19:46):

She is a habitual liar and all around mean person…and those are some of her good points.


I wonder how many CIA assets were exposed over Hillary’s illegal email setup? (:34):


Andrew Napolitano explains why Hillary should be charged (4:08):

…and this interview as well (4:42):

Napolitano is in high demand this week, here he is once again (3:34):

Napolitano was a judge and is a Constitutional scholar, he should know.


If elected, Hillary vows to strengthen Dodd-Frank (6:34):

Issue discussion starts at 3:40.  This would not be good.


How many of the 8 strategies of the Cloward-Piven plan are already in play?:

Article by Bethany Blankley.  Hillary is a big believer in Saul Alinsky and a huge fan:

I case you need proof.


Watch Hillary lie on national TV (2:41):

To ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, a trusted friend.


The state department is doing everything they can to help Hillary:

Seals all TPP related emails until after the election.  Maybe the FBI will let us know what they say.  Such a snake, how can she lose? 


CNN, things that should make you wonder:

The glow was done post production.  The level that the Clinton News Network will go to still amazes me.


Julian Assange (WikiLeaks founder) should know:

Google (do no evil) is in cahoots with Hillary, they aren’t even attempting to deny it.  Pay attention to where you get your information from.


A look back at ‘The Daisy Ad’ 52 years later:

Is it still relevant today?  Who’s crazier, Hillary or Donald?


This is funny (:59):

He’s one of us.  Bernie supporters beat up Bernie supporters.


Need more proof that the Trump protestors are merely paid stooges from a George Soros front group?:

Here you go, surprisingly cheap ($15 per hour).


It’s too bad that this guy couldn’t be our next president (1:27):

The time just wasn’t right…..yet.


Bill Whittle explains why Bernie Sanders ‘free college’ isn’t free (5:27):

Reality can be a real bitch.


Need a reason to not vote for Hillary? (2:09):






Is it fair? (1:49):

It seems that Alaska’s girls and their parents don’t think so either, reports Philip Hodges (2:14):

Men and women (biologically are very different).  In my feeble mind I don’t see how it can be.


I have found the perfect solution for all of the socialists out there (2:21):

Let me know when you sign up.


Project Veritas goes undercover to expose how far the Yonkers, NY teacher’s union will go to protect the teacher, not the student (17:39):

And when Project Veritas questions the union president about it, she blatantly lies about it (3:08):

Now the Yonkers city council wants the union officials fired (2:03):

And the mayor too (2:10):

Anyone that thinks teachers’ unions are advocates for the student, use this as a reality check.

I’m waiting for the backlash on Project Veritas on this, there usually is.






There’s a special place in hell for ISIS fighters that do things like this (1:45):


The death of free speech in Europe (6:27):

How soon until we have the same?  I will not submit.




Perry Sheetz


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The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics, Issue 476.


 Melissa Quinn provides an update on the civil asset forfeiture case of Vocatura’s Bakery.  The day after the Institute for Justice filed a lawsuit against the IRS on behalf of the Vocatura family, the IRS has amended their civil asset forfeiture case to criminal asset forfeiture status.

The IRS has been in possession of $68K of Vocatura’s money for over 3 years and have never filed any paperwork, when called out on it, the IRS offered the Vocatura’s a plea deal.  The Vocatura’s refused.

The IRS is now demanding the last 8 years of financial records for the business.  This family bakery has been in business for 97 years…why are we allowing this to happen?:



Judge Andrew Napolitano offers his legal insight into Hillary’s email scandal along with Guccifer’s revelations over what occurred (9:10):

I don’t know how charges can be avoided, but with this bogus DoJ anything is possible.


Jake Tapper segment on CNN called ‘Buried Lead’…yes, the Obama administration does lie to you (4:12):

…and it’s a recurring theme with this lying, deceitful administration.  Nixon resigned from office over much less.

Why is our congress so timid about calling Obama out for this, we demand and deserve so much better.


Ben Swann reality check on the FDA war on e-cigarettes (2:36):


Michael Tennant reports on those sneaky senators that are trying to take away your 4th amendment rights:

Hey, you’ve gotta stop the terrorists…right?


This single email is THE ‘smoking gun’ that should put Hillary in jail:

Thank you WikiLeaks:

Why hasn’t she been charged?:

Hillary Clinton is a serial liar.


The Benghazi report is about to be released, but house democrats (led by Elijah Cummings) want to be able to rewrite it before we can see it.

Trey Gowdy needs to tell them to pound sand, they have done everything in their power to obstruct and undermine the committee since the investigation began TWO YEARS AGO:

Partisan politics doesn’t get much worse than this, democrats never wanted this investigation to succeed and it has become very apparent through their own actions.


Phil Mocek is a resident of Seattle, WA and wanted more information on ‘smart meters’ being installed in his neighborhood:

That’s where the problems started.  Mocek is now being sued by the manufacturer of the ‘smart meters’.


Maxim Lott reports on FOIA requests from climate scientists and how they were crafting messages to have government go after anybody that was disputing their ‘findings’.

What many fail to realize is taxpayers pay billions of dollars to fund this ‘climate research’ and these scientists were concerned that they could possible lose their golden goose.

What they failed to realize is as public funded universities, their e-mail is subject to FOIA requests:

Oops.  I guess they didn’t learn anything from Hillary after all.


The EFF provides us with another reason to not get a tattoo (at least in a visible area):

Government police agencies have been working with NIST to develop recognition software to identify you based on your tattoos.  Who knew?



Constitutional Issues

 This is a rather lengthy and highly informative article on being a fully informed juror (something that is frowned upon in our legal system today).

Written by Elias Alias, it explains in detail (with supporting statements) all that being a juror today should be:

A jury is to be considered the 4th branch of government…the way our founders intended.  It’s sad that we have allowed our legal system to be corrupted from within.


Two notions that are not true.  1. Government is here to protect us.  2. We own our property.

Read this story about 90 year old widow Marie Louise Sikorskie from Sarasota, FL:

Here’s a local news report (2:22):

Because of adverse media coverage, city officials may consider it in their best interests to back off the escalating fines (stealing a 90 year old widow’s home just isn’t good PR) and dropping this case.


Todd Starnes reports on what is clearly a 1st amendment issue:

Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale California is totally wrong here.


What to do when stopped by police (1:36):

Assert your Constitutional Rights.


Hans von Spakovsky reports federal judge (Andrew Hanen) orders a group of Washington DC DoJ lawyers to undergo mandatory ethics training annually as part of their punishment for lying to the judge (it could have been much worse):

DoJ AG Loretta Lynch instructs her department to ignore the order.  Where does she get the authority to disregard a federal court order?  I am so tired of all this administration’s lies and deceit.  How about you?




 Did you wonder why the Iranian capture/detention of US sailors didn’t seem to make a big splash with the MSM? (2:57):

Obama buried it.  We’ll know more after he leaves office.  This is no way to run a country!




 If you use Microsoft and have made the jump to Windows 10; here are 25 free tools to make the experience better:


As water becomes more and more valuable, you will see more of this.

Nestle loses at the ballot box as Hood River County, Oregon voters overwhelmingly defeat Nestle attempts to sell their water:

I guess we in the Midwest are blessed to have such bountiful supplies of drinkable water, it won’t be this way forever.



Bundy/Hammond Ranch

 If you wish to take the next step and financially help a patriot that is being held as a political prisoner in the US:


These fathers and husbands need to be home supporting and raising their families, not being held as political prisoners by our own government (10:04):

If you can, please support these patriots.


An off-shoot of the Bundy/Hammond situation, Garfield County, Utah sheriff Danny Perkins warns the federal government to stop attempts to close off public lands in his county:

It’s worth mentioning that Danny Perkins is a Constitutional Sheriff and he won’t take orders from the BLM or USFS and will arrest them if they do this again.


It would be very interesting to know the complete Dan Love story.  Love was one of the BLM leaders of the Bundy Ranch fiasco.

He was just promoted to the overseer of security for the BLM facilities nationwide (a new position for the BLM):

His heavy-handed gestapo tactics in Nevada don’t sit well with me.  It would be interesting for a real journalist to investigate this man’s past.




 The Libertarian Party has selected Gary Johnson as their presidential nominee.  Expect to see me posting more about him as the campaign continues.

I’ll start with this one, the 3rd party candidate, Gary Johnson (4:09):

Are you looking for an honest candidate?  How refreshing.


Steve Byas article on the Libertarian VP candidate William Weld:

Scratching my head on this pick.  Weld is no libertarian as far as I can tell.  This doesn’t mean I won’t vote for Johnson, he’s much closer to my philosophy than Trump or Hillary could ever hope to be.

But come on, Weld?  That’s as bad as when they nominated Bob Barre in 2008.  (Petersen would have been my choice.)


Ben Swann reality check on the upcoming presidential election (3:02):

Libertarians…it’s now or never.


Add Honduras to countries where Hillary totally messed up, and because of our media you don’t even know it (6:28 & 2:08):

Wow, and most Americans don’t even know about it.


Bernie Sanders is not ready for the office (5:27):

His one trick pony just isn’t resonating with the majority of his own party any longer.


I find it interesting that protestors at Trump events are being paid to protest:

I wonder if this person committing violence was paid to do so (4:06):

Well, that explains at least some of the violence.  San Jose mayor blames the violence on Trump.  This is going to backfire and make Trump even more popular.


Obama is asked about gun violence during a PBS Newshour (5:37):

Sorry, I don’t equate a car to a gun, call me stupid.




 Never bring a crowbar to a home invasion of an armed homeowner:

Don’t do it.  It’s just not a good idea.


One of the most ironic things about Couric’s ‘under the gun’ documentary is 2 felonies were committed by the producers to acquire guns (:35):

I wonder if they will be charged?  Ha-ha-ha, under this administration?


Greg Gutfeld gets the final word on the Katie Couric’s deceptive ‘under the gun’ video (2:23):

Check and mate.


Fast and Furious, the scandal nobody is talking about.  Paul Sperry explains how Obama attempted to destroy our 2nd amendment (for our own safety):

Transparent administration my butt, this ‘executive privilege’ has been going since his first term.  Like most everyone else in Obama’s DoJ, they should be in jail; and Obama should be impeached.



Odds and Ends

 Intellectual Froglegs in a briefer format (5:48):

Things I trust more than Barack Obama.


Is England really much different than the US? (4:22):

Your kids are not my responsibility, they’re your responsibility.


Husband finds his wife about to be violently raped, kills fleeing rapist with a tire iron:

I’m good with that.  Too bad he now faces charges.  Anybody ever hear of jury nullification?

Looks like the district attorney has at least some heart by reducing the charges (2:01):

Probation only?  I’m good with probation.


Be careful for what you wish for:

Philippines’ new president Rodrigo Duterte appears to be a real piece of work.


Georgia ACLU director Maya Smith has resigned from her position (3:28):

The reason may surprise you.  It’s like a light bulb just went off for her.


Do stupid things, say stupid things:

Get suspended from your job.  Sounds about right.


How to mail a letter for three cents:

But you have to follow the instructions.


It seems every conservative state has at least one liberal enclave; in Texas it’s Austin, in Oregon it’s Portland:

Portland Public Schools are changing the way the schools teach about climate science.


What the heck are Plano, TX school officials doing in prohibiting National Honor Society members from wearing their stoles (called cords in my day)?:

Just because the majority of students today do not wish to put in the hard work and time for NHS distinction, you punish those that do by not allowing them any recognition?

Have we really devolved to ‘participation trophies’ when it comes to NHS?  SMH.


Muhammad Ali passed away this week, he changed the world.  Here’s a fitting tribute to Ali, performed by Billy Crystal (12:02):

Called ’15 Rounds’.  This is very good.  


Perry Sheetz


Description: cid:image013.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0     Description: cid:image014.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0      Description: cid:image015.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0




The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics, Issue 475

Remember what the holiday is all about.  Some gave all.




No honor among thieves:

Ransomware just pisses me off to no end.


Network World is once again recommending Mozilla’s Firefox browser:

…and if you’ve made the decision to try the new Firefox, 5 add-ons you should consider to make you more productive online:


A group of conservative bloggers sit down to discuss the absurdity of facebook censoring (9:46):






When will the madness stop? (2:35):

Unfortunately, not anytime soon.


Oregon sure does has some funny laws (3:38):

Maybe social media can embarrass the prosecutor to do their job?


The New York Times exposed the Obama administration scandal regarding GSE’s (Fannie & Freddie).  Frank and Brian explain it so even I understand it (7:10):

I honestly believe Obama is attempting to destroy this country before he leaves office.  Yes, it’s really that bad.


Jahmal Green just turned 18, so sad that he choose the life he did because it’s over now (2:24 & 3:18):

Eric Brantley was murdered by two punk asses that probably never had any guidance growing up (speculation on my part), I ask again…where was Jahmal’s father?


Lucian Constantin provides an in depth look into Romanian ‘social hacker’ Guccifer (Marcel Lazar):

He’s not really a hacker as he has no programming skills, but he is one heck of a detective for uncovering information used for password hints.


This is what freedom looks like (3:43):

Makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it?






Jim White and Tim Brown interview (podcast) with Ron Gibson (55:29):

Do you want to be educated on the Constitution?  Read this short article and listen to this interview.


It’s very simple.  Only citizens are allowed to vote in national elections (Constitutional law).  If California (and other states that allow illegal aliens to vote in national elections) continue to allow non-citizens to vote:

Then all votes from those states must be thrown out.  Is it really that difficult to understand?  Heck, just change the background on the license to distinguish citizen from non-citizen and adjust the ballot given accordingly.






Bill Whittle’s latest Firewall (5:33):

The Bathroom Wars.


Jay Syrmopoulos reports that Saudi Arabia has accused the US government of blowing up the world trade center as a pretext for perpetual war:

These thoughts are no more insane than anyone the believes two jets can bring down two 110 story skyscrapers along with a 55 story building (falling conveniently into their own footprints…three times in one day).

The ability of some to believe what they are told is truly astounding, no matter how outrageous.


A well written op-ed on the current patriot/progressive movement, by David Codrea:

To change opinions, we need to educate the minds.


I can attest to this fact:

Three of my four children still live under my roof, but only one is still in school.


Sam Rolley writes ‘just another day in Orwellian paradise’:

Facial recognition has progressed to a scary point.


An op-ed by Mac Slavo that I am in complete agreement with…while condemning the actions of Jerad & Amanda Miller:

Armed patriots are preparing to defend against federal encroachment.  It is unfortunate that I stand in a minority on this issue.


Julie Prince with an op-ed that I may have to heed to advice of:

As my children grow and mature, one of them is veering off course (in my opinion).


Do you think a 7 year old should be able to make this decision for themselves?:

Heck, this wouldn’t have even occurred to me until I was an adolescent myself.


Government education has really paid off (4:23):

Jesse Waters exposes just how little US citizens know about their own country.






This Detroit homeowner and his wife are alive because he had a gun (1:32):

It’s too bad the other one got away (for now).


Bob Owens reports on the fact Katie Couric has lost her last shred of journalistic integrity to promote her anti-gun beliefs:

Here are the facts:

Not pissed yet?  Here’s concrete evidence Katie is deliberately trying to make gun right advocates look stupid (:20 and 4:45):

Bye, Bye Katie.


Rule to live by: never bring nun chucks and a bad attitude to a gun fight (2:38):

You will get shot…multiple times.






I believe I have mentioned my utter hatred of civil asset forfeiture laws.  Any government that allows this to occur without following the Constitution is illegitimate in my mind:

Melissa Quinn reports on the tribulations of Maryland farmer Calvin Taylor and Connecticut baking family the Vocatura’s . 

Even though they DID NOTHING WRONG, the government convinced Taylor to surrender over $41K of HIS MONEY to the IRS, just to make them go away.

Read these stories, it should make you angry…or beyond.


Why can’t congress punish the IRS for these Constitutional violations?:

Maybe if we start throwing some IRS executives in jail something will get done.

Seizing assets of citizens without ‘due process’ is clearly an un-Constitutional action, citizens must feel safe from their government, I don’t feel safe and I don’t consent to this.

In fact, it’s enough to make me want to start a revolution to change this.


One of the good ones (Thomas Massie) (R-KY), discusses how Washington really works in this article.  Article by Tim Brown, Jack Abramoff video by RT (12:14):

Massie didn’t take the bribe and exposes Washington for the cesspool it is.  Is it really that hard to find 535 honest people to represent us?  Demand better, vote smarter.


Senators Lindsey Graham and Sheldon Whitehouse are once again attempting allow even more government intervention regarding the internet:

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) explains.


Stephen Frank reports the EPA is ‘buying’ their independent science advisors:

Hey, it cost taxpayers $190 million for this ‘unbiased’ data.  What’s the saying, ‘Never bite the hand that feeds you’?


How to waste $305 million on Obamacare in one state:

Oregon’s governor John Kitzhaber is now under investigation by the federal government on where the money went.

Obamacare mismanagement at its finest. 


It’s a sad state of affairs when the senate actually has to send a letter to the DoJ to remind them of the 1st amendment:

Giving the DoJ 14 days to cease and desist.


Arkansas senator Tom Cotton reached his limit with Nevada senator Harry Reid (2:27):

Cotton unloads…this is great. J






Ronald Reagan discusses taxes with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show from 1975 (1:45):


Ben Swann and the anti-Trump GOP voters (3:30):

What will they do?


Ben Swann reality check on the upcoming democratic convention (3:12):

Will there be riots and protests?  Most likely.


Bernie’s entire campaign is based on just how wonderful socialism is.  But he doesn’t have time to explain the socialist collapses currently underway south of our border (:35):

Maybe his supporters should look into it as well?


The libertarians select their nominee for president this weekend.  If you haven’t had a chance to see any of the McAfee/Weiss videos you are truly missing out.

Here is one of my favorites, this is a great video that needs to go viral (5:29):

Watch this, you won’t be disappointed.


If that one was just a little too scary for you, here’s another video from the same creator with a more uplifting message (2:53):

They’re both damn good!


Austin Petersen sits down for an extended interview with Glenn Beck (34:57):

He deserves your consideration.


Gary Johnson says if he wins the party nomination, he’s in it to win it:

With as many anti-Trump (40%), anti-Hillary (40%) voters as there are, he just might be right.


The final libertarian debate before the party selects their nominee for president (1:56:37):

Which will be determined later today.  I think it will be Johnson but honestly any of them are better than my current options of Hitler or Mussolini.





I was surprised to find out Venezuela only outlawed private ownership of firearms in 2012:

4 years after being able to defend yourself was taken away, citizens have NO recourse to their current situation.  Noted.


Bob Adelmann article on how Venezuela will now save themselves.

It actually explains how things have gotten so bad, and socialism played a huge factor in it:

Grow your own food.




Perry Sheetz


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The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics, Issue 474.


 When government funded studies come to these type of conclusions; I have a solution:

Stop wasting my tax dollars on them. They are nothing more than someone pushing an agenda NOT backed up by facts.


Joe Wolverton reports on the peril that Joseph Robertson currently faces:

Shari Dovale goes into much more detail with the facts of this case:

This is ultimately a state’s rights/property rights issue and the system is rigged for the government to win. If the EPA and judicial system do not change their demands, this turns into a death sentence for Joseph Robertson.


Harry Reid suggests using the Antiquities Act to steal the land in the west (6:45):

Property rights my friend, it’s all about property rights.


Did you know that in all the fuss over transgender bathrooms, the department of health and human services has made a ‘final ruling’ that health providers fund sex change surgeries?:

Weird, as I consider gender reassignment as an elective surgery and not a medical emergency. Boy, I am old school.


Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to make sure Chicago is on the right side of the transgender bathroom issue:

I am so old fashioned. 


Utah senator Mike Lee op-ed states he is opposed to a ‘national zoning board’:

Think of it as the UN’s Agenda 21 in effect.  I agree with senator Lee on this.


Ben Swann ‘reality check’; is it time to fire the TSA (3:35):

TSA gridlock; a manufactured crisis?:

Short answer?  Yes.  The TSA wants more money.


Judge Andrew Napolitano op-ed:

Who answers for government lies?


What the CIA did was no accident, states Edward Snowden:


What our government does with our tax money is sometimes simply fascinating (2:41):

Example:  X-37B.


Obama issues another un-Constitutional decree regarding overtime pay:

IBM has already tried this, it didn’t work for them then and it won’t work any better now.  Here’s why:

Article by James Sherk.

I’m not sure how he gets away with stuff like this.  I guess a congress that refuses to call him out?


I learned a new term, ‘intentionally deceptive’…another word lawyer’s use for ‘lying’.

Judge Andrew Hanen orders DOJ lawyers to take annual ethics classes for their lying over the amnesty issue:




Bundy Ranch

 This is no longer about justice, this is about vengeance.  Judge Cam Ferenbach has denied David Bundy’s release to Milliard county sheriff Robert Dekker.

What’s that say?  His court date is scheduled for 2/6/17, so it would appear that David will remain in solitary confinement for the next 9 months (6:00):

Nothing cruel or unusual about that, is there?  Does the judge not trust the sheriff?  Time for some big, legal guns RIGHT NOW.


Harney County, Oregon citizens file a petition to recall judge Steve Grasty:

Grasty was openly hostile to the supporters of Malheur NWR take-over and denied people their Constitutional rights (like any good dictator would do).

It’s pretty obvious the locals were not opposed to the protest to the level the MSM had indicated.


It would not surprise me to find Pete Santilli meet some type of untimely death while in jail (various):

He’s asking some pretty uncomfortable questions about our federal government.





 Words of wisdom from a true patriot (5:54):

Michael Badnarik on the Constitution.






Big Pharma and the MSM:

Follow the money (in this case the board of directors). Great article by Jon Rappoport.


Michael Tennant brings us yet another case of the revolving door between Big Pharma and the FDA:

When the FDA commissioner withholds information to further line his own pockets; well, let’s just say the punishment should be very severe.

You need to read this article.  What’s the penalty for treason?


Pastor Jordan Brown drops his lawsuit against Whole Foods:


It only took Jane Sanders (Bernie’s wife), 7 years to put Burlington College out of business:

Under crippling debt incurred under Jane’s leadership, the small college couldn’t survive. A sign of things to come?


Jeff Dunetz points out the ‘double standards’ of facebook:

You can have any opinion you want, as long as it’s liberal.


Quaker Oats threatens to sue Quaker Oaks for copyright infringement:

I think Quaker Oats lawyers must have been bored, here’s Quaker Oaks funny response.


Exactly what is Target been doing lately?  Beyond the bathroom confusion, Target is suing a customer (Michael Turner) for preventing the murder of another customer (Allison Meadows) by Leon Walls:

Here’s a news report on what happened (1:40):

Words cannot describe my frustration with the Target brand.  I am not a stockholder and will not shop there, let the free market figure this out.


Stale beer?  There’s now an app for that:





 Allow for me to get on my soapbox for a minute.  One of the hardest arguments I have in trying to get others to vote different and consider a libertarian is they ‘don’t want to waste their vote’.

I use the standard ‘if you vote your conscience, you are never wasting your vote’, followed up by ‘the lesser of two evils is still evil’…usually agreed to but only in spirit.

It is interesting to note that the Ohio GOP paid legal fees of over $300K to keep the libertarian candidate for governor OFF the ballot to insure a John Kasich re-election:

The D’s and R’s are afraid you will wake up and realize you actually DO have a real choice, or they wouldn’t have spent so much to keep us off the ballot.

It’s like Dorothy’s ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz…you have the power and always have.  You just didn’t use it.


Jake Tapper ‘fact checks’ Hillary’s claims what she did was 100% legal (2:40):

She lied.


So, who killed Muammar Gaddafi and his son Mutassim (4:11):

Just another crime that Hillary will never be held accountable for.


Sam Rolley article; I make no secret that I’m a libertarian and a fan of Gary Johnson but:

In the libertarian party, the candidate doesn’t pick his running mate, the party does.  I hope Johnson gets his wish at next week’s libertarian national convention but there are at least three qualified candidates and Johnson is the most vanilla of the three.

(He’s also the least scary and most recognizable, but libertarians sometimes do silly things…anybody remember Bob Barre?)

I see a perfect storm on the horizon and am very optimistic.


The $64 thousand question:

Did Trump drink the CFR Kool-Aid ®?


13 of Obama’s absolutely worst appointments:

Quite a list of failures, why don’t we talk about this?


Do you want to know more about possible libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson?  Here’s your chance (2:33:08):

Gary sits down with Joe Rogan for a 2.5 hour interview.  Go beyond the 15 second soundbite and realize not all questions can be answered that quickly.





 Matt Vespa reports that according to financial analysts, the Clinton Foundations records rise to the level of fraud (7:04):

Why did Hillary ever decide to run for president?  She knew this was all going to come out.





 Sam Rolley reports on a Salon article written by Todd Nickerson on the fact that pedophilia should be an accepted practice:

Sorry, I can’t make that jump.  Child molesters who act on their ‘urges’ need to be put to death.  And I don’t think that makes me a bad person.


Be honest with me here; do you think we would even be having this conversation 10 years ago?:

I don’t think so either.


Interesting article, 90% of those who identify as Native American Indians do not find the name ‘Washington Redskins’ offensive:

Opponents naturally disagree with the facts.


This repo agent (Ken Drew) really takes his job seriously (2:34):

Ken is now facing the charge of manslaughter and the vehicle he was trying to repo is a total loss.






Sometimes students can convince a school administration they’re wrong (1:50):

This is one of those times.






How an oil rich country can be in such dire straits is beyond me…Oh, socialism…that explains a lot:

Benny Avni with a less than optimistic look at Venezuela’s current crisis:

Venezuela is getting worse by the day. When people are hungry they will do most anything.


Further proof that socialists have no idea on how to run a country:

Beer production has been halted because they don’t have any barley, let’s blame business for it.


Venezuelan president has declared a 60 day state of emergency and will seize factories:

The end for Venezuela approaches, will America help?


Glad I don’t live in Norway (10:23):

This is wrong; I don’t care what country you live in.


You know, while we in the US argue over who should use what bathrooms:

In some countries, they still kill people because of what they are (LGBT).  Food for thought.


Dilaria Zajarskaite of Germany told herself ‘never again’:

She was right, it didn’t happen again.  Women in Germany probably need some self-defense training since government will not protect them from harm.


In the cold war days this wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.  Just some military boys having fun (3:58):

Video has been released on the Soviet fly-overs of a US Navy destroyer.  The enemy you know…





 I certainly hope our next president has a pair and stops Iran from continuing to do things like this:

But on the flipside, I have to ask what our Navy was trying to protect over there in the first place.


I’ve reach my wits end with what our foreign policy is regarding Iran:

This is not acceptable in my country.




Perry Sheetz


Description: cid:image013.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0     Description: cid:image014.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0      Description: cid:image015.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0


The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics, Issue 473



Is everyone asleep at the wheel on this?:

Or is the MSM choosing to not report on this little piece of what the DoJ calls (FRCP41)?  Congress…WAKE UP!


Is this what our country has come to regarding the Constitution? The legislative branch goes through the judicial branch to find out if the executive branch overstepped authority:

The Constitution is very clear, the power of the purse resides solely in the legislative branch of government. It’s time congress do the job they were ELECTED to do.


If you think government corruption only occurs at the state and national level, read this story by Leah Jessen and Pima County, AZ:

Not only does the deal go against local citizens objections, it also appears to violate the state Constitution. I can think of 4 people who should be facing criminal charges here (the 4 of the 5 members of the Pima County Board of Supervisors that voted for it).


David Knight video op-ed on the ‘Rise of the Militia’ (9:00 minutes, the last 1:30 is a commercial):

Follow the money, it’s all about property rights.


Well, it took over 5 years but Andy Johnson has defeated the EPA and can have a pond on property he owns:

Let that statement sink in.


Obama is getting angry over the fact senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is holding up tax treaties for ‘quirky’ reasons:

Alex Newman weighs in with his opinion on this story:

Rand Paul responds, when did the ‘Bill of Rights’ become ‘quirky’?  (drops mic).


White House said they never lied about the Iranian nuclear deal:

Translation: That means they lied through their teeth about the deal and our media didn’t even know it…until now.


Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) puts out a government wasting your tax dollars report:

Funny and sad at the same time.


John Whitehead video op-ed on, (5:53):

Fascism, American Style.


Obama’s two day trip to Saudi Arabia cost taxpayers $3.16 million:

And that was just hotel and motorcade charges.  Do you think we got our money’s worth here?


Even with house democrats lack of actually ‘investigating’ anything about Benghazi or SoS emails:

The committee is still making progress. If D’s would cooperate, this committee would have been done long ago.


Should government change the definition of human anatomy for the .04% of the population that identifies as transgender?:

This goes beyond protecting the minority, it demonizes what used to be considered normal behavior.  I can’t help but think this is all part of something bigger, to destroy this country.


The unintended victims of bathroom bills and locker room policies (11:21):

You should watch this.


Obama is running out of time to destroy this country before he leaves office (:34):

Another sign of a desperate man.  Notice that this cannot be enforceable as the executive branch cannot ‘make laws’.


Bob Livingston with an interesting take on the above:

States should withhold citizen’s tax payments to the federal government until they relent.  It’s called the 10th amendment…use it.


This was an open, public meeting:

The protestors and city officials were completely in the wrong here…even for San Francisco standards.


Liz Sheld reports that Nicopure is suing the FDA for a multitude of reasons:

The FDA just kind of makes up the rules as it goes along…this in un-Constitutional and I hope every e-Vaping company follows Nicopure’s lead.


Will IRS commissioner John Koskinen face impeachment?:

He should, but there probably isn’t enough time left.




Bundy Ranch


Tim Brown reports that Pete Santilli will remain in jail as he was once again denied bail as he is ‘a danger to the community and cannot be relied on to make his court appearances’:

Santilli stated while leaving the court that this is what Communist China does with journalists….he’s exactly right.  How much more are we going to take before we have the eventual backlash?


Pete Santilli recorded this from prison, you should listen to this so you are aware of what’s transpired within the federal courtroom (16:49):

The system is rigged and our federal government is simply wrong.  I do not consent.


Cliven Bundy files multiple lawsuits against our judicial, legislative and executive branches of government:

The biggest problem with this is you’re trying to get justice from the very same people that have imprisoned you to begin with.

Forget case law here, just follow the Constitution and free this patriot now.  I do not consent to this false imprisonment.






The Clinton Foundation has been looked into deeply and the Clintons aren’t going to be happy (3:50):

Going so far as to call it ‘gross charity fraud’.


I think Bill may have some other things to explain as well:

Does anyone think that Bill isn’t a pervert to the n’th degree?


Pervert at Target (Jeffery Polizzi) caught in this funny story (1:46 & :48):

Caution, the 48 second clip has profanity.


Do you think it beyond possibility that the state department can’t seem to locate any of Bryan Pagliano’s emails?:

Bryan was Hillary’s senior I/T staff member for Hillary’s entire tenure as SoS. The ultimate CYA step, destroy all traces of what was said.


So, what is a ‘security inquiry’ (:48):


The Kelly File discusses the current events over Hillary’s email with judge Napolitano (4:20):’s%20repeated%20claims%20she%20employed%20the%20personal%20email%20server%20only%20for%20mundane%20communications%20and%20non-sensitive%20State%20matters%20having%20been%20proven%20outright%20lies,%20the%20deletions%20of%2031,830%20emails%20%97%20in%20the%20new%20context


More from Romanian hacker ‘Guccifer’ on Hillary’s email (11:28):


I don’t think I want to be part of Mark Zuckerberg’s America:

I have a real problem with censorship of any kind.

Naturally, facebook denies all of this:

Sorry facebook, I don’t believe you.


Matt Vespa reports that Obama’s speechwriters LOL about Obama’s best lies on Charlie Rose’ PBS show (:40):

‘If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor’. It was a lie when he said it and it’s still a lie today.


Brigitte Gabriel reads the Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America (4:22):

Seems pretty clear to me, I don’t understand how this cannot be labeled a hate organization by our government.






A typical Trump rally (8:58):

You would think the protestors would have better things to do with their time.


Obama roasts Trump at the white house correspondent dinner (4:05):

Not very presidential…but funny.


The NRSC is beginning their attacks on Hillary (1:00):

Simply labeled, toxic.






One drawback to those who use ‘the Cloud’ to store and house their data:

Your data (even if you pay for secure storage) may be handed over to government agencies (and not even our government).




Bits and Pieces


Be a man.  Get married (4:41):

Brad Wilcox, professor of sociology at the University of Virginia explains.


Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Great Dictator Speech’ (4:03):

If you’ve never seen it, it’s a treat.


Bill Whittle’s final ‘Afterburner’ with PJTV (7:50):



Ron Paul opinion piece:

What happened to the revolution?


I guess I never knew just how educated Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) was on our country and national events (3:17):

I look forward to watching the entire interview (I haven’t watched it yet) (36:44):


Michael Snyder with 10 stunning parallels between the US today and Nazi Germany 1933-1945:

Treat this as a wake-up call.






I sure am glad there’s a HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association).  The Kupper’s from North Carolina certainly agree:

NC school officials desperately want the Kupper children back in government schools…that isn’t going to happen.

The facts speak for themselves.


When lesson is Raoul Wallenberg HS in San Francisco, CA teaching their students here? (:29):


I wish I was smart enough to figure this out:

I guess I should have studied more astronomy.


Leah Jessen reports on Fort Worth independent school district superintendent Ken Scribner’s decision making abilities:

Making decisions without any parental input is not a good idea.  I guess Ken will find that out the hard way.




Law Enforcement/Military


Another Chicago PD incident from 2013 comes to light (3:16):

Simply wow, I need to see the officers involved fired and charged.  Unbelievable.


North Charleston ex-officer Michael Slager will be charged in the fatal shooting of Walter Scott.

I said at the time (after watching the cell phone video), that this was murder:

I’m glad a grand jury agreed.


I offer this Bob Livingston opinion without comment (1:51):

I just ask you to read it before watching the video.


David Codrea article, ‘Are enough Oath Takers Oath Keepers?:

The sad reality is, probably not.


Did you think with all the negative press on the 1033 program, the military to LEO weapons program has been curbed?:

You would be so wrong.


Benghazi?  Our Air Force could have been there in time to save US lives (6:03):

But the order never came.  This is on Obama/Clinton…pure and simple.






Basic gun safety demonstrated in this training video; ‘Into the Fray’ (2:58):

Never underestimate the stupidity of others.


If you are truly committed to perpetrate an armed robbery (1:31):

Make absolutely certain the guy you are attempting to rob isn’t armed. I love a story with a happy ending.






Iran’s peaceful nuclear weapons program is progressing very nicely (3:54):

How stupid does our ‘nuclear treaty’ with them look now?


More ‘military posturing’ from Iran:


Pamela Geller laments that the UK (in particular, London) is gone:

I admit, I too am concerned. Would Londoners actually vote for a radical Muslim for mayor?  I guess we now have our answer.


It’s not a good time to be in Venezuela:

Socialism doesn’t work, let’s not do any more of it here.  Nothing good will come from it.


Meanwhile, in Brazil: the senate has impeached their president (Dilma Rousseff) who was a Marxist guerilla before entering the political arena:

Her time as president has been littered with rumors of corruption, kickbacks and false accounting.


Sharia law comes to Copenhagen:

Government response to these attacks will be key here.




Perry Sheetz


Description: cid:image013.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0     Description: cid:image014.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0      Description: cid:image015.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0


The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics, Issue 472.


Anthony Dephue article that is a must read (2:40):

The Bundy Ranch fallout has reached a boiling point.  What exactly will we allow our government to do here?


LaVoy Finicum, freedom is colorblind (1:43):


Nevada assemblywoman Michele Fiore has an unconventional opinion on BLM and LEO’s (:59):

I’m not saying I disagree, but it will probably lead to someone getting shot (probably me).


Eric Parker, a US political prisoner from the Bundy Ranch speaks from prison (43:56):

I still contest the wrong people are in jail over this, the ones behind bars should be the government officials that were in violation of the US Constitution.


Virginia governor (Terry McAuliffe) learns that he can’t violate the states’ Constitution either:

Felons cannot vote, period.


Nathan Smith (a Captain in the US Army) is suing Obama on grounds he does not have Constitutional authority to wage war against ISIS/ISIL:

Ballsy move Captain Smith.


Oh, the irony (3:31):

You should really watch this video.  The New Jersey police officers involved are being sued for their actions.

Understand the Constitution is written to protect you from government actions just like this incident.


It is long past time that states exercise their 10th amendment rights against our federal government.  Kansas gets it, 12 other states are getting it:

The executive branch cannot force undue financial burdens on states to accept refugees without a financial plan behind it.

I guess the federal government will bribe states with more money, that’s how you keep the states inline now-days.


Francis Rawls (a former sergeant with the Philadelphia police department) has been in solitary confinement for 7 months for refusing to unlock the encryption codes on his computers so authorities can access his data (:23):

Has the judicial system completely forgotten we have a 5th amendment to the ‘Bill of Rights’, preventing exactly this issue?


Tim Brown reports that Alabama chief justice Roy Moore is under investigation by the ‘court of the judiciary’ for his stance on gay marriage:

Until Alabama changes their state Constitution, I believe that judge Roy Moore’s decision is correct.






Michael Haverluck reports that capitalism is rejected by a majority of adults under the age of 30:

And I blame this entirely on our current government school system that doesn’t teach basic economics anymore.


Alex Newman reports on what our DoE want to do next to our children:

This doesn’t surprise me one bit.


The man behind the movement; the interesting story about Terry Bean:

If you want to know who/where the lunacy behind the current wave of ‘bathroom bills’ is coming from.  Very enlightening.


51 Illinois families have decided to get in front of the latest ruling from a local Illinois school district and their decision to open up bathrooms/locker rooms to both sexes:

A direct challenge to the DoE Title IX redefinition of sex.  This is going to SCOTUS, it has to.






Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook) certainly recognizes the power facebook wields over trending news, reports  Mikael Thalen:

How far facebook goes to censor the news remains to be seen, but I am confident that facebook will continue to be an evil and contemptable company.


Speaking of companies that do evil; what the heck did Microsoft just go and do?:

Or releasing patches without explanations:

They better stop sabotaging Windows 7 users to force upgrades to Windows 10 or risk a mass exodus to open source solutions.


The longest standing Sears store in the nation will be closing its doors in August:

It has been open since 1925.




Odds and Ends


Jerry Seinfeld discusses PC today w/ Seth Meyers and John Cleese on Late Night (4:11):

I’m offended that others are offended.


Monsanto has NO sense of humor:


On the transgender bathroom issue?  Let the madness continue (2:15):


PJTV will go dark on 5/11/16.  Here’s the final Trifecta (12:03):

I’ll miss Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Steve Green.  They entertained me.


New Orleans, are they trying to take the gun capital title from Detroit and Chicago? (7:39):

This is insanity, how raised these young men?


Father-Daughter dance at Brockman Elementary School (Columbia, SC) cancelled; not inclusive enough (1:43):


Captain Clay Higgins (formerly of the St. Landry Parish, LA sheriff’s department), is becoming quite the star (5:45):

I see a future in politics for this man.


Survivalists consider a world with networked computers after a SHTF scenario (various):

Or this Chinese inventor of a semi-submersible for a post-apocalyptic world (1:02):

Never underestimate human ingenuity.






Alex Newman reports that a copy of TTIP leaked and outrage over it is growing but here at home as well as in Europe:

Why is Obama pushing so hard for the globalist trade agreement, it hurts citizens and destroys Constitutional protections, all to help big business.


Paul Sperry article on increasing section 8 housing vouchers to force more suburbs that are priced out of the reach of those financially disadvantaged to accept more of those unable to afford really nice housing options:

This has failed miserably where tried in recent years, Obama wants this to be a signature of his administration is his closing months in office.

It is not a secret that I am against my tax dollars being used for such things, how do you feel about it?


The next time you hear a mandate for a national minimum wage, look to Puerto Rico and see what happened:

Government should never dictate a mandatory wage for any job.


Dean Chambers says we need to pay attention to the Puerto Rico debt crisis and not allow the territory to declare a Chapter 9 bankruptcy:

Hedge fund managers (not you and me) will make a lot of money if it’s granted, taxpayers will once again be sacrificed to pay off debt not incurred by us.

This is a microcosm of what is wrong with our country.  Hey, what’s wrong with $70 billion among friends?


David Kreutzer article explains that state A/G’s have begun to go after organizations that question global warming data:

More on this subject:

Obama’s DoJ said they would.  Welcome to George Orwell’s 1984 and ‘thought crimes’.  The data doesn’t lie (except when it gets changed by government).

A think tank (Competitive Enterprise Institute) has been subpoenaed for pointing out what the data shows.

Hans von Spakovsky digs into this story deeper (much deeper):


Obama has now commuted 306 people during his time in office (more to come I’m sure).  None of the prisoners he has commuted were guilty of any violent crime against another, almost all were for drug charges:

I actually applaud his efforts but can’t forget that the Bundy family members remain in jail and denied bail, while the Hammond family is back in jail after serving their initial jail sentences.

…and don’t get me started on the entire Oregon thing again.


Arizona government officials are asking Oregon government officials for a full and independent investigation into LaVoy Finicum’s murder:


Paul Joseph Watson reports on a judge removing a child from her mother over her belief’s in chemtrails:

Thought police at work against the ‘fringe subculture’.  Be careful for what you think.


Ben Swann ponders why this wasn’t a ‘war crime’ (3:05):

Actually, it’s a very valid question.  Why wasn’t it a war crime?


Bill Whittle’s ‘Firewall’ where Bill points out Obama’s failures in diplomacy (6:29):

Let’s say this is less than flattering, but I found it highly entertaining.


Katrina Trinko writes, should taxation be used to modify behavior?:

In my opinion, certainly not…but I’m in a minority.


Sam Rolley reports that government (CIA/NSA) spying without warrants has increased over the past year:

Caroline Craig offers her opinion on the same subject matter:

…and this:

Not pissed about this yet?  Then read this article:

Think someone’s watching you?  Don’t worry, they probably are.  I do not consent.






There was a reason it took almost 4 years and numerous court orders for this to be released.  There was a reason Susan Rice went on all the news shows (and not Hillary, Obama, Biden or Carney) to explain it was an internet video that caused it.

Tim Brown reports on Judicial Watch and their long term attempts to get this information released, 4 years later will anyone care?:

There is no statute of limitations on this type of executive branch corruption, impeach and arrest those guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors.






A favorite tagline for Hillary supporters is ‘she has experience’:

Rick Jensen examines that ‘experience’ in more detail.  After reading this, do you agree that she has experience?


Hillary, we all KNOW the FBI has been interviewing your staff over your home brewed email server as SoS:

I’m confused on why you would lie about that fact.


Hillary, you’ve just been busted (4:50):

She was just ‘misstated’.  Sorry, I saw exactly what he was referring to, she was very clear in ‘destroying coal’ just like Obama.

How did unemployed coal miner Bo Copley even get a seat at Hillary’s hand selected ‘round table’ to ask his question, one might ask?:


Romanian hacker (Marcel Lazar) says hacking Hillary’s email server was easy (3:09):

Marcel, who goes by the hacker handle of ‘Guccifer’ has been extradited to the US in conjunction with the FBI investigation of Hillary’s email server:

Marcel further states he was just one of many who successfully accessed her SoS email server.


Investigation is starting to wrap up, Huma Abedin was questioned by the FBI a couple of weeks ago:

No details have been released on how that went.


Our last truly great president?  How far has the office fallen?  JFK speech about secret societies (5:23):

It’s downright sad when you think about it.


What I found interesting in this interview is the date it was said (9:02):

June 19th, 2015.  Ann Coulter, don’t like her but she was right.


A funny thing happened when Trump secured the GOP nominee:

It’s a great time to be a libertarian.


It looks like in need to do a little outreach for the libertarian party, I think I’ve found five more potential votes for the libertarian nominee:

Romney, the Bushes and Graham J


Obama’s final white house correspondents’ dinner (4:45):

Couch commander.


Obama talks about using ‘common sense’? (31:05):

Ironic, since he doesn’t have any to begin with.


Judge Thomas Schroeder applies some common sense to voter ID laws:

Larry O’Connor reports that North Carolina’s voter iD law will stand as passed.


Ben Swann points out the folly of political parties (3:46):

When will we learn?  The D/R paradigm prevents you from having a vote in the process.


Forrest Bennett (running for OK state house) is making the best of a bad situation (1:51):




Perry Sheetz


Description: cid:image013.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0     Description: cid:image014.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0      Description: cid:image015.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0


The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics Issue 471.



Burt Folsom (historian and professor at Hillsdale College) explains why private investment works and government investment doesn’t (5:53):


You should watch this video.


Josh Gerstein reports that the courts are ‘extremely concerned’ that the NSA and FBI are spying on us without the courts approval:


And this surprises who?


Have you ever heard Marine Major General and American patriot, Smedley Darlington Butler’s speech in front of the American Legion annual convention ‘War is a Racket’ (8:54):


If you have, watch it again.  If you haven’t, prepare to be amazed.

The story behind the story, the fascist plot to overthrow FDR (40:49):


Where they tried to recruit Butler to lead a ‘new military’…it didn’t work.


So, will our government be stupid enough to pass TPP?  History is not on our side (8:00):


You should probably watch this, we’re about to screwed royally this time.  It’ll make NAFTA look good in comparison.


This appeals court ruling isn’t very reassuring:


The CIA does not have to disclose info on who they kill via drone.  A true license to kill.


Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) exposes congress for exactly what it is in this radio interview with Brian Thomas at WKRC in Cincinnati, OH (17:28):


If this were done at the local level of government, they would be in jail.  I do not consent as Constitutionally we are supposed to be a republic that REQUIRES us all to be represented equally.


So what recourse do you have when a government employee tries to destroy your family?:


How much reparation is enough for attempting to destroy a family that chooses to homeschool.


A big part of the problem with government land in the west is we don’t have a good understanding of the issues.  This op-ed by Rex Steninger may help:


This web site provides much more info on Nevada’s plight with the federal government:


Ben Swann reality check on the ’28 pages’ of the 9/11 report we haven’t been able to read (3:28):


I have long maintained there is a revolving door between government agencies and the businesses they regulate.

Here’s the latest example between the FDA and Johnson & Johnson, a RICO lawsuit has been filed against former FDA chairwoman Margaret Hamburg and a defective drug (Levaquin):


Greed and corruption, nothing more and nothing less.


Judge Napolitano explains the 4th amendment as only he so eloquently can:


Until now.


Happy 70th Birthday, Cliven Bundy (4:00):


If you’re reading this, you probably had a better day than Cliven (who’s in solitary confinement and denied bail because he is a flight risk).



It appears that anyone identified as a participant at the Bundy Ranch has been put on a terror watch list:


This is beginning to get scary bad.


Tim Brown reports on how government has helped the media change the narrative on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Oregon story:


Propaganda, recognize it for what it is.



A rare victory for property rights over government bureaucracy (4:03):


When you use the Constitution, you’re usually in good company.


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) points out that our government has spent (wasted would be a better term), $2.7 billion studying climate change:


This is not a misprint, $2.7 BILLION.  And another $18 billion spent to mitigate climate change.


Yet another government agency caught trying to change history to promote global warming:


Can we just admit all of this as political folly yet?


FEMA is a relatively new government agency and they just don’t seem to be able to do things right:


I recommend FEMA be disbanded and disaster relief be moved back to state control, where the governor has more input in making his/her state whole again.


Yet another blow to privacy:


SCOTUS rules the FBI and other LEO agencies can hack and surveil computers, regardless of jurisdiction.


Rachel Sheffiel reports on what happened when Kansas required work for food stamps:


Weird how that works, isn’t it?








I have long realized that FDR was no champion of freedom or liberty, but I never knew just how tyrannical he really was:


Until I read his 1944 state of the union address.


Just another indication that government schools are an utter failure at educating our children:


How much more student decline do we have to have before we put an end to this experiment and restore local control to our schools?










5 free anti-malware anti-virus products to help safeguard your PC:


With the proper caveats.


Is your smartphone tracking you?:


If you don’t do these things, yes.


Isn’t it sad that one company would jeopardize their entire business over a goofy bathroom policy to begin with?:


But only if the 800K 1,000,000+ people who signed a pledge to boycott Target follow through with their threats to stop shopping there.  Wal-Mart, here I come.

Can Target continue to weather this storm?:







General Silliness


Warner Todd Huston put together a list of 25+ stories highlighting the dangers of transgender bathroom policies:


Does common sense no longer apply in this country?


Story and opinion from Denise McAllister on what Dave and Hannah Edwards are trying to force a St. Paul, MN charter school to do to accommodate their 5 year old son/daughter:


Fortunately, the other children’s parents protested (vehemently) to prevent making ‘transgenderism’ part of the everyday curriculum for 5 year olds.  It looks like this is headed to the courts now.


Same story, different sex (girl wants to see penises) in Florida (1:17):


No government school has ever lost funding over this, it is not a Title IX issue because even Title IX doesn’t know what to do about this new phenomenon.

Hopefully, common sense will prevail soon?


Brent Bozell op-ed points out that the website ‘PolitiFact’ is actually:




Some left wing protestors at the University of Massachusetts crashed the wrong event when they went after Steven Crowder (4:43):


Simply wow.


California prisoners will now experience a large influx of transgenders as this new prison policy goes into effect:


Really, wouldn’t you want to be incarcerated with females rather than males too?



I haven’t listed a 9/11 conspiracy theory in quite some time.  Here’s one that has over 1 million views (41:47):


Enjoy, for entertainment value only.


Let me make this easy, you volunteer for the military, you volunteer to go to a military school (Citadel in this case):


If you don’t wish to abide by their rules, go elsewhere.  I’m tired of people wanting society to change the rules for them…instead of abiding by them to begin with.

Naturally, the Citadel is punishing the cadet (senior Nick Pinelli) who posted his opinion to his facebook page on this issue:


Project Veritas makes a mockery of gender neutral bathrooms on college campuses (6:30):


This is what happens when we forego common sense.


Finally, someone with a sense of humor weighs in on transgender bathrooms:


Best story on this issue I’ve seen all week.


It’s sad to see the George Soros funded ‘Democracy Spring’ being so successful in shutting down freedom of speech (:47):


Soros ‘Democracy Spring’ protest in California at a Trump rally was a raging success (2:12):


I’m not a Trump fan either, but this is only going to further galvanize Trump supporters.  Everybody has a right to speech, if you don’t like what they have to say…walk away or find your own location to protest.

This does nobody any good.


California has decided against a day celebrating John Wayne (4:23):


Sorry, but it doesn’t get much more ‘MERICAN than John Wayne.  Get your heads out of your butts, Californians.









Yet another story proving the only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun is a well-trained good guy with one:


Orlando, FL gas station.


A Virginia firearms store strikes back:


And is suing lawmakers and residents for interfering with their LAWFUL business (hope they win too).


Pike County Ohio sheriff Charles Reader states if you fearful for your family, arm yourself (:42):


Speaking after the mass murder in his county that took 8 lives.


This happened in Alabama, so I’m sure the 11 year old (Chris Gaither) will not be charged (1:23):


But if this happened in a not so gun friendly state (CA, NY, NJ come to mind), this boy would be charged.







Other News


Lara Logan of CBS 60 minutes breaks her silence after 5 years to speak on her gang rape while covering the ‘Arab Spring’ in Egypt (13:37):


If you believe in freedom and justice, this story will make you furious.


Propaganda, be sure you can recognize it when you see it (1:14):


Follow-up story on US Army Sargent 1st Class Charles Martland:


He will not be discharged for his actions in Afghanistan.  A victory for decency.


Bradlee Dean op-ed, when conspiracy theory is proven as conspiracy fact (5:44):


This is how ISIS fighters really are (6:39):


They are NOT a well-oiled fighting machine.  I like to call this karma.


60 minutes Australia segment on how ALL cell phones can easily be bugged, tracked and hacked (19:20):


And there really isn’t much you can do about it.








One email hidden from 2014 could have brought all of this to light then (if it wasn’t deliberately withheld):


Can she just be jailed now and get it over with?


Broward County GOP official Bob Sutton is in trouble over this comment:


Gotta admit, that was a low blow.


After reading this article by Leah Barkoukis, I am encouraged that the libertarian candidate has a chance in this election:


Hitler versus Mussolini doesn’t sound like a very good choice does it?  Vote libertarian for a real change.  What do you really have to lose?





Perry Sheetz


Description: cid:image013.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0     Description: cid:image014.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0      Description: cid:image015.png@01CE2A22.766AABC0


Business & Politics, Issue 470.

Went to the libertarian state convention this weekend in Indianapolis. Caught up with a lot of old friends and met some new ones.
Listened to what some of our presidential candidates had to say as well.
Long but productive weekend, back to reality. Had breakfast Sunday with our gubernatorial candidate Rex Bell (he shares a lot of my father’s wisdom).


Eric Holder was an active participant to prevent information on ‘Fast & Furious’ to be released:

Chaffetz: Holder participated in a coordinated effort to obstruct Congress on Fast & Furious

Fast and Furious Document Release Highlights Continued Arrogant Stonewalling

I have long maintained that Eric Holder should be in jail. Maybe the next president will clean up the DoJ.

A history lesson and exactly the reason we have our 2nd amendment:
Don’t ever forget it.

I don’t think government is any more honest or truthful since Waco in 1993 (1:49:50):

Waco – A new revelation. Anyone else see parallels to the Bundy/Finicum situation playing out today?

It’s just a little radioactive waste; what’s the big deal?
Tyler Durden reports on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, where 3K to 4K gallons of highly radioactive waste leaked from a double-walled storage tank this past weekend:

Since it is only an agreement we will not be held responsible for any potential fines for violating it, right?:

Obama’s Violating the Constitution by Not Submitting Climate Treaty to Senate

It can’t be treaty since Obama signed it in violation of the Constitution (without senate consent).
Obama didn’t even sign the Paris ‘treaty’, he had SoS John Kerry sign it on behalf of our country:
Meanwhile, congress does nothing. If they had any moral compass or understanding of the Constitution, impeachment proceedings would begin now.
Alex Newman reminds us all that it doesn’t matter, congress passed a law in 1994 prohibiting any disbursement of funds to the UN since they have recognized the ‘State of Palestine’:
Whew, that was close.

Kentucky is launching a full investigation into the previous administration’s possible corruption, reports Onan Coca:
This looks like it might be something major in a few months. Looks like the FBI is involved as well.

Harry Reid is a dirty politician, will this latest bribery scandal bring him down?:
Probably not.

Warren Mass writes on the CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association) protecting us from this nation’s greatest threat to our freedom:
Our federal government. I wish this was a parody piece but it isn’t.

Bundy Ranch

This is an important story to me so I will continue to report and attempt to educate others until it is resolved.

Tim Brown reports that Larry Klayman has been refused to be allowed to represent Cliven Bundy for a second time by judge Gloria Navarro.
This is a CLEAR violation of the 6th amendment and another example of the federal government being the bully in this matter:

Judge Refuses for the Second Time to Allow Attorney to Defend Cliven Bundy


After my rants on the government over the Bundy and Finicum families last issue the government still isn’t backing down (4:30):

FBI Roundup of Bundy Ranch Protesters Continues… in North Carolina – 2 Women Detained, Questioned, Threatened with Arrest

The FBI is going after two women who may have taken pictures at the Bundy Ranch in 2014. When will we demand an end to this tyranny?
Remember, LEO’s can and will lie to you (this includes FBI agents):

Mother of Oregon Protester Who Was Jailed: The FBI Didn’t Keep Their Word about not Arresting My Son!

Too late for Jake Ryan, he’s now in jail on bullshit federal charges like most of the Bundy’s.

Tim Brown reports on the abuse our government is responsible for in regards to Cliven Bundy:

Bundy Sons Lose Bid for Release before Trial as Feds do all they can to Keep Cliven Bundy in Jail
To deny bail is insane, they are not ‘flight risks’ or ‘dangers to the community’. The Bundy’s are clearly being held as political prisoners. I do not consent.

A heartfelt op-ed by Gary Hunt regarding civil defiance or submission:

Burns Chronicles No 9 – Civil Defiance or Submission?

Where does your allegiance lie?


I found this very interesting. Courts (including SCOTUS) have ruled many times that a ‘driver’s license’ in NOT required to drive a vehicle on all public or common ways unless you are being paid to drive:

U.S. Supreme Court Says No License Necessary To Drive Automobile On Public Roads
OK, who’s first to test this?

Isn’t this a crime on its own? Willfully withholding evidence demanded as part of a congressional subpoena?:
Whoever was SoS at the time (Hillary in case you didn’t understand my frustration), should be in jail.

Josh Siegel explains how politics has truly ruined SCOTUS:

Texas Governor Predicts Supreme Court ‘Politics’ Will Prevent States’ Outright Win on Obama Immigration Actions


Don’t try to take Whole Foods to court over an LGBTQ issue like Jordan Brown did (2:07):

Whole Foods taking legal action against man who made gay slur accusation

You will be countersued for defamation. Also, remember everything is video recorded now.

Tom Philpott, food and agriculture correspondent for ‘Mother Jones’ provides us with a very pro-GMO article after touring Monsanto’s HQ in St. Louis, MO:

Inside the Country’s Most Controversial Company

I personally found the reader comments section very entertaining, more so than the biased reporting on Tom’s part. Tom has drank the Monsanto Kool-Aid®.


Wow, Ron Paul agrees with Donald Trump on something (4:58):

Ron Paul Agrees with Donald Trump – Elections are Rigged!

Donald, it’s a private club…you (and all taxpayers) are just paying for it.


The recently uncovered ‘Panama Papers’ reveal many close connections to the Clintons reports Tyler Durden:
Why does this not surprise me in the slightest?

Well, you can’t argue with Anthony’s synopsis (:26):

The Clinton Foundation and foreign donors (3:40):

Hillary Shields Her Saudi Donors – Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert!

It should be illegal for Saudi Arabia to donate over $70 million to it…it’s like a foreign country attempting to buy the presidency (and that IS illegal).

Hillary fans, do you know who you’re supporting? (9:46):

I just wanted to make sure you knew…carry on.

The brother of Hillary’s campaign chief (Tony Podesta) gets $140K a month to lobby for Saudi Arabia:
I’m sure Tony is worth $1.68 million a year for this…and his relationship with the Clinton’s doesn’t factor into any of this. He must be one heck of a lobbyist.

The Hillary indictment is getting close (6:25):
Judge Napolitano gives us his insight.

Bad lip reading parodies the democratic debate (3:49):

Reality check

Just watch (4:27):
Joey Salads with a transgender bathroom reality.

We as a country still have a long way to go when it comes to race issues (1:27):

School Accused of Ignoring “White Student’s Claims of Racial Harassment” Settles Case

But it’s interesting to see white minorities sue and win when schools refuse to acknowledge race problems.

Bill Whittle with an excellent ‘Afterburner’ (7:10):

Bernie Sanders and the power of envy.

Louder with Crowder does a parody from ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ (4:04):
Is it wrong that I found this very funny?

It appears you are not allowed to hold an opinion that progressives deem ‘not politically correct’.
ESPN announcer and baseball legend Curt Shilling is fired for speaking HIS OPINION on men using women’s restrooms:
Tolerance and acceptance…but only if you agree with me.

Black Lives Matter, this does not help your cause (1:53):

Black Lives Matter Activist Pleads Guilty to Faking Racism on Twitter – May Get 90 Days & $82,000 Fine

The week after California raises the state’s minimum wage to $15:
UC-Berkeley fires 500 minimum wage workers.

Cool stuff

Do you want to learn how to play guitar the easy way? (3:30):
For $300 you too can play the guitar, very little skill needed.

If you really like car movies:
Here are some of the best of all time.

Pizza farm, with Nick Offerman (2:15):

World’s meanest mom? No, this is what a parent should do (1:43):


Poland gives a big, middle finger to the European Union:

After EU tries to Shame Poland into Submitting to Islam, Poland Tells EU to Get Lost

So why did the ‘Panama Papers’ just make the news? This information has been ‘out there’ for over a year and nobody was reporting it?
James Dean report:

NEO – The Panama Papers: The People Deceived

The latest psyop (or propaganda if you prefer) from our controlled media, we are only allowed to know what they want us to know.

A Saudi therapist give advice on how to properly beat your wife (4:09):
I wonder how this would work out in the US?

Whoever thought China would be a bastion against the new world order just hasn’t been paying attention:
Article by Alex Newman.

In a truly sad story (not):

10 Terrorists Killed When the Bomb They’re Building Accidentally Blows Up!

10 terrorists are killed when the bomb they were working on explodes inside the mosque where it was being built.

It’s been over 5 years since this movie was released ‘Freedom to Fascism’ (2:26:40):

Have things gotten better or worse?

Old news, but Gary Franchi confirms we killed Libya’s president Gaddafi over gold currency (5:00):

Can’t have hard money interfere with a fiat world now, can we.
If you want to learn more on the truth, here it is (1:00:25):

Perry Sheetz

The Sheetz Report – Business & Politics: Issue 406

Bill Whittle explains the 17th amendment (5:42):

I agree with Bill; the 17th amendment needs to be repealed.  The state has no voice in the federal government.

It is truly hard to argue with Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore’s argument on the SCOTUS deciding on the issue of marriage:

The Constitution mentions nothing on the subject so SCOTUS has no standing on the matter.  This is a 10th amendment issue, left to the states to decide.  Any attempts to cite the 14th amendment are bogus (does not apply).

Gary DeMar writes on pretty much the same subject in regards to AG nominee Loretta Lynch:

No one can punch a hole in justice Scalia’s point of emphasis, if gay marriage is allowed then why not polygamy, incestuous marriage, bestiality, etc?

Anyone familiar with history should recognize our government and the role of federalism.

The citizens of Indiana should point out that if governor Pence wants to create a propaganda machine for himself:

He should do it with his OWN money, not our taxpayer dollars.  If he wants to make a name for himself for a possible 2016 presidential run he needs to do it on his own dime.  This is clearly un-Constitutional at so many levels.  The state legislature needs to stop this…now.

Indiana governor Mike Pence is getting slimier and slimier lately:

Pence now agrees to expand Medicaid under Obamacare.  This will be a cash windfall for Indiana health insurers and ‘for profit’ hospitals.  Taxpayers?  Not so much.

Maybe there is truth in the theory that the unemployed will work if you cut off their benefits for NOT working:

I think these figures make that point very apparent.

Alex Newman reports that communist party USA boss openly admits to using the democratic party to further the cause of totalitarian objectives:

You would think the D’s would see right through this.  Are they that union/people brainwashed?  This is certainly not Kennedy’s democratic party.

If states have really had enough with federal government overreach they could always try this:

I would love to see Utah shut off the water to the NSA super data center there.

David Goetsch op-ed on the continued march by government schools to ‘re-write’ history and make the next generations ignorant of our past:

I strongly recommend this as a must read article.  It explains a lot.

I really like the way this citizen exercises his rights (peacefully I might add) (8:18):

I don’t think Jackson, MS police felt the same way.  Hey, they were the ones responsible for shooting the dog to begin with.

The gaffes and miscues the Obama administration makes on foreign policy continue to amaze me:

I have NO idea on why they hate America:

The only thing I can speculate is because we are killing their families?  I do not consent.  Death by drone of a 12 year old is hard for me to swallow.

Alex Newman reports on the brutality of UN ‘peacekeepers’ in Mali:

Why are we in the UN?  This goes against everything the US should stand for.

Matthew Burke reports that judge Francis Allegra has banned 7 DOJ attorneys from his court for committing ‘fraud upon the court’:

All stemming for an ATF whistle-blower case against former ATF agent Jay Dobyns.  Further indictment on just how corrupt Eric Holder truly is.

Will Bowe Bergdahl be charged with desertion? (4:28):

It really looks that way.  This would be even further embarrassment for the Obama administration.

It is also now known that at least one of the five prisoners released for Bergdahl has returned to terrorist activities (2:24):

Obama is by far, the most incompetent president we’ve had in my lifetime.  And that’s saying a lot.

Missouri congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer has been working hard to get the FDIC to end ‘Operation Choke Point’, that was making it difficult for the weapons companies to secure banking services:

It worked, the FDIC will change the criteria used….take that, Obama/Holder.

Obama warns banks not to discuss these matters with 3rd parties (in this case, the customer) when closing accounts (:43):

The definition of running scared.

I can smell the lawsuit against the San Francisco PD already (1:35):

This makes me seriously question the intelligence of the officers involved.

Walid Shoebat with a very interesting article on Obama’s religion:

He was born Muslim, did he convert to Christianity (which would make him an apostate), or is he still a Muslim practicing murana?

I wonder if we will ever truly know?

Don’t think the USA has political prisoners?:

Barrett Brown would beg to differ, but he’s in prison.

Andrew Klavan video op-ed; Attack of the But-Heads (4:09):

We either have freedom of speech or we don’t.  This is pretty good.

In my last issue I mentioned a study by Everytown for Gun Safety (a Bloomberg front group) that made up facts on illegal gun sales.

Under threat of a gun shop for libel, the group has issued an apology for their bogus report:

I’d sue them anyway, it’s only legal way to stop people like Bloomberg.  (Take all their money away).

How corrupt is your state?:

One state (Texas) is responsible for all net job growth since 2007:


Shariah Law has come to Texas, reports Tim Brown:

But it’s OK, both parties have to agree to it.  And so it starts.

Read the above article before watching this video.

It had to be said, this happened in Austin, Texas…which doesn’t surprise me (3:39):

Has the Gustine, TX school administration lost their minds? (2:21):

It is a funny story though…

Our current immigration laws are seriously flawed:

Grant Ronnebeck would agree…but he’s dead now.

As someone who lives in a technology deprived area (the boondocks), this article provides me with hope that someday soon I too, will have a high speed internet option (

Copper is my only option today, although fiber is only a couple of miles away.

Michael Ware reports that there are those within the Air Force that seem to not understand what treason truly is:

This is the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about:

My belief that the A-10 is still a viable jet in today’s military is held my many (including those in the Air Force today).

Trey Gowdy’s opening statement on the third Benghazi select committee hearing (7:04):

Trey Gowdy has some fun embarrassing Deputy Assistant SoS Joel Rubin over Benghazi (11:06):

This is entertaining.

Phoenix weatherman, Cory McCloskey handles a green screen computer malfunction with ease during his forecast (1:04):

Watch this, you’ll get a chuckle out of it.

Maybe this new Washington caucus will be more successful in getting things done?  They are called the ‘Freedom Caucus’ and they have a noble goal:

Jack Kenny doesn’t share my optimism:

One can only hope…

Politics as usual; GOP will use the AG confirmation hearing of Loretta Lynch as a de facto trial of Eric Holder (:48):

Cop-out.  He’s been charged with contempt (by congress) for over a year.  Let the real trial begin.  Holder needs to be held accountable for his un-Constitutional actions.

Brion McClanahan speaks on the idea of secession: an American tradition (17:56):

Good speech.

Senator Rand Paul reintroduces the FAIR Act: in short, to curb government abuse of asset forfeiture laws:

Here’s the text of the bill:

Rand, he’s one of the good ones fighting to enforce the Constitution.  It really shouldn’t be that hard.

Here are a couple of charts that make it very evident that the middle class is disappearing (6:23):

Something will have to change soon or we will, as a nation, collapse.

Selwyn Duke writes about police theft in NY state:

I can only surmise that the Constitution no longer applies in Nassau County, NY.

Ben Shapiro writes that the Drudge Report is still relevant:

In response to the Daily Beast saying it isn’t.

Warren Mass writes on the nasty politics of Houston’s mayor Annise Parker:

Like I stated in my last issue, she needs to be recalled.  She’s more evil than Obama.

A new law in Utah (the next wave of asset forfeiture laws)?:

Seizing your vehicle if insurance cannot be proven.  Sounds very statist to me.

Well, that may have been a little too far:

Lawsuit has been filed, I’m not surprised.

The future is now (1:59):

This is revision….and it scares the heck out of me.

Selwyn Duke writes on what passes for higher education in the US today:

Downright embarrassing in my opinion.  I have much better things to spend my money on.

It’s refreshing to see Islam have some of the same problems as Christians when it comes to the politics of religion:

This is the third and final installment of the corruption of police in the small town of Tomball, TX:

Nannette Carley needs to get a good lawyer and take this department for everything she can.

Do you think Comcast has a PR problem here?:

If it truly works, who am I to say don’t do this?:

Maybe I’m just showing my age…

I see nothing wrong with what these 2 boys were doing:

Why does the government have to be involved here at all?  I shoveled more than a few driveways and sidewalks when I was a teenager, police never told me I couldn’t.

I don’t share Selwyn Duke’ and Gary North’s cynicism of common core’s subjective grades for ‘sensitivity’.  Don’t get me wrong; I detest common core in principle:

In my day it was called ‘citizenship’ and we actually got a grade for it.

I could make a bunch of jokes about this but (2:51):

How stupid is it to attempt to rob a donut store?

Here’s the latest Intellectual Froglegs (23:02):

Obama’s Basketball Diary.

Dashcams are NOT effective when they’re turned off:

Some people have figured out a way to make money on those not well thought-out gun buy-back programs:

As one gun enthusiast was quoted saying; ‘I love it when a plan comes together’.

Just because it’s fun to point out Al’s colorful use of the English language (1:21):

For your viewing pleasure.

Last issue I posted an article on the co-creator of ‘Gray State’ committing suicide and the rough cut of the movie was available online.

Those links may no longer work, here’s a Ben Swann interview with co-creator Danny Mason explaining (26:37):

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 392

Who do you hold accountable for Misty Holt-Singh’s death? (2:39):

DOJ has finally turned over the 1307 page draft of the ‘Vaughn index’ to Judicial Watch that detailed the ‘fast and furious’ gun program:

Much more will be learned in the coming days.  I believe this is the REAL reason Eric Holder stepped down as AG.

One of the first revelations was Valerie Jarrett’s involvement in keeping this scandal away from Obama personally:

It worked, for a while.

4 ways republicans are full of shit:

…and 4 ways democrats are full of shit:

Kind of screws up the 2 party system, don’t you agree?

A time for choosing reaches 50 years (2:02):

Just watch.

This doesn’t surprise me one bit (:49):

Another example that we don’t own our home (2:06):

This happened in Norcross, GA.  This is so wrong.

Charlestown, IN is the battleground for the next case of eminent domain:

Don’t let the government bastards win, I will stand and fight for the homeowners.  Would you?  It all comes down to property rights.

Jon Stewart explains the AIG bailout (9:58):

Informative and funny.

Nelson Bunker Hunt passed away this week,  I thought I knew the man from the MSM reports over the years…I did not.

Read this article by William Jasper to understand the real man and his beliefs (not what the government and MSM portrayed him to be):

File this until Hillary announces her candidacy for president:

Then make this the lead story on every MSM outlet.

Who creates jobs? (:36):

Hillary turns further left?

This is how easy it is to get away with vote fraud in Arizona (8:48):

Selwyn Duke op-ed on the subject:

I see no reason for voter ID laws…what could possibly go wrong?

This is another reason we need to return to paper ballots:

I trust computers, I don’t trust those in charge of programming and running them….and you shouldn’t either.

James O’Keefe goes undercover in Colorado to show how easy voter fraud is in that state (7:45):

I’m all for all legal citizens voting, but mail in ballots make it too easy to commit fraud.

Bill Whittle’s latest ‘Afterburner’ (4:59):

Make him own it.

Joe Dan Gorman releases his 2014 voter’s guide (volume 1) (5:25):

He says we must vote republican…I guess he believes there’s still a difference?

I guess this is called a ‘shock video’ (2:35):

Can’t say I agree with anything it contained (other than too much bad taste).   I don’t think Julie Borowski liked it too much either (2:41):

I liked Julie’s response…like totally.

I included this video in my last issue, here’s a follow-up (:30):

I’m a big believer in all officers having body cams and here’s why:  they don’t lie.

Officer Kevin Dupre in on paid leave while his bosses investigate.  The officer has had numerous death threats made since this video was released.

Dupre’s official report states the puppy was growling and being aggressive…you watch it, was he?

I am not a black man, but if I were:

I would object strongly to the DOJ argument concerning black voters, wouldn’t you?

Why would the North Carolina NAACP deliberately try to mislead voters?:

Let me show you an example of racism, read the above letter.

Wow, this Utah County, Utah middle school teacher should probably be fired over this assignment (3:53):

Mission creep?

The courts have ruled once again; the police have no Constitutional duty to protect you from the bad guy:

Good to know; you are responsible for your own safety…not the police or government.

Barry Donegan reports that the Seattle freedom Socialist Party (who heavily influenced Seattle going to a $15 per hour minimum wage):

Eric Owens op-ed on the same story:

Wants to pay $13 per hour for a web developer, citing a loophole in the new law.  Just doesn’t seem right to me but what do I know?

Gary North opinion article on the two worst years of the last century:

1913 & 1936.  Good read.

On Nov. 30th, the citizens of Switzerland will vote on amending their Constitution concerning the nation’s gold:

Here’s what you need to know.

The alliance defending freedom has sent letters to three states that have determined schools can use whatever bathroom and locker room they wish to:

If schools don’t change their rules, lawsuits will be filed.  Finally, an ounce of common sense is being used.

If you have not heard of the Battle of Athens, TN (1946), look into it:

This is why our 2nd amendment is so important; to defend against tyranny.

Did you hear about the Baltimore bus driver who had 3 of her passengers beat up (10:32):

Strange, I didn’t before now…this happened in June.

Coming to Clark County, OH this weekend (4:06):

Do you have a problem with this?  I DO NOT CONSENT. 

It’s too bad that marijuana is still listed as a schedule 1 drug with NO medicinal benefits:

We better not tell people with Crohn’s disease about this study then.

At least the federal government will begin listening to testimony from doctors about the classification of marijuana:

The IBEW local 11 prevents a Japanese firm (Kinkisharyo) from building a plant to build light rail cars for the LAMTA in Palmdale, CA:

I wonder what the citizens of Palmdale think about a union preventing over 300 good jobs from coming to their community?

Is California too far gone? (4:31):

Yep, looks that way to me.

Cities and counties in Pennsylvania are upset with a new state law:

Allowing citizens to sue over local gun restrictions that go against state law.  Liberals are upset…I truly don’t understand…Gun rights are in the state Constitution as well.

Senator Tom Coburn releases his 2014 wastebook of taxpayer money:

Here are a couple of video primers (:38 & 1:00):

Here’s the full report:

Wasteful spending at its worst, as only the government can do.

This will be senator Coburn’s final wastebook, will another senator pick up the cause?:

I didn’t know DHS was now enforcing copyright violations (1:36):

Not sure how this involves national security.  Government overreach much?

FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmonds states that the rise of ISIS/ISIL is a direct result of the FBI (23:53):

The government has got to keep the citizens scared so they can protect us (and continue the military industrial complex).

You should avoid the University of Illinois campus for a while (:50):

Unless you’re carrying.

Experts on ebola point out the fatal flaws in protection against ebola posted by the CDC:

And this is the governmental organization that is supposed to protect us from pandemics?  Heaven help us all.

Following his bosses lead; new Ebola czar (Ron Klain) misses a special meeting at the white house on:

Ron missed Saturday’s meeting as well:


Jason Mattera’s back at it (4:07):

His subject; Gregory Meeks (D-NY).

Here’s a copy of your letter to Congress. Please share it with friends. Ask them to send a letter too. Grow the Downsize DC Army!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Subject: Make the FDA advisory, not mandatory.

Make the FDA advisory, not mandatory.

Ebola should have been detected faster. The Dallas hospital with the first U.S. patient had the same Ebola screening machine that the military uses in Africa. (




The FDA prevented the hospital from using it!

That seems CRIMINAL. Yet that’s how the FDA works. It blocks or delays detection, treatments, and cures for even fatal diseases.


My body belongs to ME, not the FDA! If I’m sick, I should be free to use ANY treatment, even if it’s experimental…


* If it has the FDA’s seal of approval, great.

* If it is NOT approved by the FDA, I should STILL be free to use it at my own risk.


I demand you remove ANY obstacles that delay Ebola detection OR treatment.

And then, restore health freedom by making the FDA an advisory agency instead of a domineering bureaucracy. Allow my doctor and I to decide what’s best for me. Stop blocking life-saving treatments.

Take these steps IMMEDIATELY. This is, literally, a life and death issue. And if you fail to act, then you have blood on your hands.


Mr. Perry Sheetz

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The campaign used to send this message can be found here:

Your message was sent to the following recipients: Representative Peter Visclosky, Senator Daniel Coats, Senator Joe Donnelly.


I’ll end with a joke:


Perry Sheetz

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 385

Exactly what’s it going to take to impeach this man pretending to be president?

This is a new scandal on the IRS and would explain why Lerner has been stonewalling the congressional investigation:

This is worse than any sitting president has done to citizens of the US; and still congress does NOTHING.

So, how’s that war on drugs going for us?  Here’s the story of Jeff Mizanskey who will die behind bars unless the governor grants him clemency (3:14):

I urge you to read this article by Aaron Malin.  Jeff never threatened or harmed another human being but is sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.

This just ain’t right.

Dr. Jim Milgram (Stanford math professor and a former member of the common core validation committee) warns of the major deficiencies in common core math standards.

Milgram came down hard on Indiana governor Mike Pence for ‘rebranding’ common core but basically not changing anything in it (37:07):

Milgram further went on and said if we don’t change it now, the US will destroy America’s standing in technology.  Please take heed.

It’s a frikkin’ CIGAR BAR (1:58):!bNjJCj

The Nebraska supreme court ruled no smoking anywhere in the state.  Welcome to a statist’s heaven. 

Vote libertarian, it will free you from the statist state and towards the repeal of stupid laws.

It’s all about personal freedom AND personal responsibility.

If you think about it; AT&T has done some really amazing things over the years.

Here are some of their predictions from 1993-1994’s ‘You Will’ ad campaign [7 commercials] (3:31):

Eerily prophetic, don’t you agree?

Andrew Klavan celebrates ‘it’s opposite day’ (2:54):

Andrew does political satire very well.

Shameless plug for where I work (:27):

We’re a big time company now.

Obama doesn’t have a clue, as the press conference confirms (7:50):

He’s worse, much worse than a do nothing president.  It’s dereliction of duty.

Partisan politics is getting worse and worse; but when the executive branch starts excluding those of the other party in matters of security we have REAL problems:

Didn’t Jefferson warn us about the dangers of political parties?  How can it be right that if your representation in congress happens to be an R or L leaning R they get excluded from information?

It’s not.  Time to put this government back into the control of the people; we’re still a Constitutional Republic last I checked.  I do not consent to this.

Obama lifts ban against Libyans from attending US flight schools and training in nuclear science:

With a dozen missing Libyan commercial jets, I deem this an unwise decision.

Dan Cannon op-ed on Barack Obama’s Constitutional law professor background that is worth reading:

Politics at its finest (3:30):

Those elected to represent us are no better than we are, and most times much worse (they just wear nicer suits and talk really purty come election time).

It’s very disappointing to find racism is still alive in 2014 (3:40):

This goes both ways but this goes against everything I believe in.

Bonnie Kristian writes on 6 big lies government has told us:

When will my fellow citizens wake up and demand better?

David Bahnsen with 5 civil questions to pose with your liberal friends:

At least one or two of these should be the beginning of an honest discussion (or fight).

Intellectual Froglegs latest edition (20:56):

Ayatollah you so!

Are you missing your mail? (2:19):

You could do what these customers did.

It’s not like our founding fathers (James Madison) didn’t warn us about executive powers:

Article by William Federer worth reading.  How do you like your tyranny?

The EPA has once again been busted in trying to take over citizen’s rights to property:

Too close to reality? (:49 & 1:57):

‘Meet the Kronies’ are back with a couple of new videos worth watching (they’re short).

Karma can be a real bitch:

Melissa Quinn & Kelsey Harris put this together for the Heritage Foundation:

What would your fast food cost rise to if the government institutes a $15 per hour minimum wage.

Philippine UN peace keepers working in the Golan Heights region refuse to surrender to ISIS (Syrian rebels):

General Gregorio Pio deserves a medal.

ISIS/ISIL, what’s the difference? (1:46):

They’re the same, just the end goal is different.

Stop resisting (3:50):

And why don’t I trust police officers anymore?

The twin cities in Minnesota are asking questions that demand answers (2:31):

Military training operations in US cities without notifying city officials?  You are all aware of Posse Comitatus aren’t you?

The FBI has been very busy with propaganda lately:

Wonder where they get our money from to pay for it?

Rotherham, England officials were so afraid of being called racists that:

They allowed Pakistani muslims to abuse over 1400 girls over the course the past 17 years.  This story makes me sick and is another reason I have no place in my heart for Islam.

I pray that the US will never become what has become of England.  The Rule of Law and the Constitution must always be held supreme.

I have long held the belief that the NRA is not a protector of the 2nd amendment; this is just further proof:

If you are truly interested in promoting 2nd amendment candidates I would strongly suggest the GOA (Gun Owners of America) or NAGR (National Association of Gun Rights).

Will the police officers of Beavercreek, OH face murder charges for the killing of a Walmart customer (John Crawford III)?:

They had no cause of action to do so, let’s see how justice plays out now.

Sargent Stringer of the O’Fallon police department gets his wish (4:35):

Be sure to watch until the end, a professional cop.

Can a police officer search your cell phone? (2:03):

Not without a warrant.

Michael Suede video on how much government regulation has increased since 1950 (2:37):

This should scare the bejeezious out of all of us.

More people need to do what Avel Amarel did, stood up for his Constitutional rights (2:46):

Police need to understand we citizens are not the enemy.

31 years after KAL 007 was shot down at the edge of USSR airspace:

Many questions remain unanswered.  Article by Warren Mass.

Hmmm.  About a dozen or so commercial jet airliners have been stolen from Libya (2:52):

Found them:

I wonder what they have planned now?  Something pretty exciting I imagine.

Here are 5 videos that explain the doublespeak dictionary:

I watched the first one, it was short and pretty good, the rest were longer.

Judge Napolitano states the NSA is more interested in spying on citizens than ISIS (3:20):

The NSA has no Constitutional right to spy on citizens.

John Kerry (SoS) opens his mouth and (4:26):

A steaming pile of crap comes out.  Islam is a religion of peace.  If it is, then the leaders of this peaceful religion need to come out STRONGLY to denounce it…they haven’t.

I personally think John Kerry was demonstrating Taqiyya in action.

Dean Garrison reports on the unique situation that Monsanto and the US government have schemed up for Ukraine:

Hard to dispute the ‘revolving door’ connection between Monsanto and the US government.

Dinah Burns of Lancaster, OH carries concealed (2:22):

And she prevented her own rape or worse because of it.  She allowed her assailants to run away without discharging her weapon.

Unfortunately, this Memphis woman was not able to protect herself from an already convicted rapist (2:20):

I have a suggestion on what we should do with people like Donald Gwin.

Louisiana politics as usual:

Judge throws out the Landrieu residency challenge, even though Landrieu has a $2.5 million home in DC and no residency in the state she represents, Louisiana.

And I thought Illinois politics was dirty.

5 feminist myths that refuse to die:

Take back the truth.

ISIS missed one; the story of a massacre survivor (8:19):

Warning: graphic video.

Trifecta points out the folly of government when it comes to bridges and roads (6:37):

Skagit River bridge in Washington state.

Daisy Luther pokes fun at Michelle Obama and her school lunch initiatives:

Her kids don’t subscribe to the typical school lunch, do yours?

San Diego county sheriff Bill Gore says he will protect you, you don’t need to protect yourself:

Guess he missed a few.  The sheriff’s office is an elected position, citizens get the government they deserve.

I’m 99% sure this was staged: but it’s pretty damn funny anyways (1:31):

Liberty Farms (Cynthia & Robert Gifford) have decided to stop hosting weddings on their property due to their religious beliefs:

This is a followup to a previous issue story, the Gifford’s refused to host a lesbian wedding on their property and were fined $13K by the state of NY for it.


The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 380

The EPA has raised the ‘safe’ limits allowed in food products for the herbicide glyphosate drastically.
Glyphosate is the active ingredient developed by Monsanto is 1970 that we know as ‘Round-up’:
Do you need another reason to oppose GMO in our food?  Here it is, scary stuff indeed.
I wonder why the MSM doesn’t see this fit to report on?  Follow the money.

Bob Livingston op-ed on GMO (In case you don’t understand):
If you get the feeling that I am against GMO…you’d be correct.

I can’t help but think Monsanto helped the Department of Agriculture shut down this ‘seed library’:
…and what the heck is the Seed Act of 2004?

So, how do your representatives represent you based on the Constitution?
JBS has just released their most recent Constitutional scorecard, entitled The Freedom Index:
It’s especially nice that you can drill down to look at their actual voting record on Constitutional matters.
Summation; we’ve got work to do to restore Constitutional government…lots of it.

Ron Paul warns us of another bubble (13:02):
In this CNBC interview.  You have been warned.

Here is part 2 of Dean Henderson’s look into America’s oligarchy:
Freemasons, the first attempt of the federal reserve bank of the United States and the house of Rothschild.

Rand Paul introduces bill to reform asset forfeiture laws:
I so hope this bill attracts co-sponsors.  This bill is long overdue in order to curb government abuses regarding personal property.

The above story prompted me to act:
Here’s a copy of your letter to Congress. Please share it with friends. Ask them to send a letter too. Grow the Downsize DC Army!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Subject: End Asset Forfeiture

Civil asset forfeiture programs violate several provisions of the Bill of Rights. Introduce legislation to abolish civil asset forfeiture.
How can you justify Civil Asset Forfeiture?
* My cash or possessions can be taken by The State upon mere SUSPICION that they were used in a crime
* I must then PROVE my innocence to regain my property — the exact OPPOSITE of “innocent unless proven guilty.”
This isn’t a rare event. It’s commonplace. Cops depend on it to fund their budgets and buy military equipment for their departments. This isn’t “law enforcement.” It’s organized crime.
In contrast, the 5th Amendment says…

“No person shall be… deprived of…  property, without due process of law.”
Eternal justice says…
“The accuser must prove the accused is guilty.”
Morality at even the toddler stage says…
“Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you.”

If you support this atrocity how can I EVER trust you to “govern” me?.
This is why I need you to support Sen. Rand Paul’s S.2644, the FAIR Act, which would…

* require CLEAR AND CONVINCING evidence that property was used in a crime
* require CLEAR AND CONVINCING evidence that the owner of the property was complicit to the use of their property in the commission of a crime
* end federal-state “partnerships” that reward asset seizures
* end the “profit motive” in federal law enforcement by having any forfeiture proceeds go to the Treasury instead of the Justice Department

The FAIR Act is a GIANT step in the right direction. If you can’t support it, why should ANYONE support you?

Mr. Perry Sheetz
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The campaign used to send this message can be found here:
Your message was sent to the following recipients: Representative Peter Visclosky, Senator Daniel Coats, Senator Joe Donnelly.

This is what Rand Paul is trying to change (2:30):
How silly is the current system of justice regarding asset forfeiture?

Ryan Anderson with a thoughtful reply to a question on marriage (4:24):
Specific to tax breaks for married couples.

Will libertarian/Constitutional congressman Justin Amash stave off a well funded establishment GOP challenger in Michigan’s 3rd district?:
We’ll find out Tuesday.

Jon Rappoport writes on the cover-up of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing:
This one kinda got lost because of 9/11.  It shouldn’t have.

Obama praises muslims for building the very fabric of our nation:

An example of the religion of peace (1:34):
I say again, WTF?

Lawrence Sellin article behind the scandals of this administration:
In the age of Obama, we have witnessed the complete metamorphosis of the media and what we call investigative reporting.  Reader comments are pretty interesting as well.

Bill Whittle with a brief history of mental illness (7:44):

Michael Snyder reports that millions of sea creatures are continuing to die off the Pacific coast:
Must be a weird coincidence; I’m sure it’s not from Fukushima radiation run-off that continues every day.

Multiple zero-day flaws have been found with Symantec’s Endpoint Protection:
Here’s a video exposing the most serious flaw (2:15):
A large percentage of computers in the financial services industry rely on Symantec for security, this has the potential to be a big problem if not fixed quickly.

One of the original Obama scandals ‘Fast & Furious’ is back in the alternative media news again.
Judicial Watch has won their lawsuit for documents withheld under ‘executive privilege’ claims:
Maybe we’ll get to the bottom of this before Obama and Holder leave office?  Last I knew, Holder was still under contempt of congress charges.

A scandal is being exposed in Tennessee over common core:
This is a bipartisan cover-up that got exposed, students (and taxpayers) are the losers.

Another state governor (Bill Haslam – Tennessee) is pretty upset with Obama and HHS placing illegal immigrants in their state without asking or notifying them:
760 kids this time.  This is not a good decision by those in charge.

It doesn’t look like my state (Indiana) is immune from housing illegal immigrants either:
Indiana’s governor (Mike Pence) says he learned about illegals in his state from the media, not the Obama administration:
I think I’ve found part of the problem.  “What we have here is a failure to communicate”.  (Stolen from the movie Cool Hand Luke).
My tax dollars at work…supporting non-US citizens kids.  When will common sense take hold?  This is not sustainable.

Mark Horne reports that all of these Obama/HHS moves with illegals to states without consent or informing them is totally illegal:
Has anyone heard of the Constitution, specifically the 10th amendment?

A handful of governors have reached the point with Obama and HHS that they are demanding answers, reports Jack Kenny:
As a citizen of Indiana, I too am demanding answers.  What is the goal here, the destruction of the state or country?  We are now such an entitlement society that we cannot afford this.

I’ve reported before that this immigration crisis is not a surprise to anyone in the Obama administration (2:45):
But the question remains, why?  This is Cloward Piven Strategy at work.

Do you think it strange that a 22 year old illegal alien is considered a child?:
It’s all part of Obama’s plan to destroy this country before he leaves office (he’s only got 2 years left).  And still we do nothing.

Chairman of the NAFBPO (Zack Taylor) explains the big picture on the current border situation (14:37):
It’s worse than you think you know.

Hey, let’s have a terrorist training drill (2:11):
No need to tell the civilians, then it wouldn’t be a drill now would it?  And now the lawsuit has been filed.

The medical examiner’s ruling in Eric Garner’s death surprised me:
They have determined he died from compression of neck, chest and positioning during restraint by police.
This should make pressing charges much easier, I was fairly certain the cause of death was going to be ruled natural causes.

Liberalism meets reality (3:31):
This is where the rubber meets the road.

The D’s are using threats of impeachment of Obama to raise funds for the mid-term elections.
One of my favorite congressional ding-bats is Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), here she is on the house floor lying (:25):
When a Yahoo reporter called her out for her comments she admitted she ‘misspoke’.

Some more on Sheila Jackson Lee, Houston, Texas deserves better representation.  She’s been in congress 20 years…that’s enough:

Nancy Pelosi with a very inappropriate moment on the house floor (2:31)
She wants to be speaker again, this would be a huge mistake.

I have included a PDF attachment explaining why we may not have the truth on the events of 09/11/2001:
This is worth a few minutes of your time.

Government overreach much?  DHS is now confiscating vehicles (1:58):
I’m tired of AGENCIES of government treating citizens as criminals.

Here’s an article by Mac Slavo that I need to get more information on:
I find the story disturbing and hard to believe (but many things I hear or read are hard to believe), but end up being true. has finally pieced together the story of Timothy Young (one of two NM men anally raped under color of law) for suspicion of drugs (4:29):
There’s not enough money to buy my silence on this.  It makes me want to take up arms against police, and that’s not right.
I need to see ‘good cops’ resisting this police state or I may very well give up in trying to defend them completely.
I was raised to respect police, please give me a reason to do so…Oh, no drugs were found up the ass of either individual raped.

Jessica Ojeda from Salem, Oregon was having a bad night:
Her boyfriend was arrested for DUI and his car was towed, police elected to leave her on the side of the road to fend for herself.

Trey Gowdy would make one helluva lawyer (6:28):
Trying to establish a basis for a special investigation into the IRS scandal.

Why would LA county sheriff’s destroy security cameras on private property? (2:37):
Isn’t this criminal trespass and destruction of property?

This is a good opinion piece by Indiana’s own Andy Horning:
Stand down the empire of violence.

40% of gun sales do not include a background check:
Another lie to perpetuate more gun laws, exposed.

I don’t think this shock ad by the anti-gun group Everytown (Bloomberg funded) sends the proper message (:31):
If anything, it gives a sterling example of why females need to be armed.  When seconds count, police are only minutes away.

Have you heard of the Cloward Piven strategy?  Cloward Piven Strategy Defined (3:14):
Watch this.

I wonder what Chicago/Illinois taxpayers have to say about this:
This is a clear play using the Cloward Piven Strategy.  The goal of this program is not to help the poor, but overload the welfare system.  There’s no other explanation.  It’s no surprise that the Chicago Housing Authority is administering this program.  It’s no surprise that the State of Illinois is about to collapse because the system is overloaded.  Illinois Chickens Have Come Home to Roost!

The Daily Beast’s Ben Jacobs gets history wrong again; this time on nullification.  Article by Joe Wolverton:
When questions are brought up surrounding the Constitutional limits of the federal government, I refer to the federalist and anti-federalist papers for clarification.  I would recommend Mr. Jacobs do the same.

I recommend that Boston police commissioner William Evans look to Chicago when it comes to gun control:
William doesn’t think anyone in the city needs a gun and he should be able to decide who can and can’t have one.  This is flawed thinking and un-Constitutional in its basis.
The citizen is responsible for his/her own safety, the police are under no obligation to save your life.

And this is why I don’t have any respect for Planned Parenthood:

I seriously question the legality of what happened in Armada, MI:
There is no way this can be construed as legal.  We live in a police state.

Joe Dan Gorman’s latest issue of Intellectual Froglegs (19:13):
As the world burns, excellent as usual.

Every now and then, a bank does something very nice for their customers (3:56):

Roger Carlos was severely beaten by 3 San Antonio, TX police officers:
It was a case of mistaken identity.  When we just shrug off stories like this, the police state has won.  I want to see criminal charges filed against all 3 officers.

Only Alfonzo Rachel could get away with this (7:56):

Perry Sheetz


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“The foundation for a police state has been put in place and we must mobilize resistance before it’s too late.” — Congressman Ron Paul  (Texas – retired).

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 360


A bunch of good stuff, try to scan the comments until you find something of interest to you.  Thanks.


I have made mention of how unqualified Vivek Murthy is as Obama’s nominee for surgeon general (6:46):
If the senate approves (they might, with only needing 51 votes [Thanks Harry Reid] to approve the nomination), any senator that votes for him should be out come next election.


We simply cannot allow this to continue.  Congress writes law, the president enforces said law.
The power of the purse lies solely in congress, not the executive branch.  I demand congress intervene on my behalf.  Their first and foremost job is to defend the Constitution.
Alex Newman sums it up pretty well in this piece:
And these were just from this week.


Trey Gowdy speaks from the floor of the house (5:16):
Trey’s on a role, he had a pop quiz on the house floor too (2:19):
This one’s pretty funny.
If left unchallenged, this will not be a country worth living in by 2016, and I’m not joking.


The Obama; bogus social security number case is now finally awaiting Judge Ellen Hollander’s decision:
I met Orly Taitz back in 2012; she is anything but a kook.  She is a very determined lawyer.


Making cop worship mandatory, an opinion piece by William Grigg:
Thought provoking, I have made the personal decision to not submit to this…ever.  Everyone’s got a line, this is mine.
I found it interesting that this didn’t become a common practice until the late 1980’s within the LAPD (and only then with latinos and blacks).


Steve Deace reports that some things (at least in the Iowa GOP) never change:
The establishment GOP is once again stacking the deck to pick the winners before the primary.


If you watched the lead story from last issue (Ben Swann’s end partisanship), you may enjoy this follow-up interview.
Ben Swann interviewed by InfoWars David Knight (not Alex Jones), expands on his reason for airing the video (20:53):
Same interview, just your choice of InfoWars or Youtube.


There has been much discussion of a Constitutional Convention and/or an Article V Convention of the states.

I don’t profess to know all, but the Constitution is not broken, elected officials choose to ignore it.  With the progressive society we have today do you think a ‘new’ Constitution will be better than what we have now?
Tom DeWeese shares his opinion on the matter:
The solution IS simple; elect officials that will follow the Constitution.  It is time for citizens to get their head out of their ass and get it done.  Stop voting for a D or R and vote for real change…the individual.


Hillary doesn’t need the NSA.  She has her own spy organization to monitor what conservatives are doing and saying:
It’s called the American Bridge PAC, and they don’t have to follow any of the rules of constraint or privacy that government has to (not that government does anyway).


Once again, citizens are allowed to record police in the line of duty (3:22):
Officer Thomas Barboza needs to be fired.


Baltimore police settle a similar case to avoid court for $250K, and change their policies regarding this:
Liberty and freedom to record police on duty without fear is a long process; police that don’t wish to be recorded should either stop doing bad things or find another line of work.


I’ve written on how unjust and un-American asset forfeiture laws have become (1:08):
This article by Nick Sibilla explains a few of the more egregious cases recently.  Policing for fun and profit must end.
Here’s a great undercover investigation done by NewsChannel 5 in TN (43:54):
This goes on across the country.


Zach Galifianakis interviews Barack Obama (this is very funny) (6:30):
Obama is reaching by doing this, but I admit it’s hilarious.


Another knock-out victim, another unsolved crime (2:33):
These cases need to be tried as hate crimes and more needs to be done to find the perpetrators, this is NO game.  I will settle for nothing less.


The next generation of drone surveillance, the cupid drone (1:33):


Jon Rappoport op-ed on Edward Snowden:
Just a guy doing the right thing or…a CIA agent doing a job to knock the NSA down a couple of pegs?  It IS plausible.


Edward Snowden spoke (via satellite through 7 proxies) at the SXSW (South by Southwest) conference on Constitutional violations on a massive scale (1:00:22):
If you happen to have time…


William Norman Grigg with a very thought provoking op-ed:
The end of property rights; it’s probably not what you think.


SOPA is back, but it won’t be going through or legislative branch this time:,1&source=IFWNLE_nlt_daily_pm_2014-03-14
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.  How do we stop it?


25 maps to help you understand the world:
Just for fun.


Detroit chief of police James Craig says homeowners may shot any immediate threat to your safety (2:22):
Has the city of Detroit finally said…enough?  It would appear so.


SCOTUS has refused to hear the case that could have a major impact on ‘no-knock’ raids being conducted on unsuspecting homeowners:
Let the carnage continue.


Former police officer Weiss Rasool and current IRS employee, interesting story:
Not sure how he got through a background check with the IRS; maybe they’re looking for people like Weiss to employ?


John Stossel explains the differences between acquiring guns in Texas versus California (7:49):
Which state would you prefer to live in?


John Stossel picks apart to proposed Obama budget in 2:21:


Remember, the police have no obligation to protect you (3:45):
West Dallas, TX store owner robbed, police arrive over an hour later.  3 of the 5 suspects are still on the loose.


Barack and Michelle have now had 3 vacations this year:
Hey, it IS mid-March, 3 vacations in 3 months…When do I get to be president?


I think congress has enough evidence now to charge Lois Lerner and the IRS:
I believe congress can present charges with or without the DOJ’s approval.  Get to it Boehner.


Liberal journalist Bob Allen says the news is controlled for political purposes:
It doesn’t really matter if we have a D or R in the white house…they’re both the same.


It’s been quite awhile since I included anything about ‘smart meters’ (4:32):
Best educate yourself, they are NOT safe and this is all part of Agenda 21.


The M3 Carl Gustaf: I want one:
For deer hunting, don’t you know.


Bill Whittle’s Afterburner (6:36):
Gulliver, Unbound.  Bill examines the Crimea situation.


Confirming what we already knew; Obama shut down the WW II memorial during the government shutdown because he thought he could blame it on congress:
This POTUS is nothing more than a socialist POS.


William Jasper article on Ukraine and George Soros involvement to destabilize the country:
Further proof that Soros is the personification of evil.  Willing to destroy a country for personal financial gain (2:55):


David Goetsch op-ed on Valadimir Putin’s state of the nation speech where he said the west has moved away from Christian values:
I really hate it when our supposed enemy is right.  Putin has more credibility than our current president.


I thought criminal activities were exempt if it was union related:
The fact that these charges stem from a NLRB investigation surprise me (the NLRB is staunchly pro-union).  Maybe it had something to do with the threat of rape of a child?


Mona Charen dissects NYC mayor (Bill De Blasio) actions on not allowing charter schools in NYC to expand:
How stupid are NYC voters?  They just elected this man as mayor.  I didn’t think anyone could be worse than Bloomberg…I was wrong.


In the state of Ohio, the GOP is so afraid of the libertarian party that the governor has signed legislation to drop them from ballot access for the primary election.
The GOP governor, secretary of state and overwhelming state legislature are very afraid of those pesky libertarians (4:31):
Ben Swann interviews Charlie Earl (one of two libertarians running for governor via the primary process).  I hate to tell the GOP this but….their party is dying.  (The D’s are gonna love it for a few years).


Mitch McConnell (R-KY) just can’t help himself; says the establishment GOP will crush tea party challengers this year:
He might win the primary challenge, but words like that will guarantee a D will win the general election (the GOP cannot win without the tea party vote).


McConnell’s primary challenger is Matt Bevin, Star Parker writes on why Bevin is in the race:
Because McConnell has done nothing to rein in spending or the size of the government monster.


It didn’t take long for the public backlash against McConnell to surface: from Suzanne Hamner:
I think Mitch will learn to temper his words very soon….then again, probably not.


Rand Paul’s speech at CPAC (19:18):
Good speech in front of a very friendly crowd.

Sarah Palin stole the show at CPAC for her rendition of Dr. Seuss ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ (2:51):
In my best Larry the cable guy voice; I don’t care who you are that there’s funny.


Sharyl Atkisson (one of a very few journalists in the MSM) has resigned from CBS News:
Sharyl was the first (in the MSM) to report on Fast & Furious and Benghazi.  The Obama administration has got to be overjoyed.
Unlike Liz Wahl’s resignation on RT, this is not a publicity stunt.


Why did our government allow GMO alfalfa to be planted ever after the data showed it was very harmful?:
The center for food safety is suing FDA and the USDA to release the missing documents.
Can Monsanto buy anyone in government?


Nassim Taleb (a top scientist and risk engineering expert) states that GMO will eventually unleash ecocide across the planet:

As GMO crops will alter or kill non-GMO over a number of years use.  And we’ve been fighting for labeling of GMO?


Smart Balance has announced they will stop using GMO ingredients in 15 of their spreads:
Their consumer studies must have told them that there’s a market for non-GMO or they wouldn’t be doing this.


Iraq is so much better off since we destroyed liberated their country:
Shariah law, whether they want it or not.  Raping your wife, having intercourse with a 9 year old….all legal.  Women are slaves under Sharia law.


Coming to a community near you soon? (2:08):
River Islands, CA.  (Too much big brother for me, I’ll keep my guns).


If this ever happens at my children’s school, they would be removed THAT DAY and never return:
My children will never be guinea pigs for a military exercise involving an ‘active shooter’.  I will forward this story to my school’s administration to voice my concerns.


Ares Armor successfully halts an ATF raid (for now) on their offices (3:10):
ATF wants their customer lists.


Gun control works (2:15):


Harry Reid has got to be very angry with Rand Paul.  Paul used a parliamentary technique to bypass this house bill from being simply referred to committee (to die) by Reid:
Gun owners need to recognize what Paul just pulled off.  Paul ‘out parliamentaried the master of parliamentary procedure’ Reid on this one…KUDOS!


I’ve posted this before, but I love this (1:26):
Penn & Teller explain the 2nd amendment to all anti-2nd amendment believers.


We in the US have not been exposed to much of a Muslim influence in politics yet, because Muslims are still a small percentage of the total US population.
I am concerned that a few other nations (mostly in the middle east) have labeled the Muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization and the Muslim influence of Shariah law directly contradicts our established Rule of Law:
The number of Muslims with a radical view of law are already in the current administration, they need to make sure their religion does not influence their decision-making in regards to the Constitution.
The Muslim influence where they are a greater percentage of the population (Dearborn, MI) does not speak well for our future.
How timely:
Well, Ohio does border Michigan.  Maybe muslim influence is spreading:
EunJung An should be suing Oberlin College for a lot more than $25K and demanding that Ali Yedes be fired.
Pay attention people.


Ramon Matlock didn’t deserve to die.  He must have kicked the door in and attacked the homeowner for some other reason before he was shot:
The victim’s family members need to look at the facts.  Good guy with a gun = 1, Bad guy = 0.


If a city really wants to increase revenue, do what Tamarac, Florida officials did (3:14):
Install a red light camera in front of the hospital emergency room entrance.  Time to replace city officials that did this in my opinion.


Meantime, Ronan Farrow receives the ‘Cronkite award for excellence in exploration and journalism’ after 2 days on the job with MSNBC:
Right up there with Obama winning a Nobel peace prize, isn’t this world goofy?


Mark Horne reports on the CIA treating the senate intelligence committee like Edward Snowden:
Senate intelligence committee (now there’s an oxymoron for you), how does it feel?  Are you ready to go back to the Constitution yet?


Dianne Feinstein (chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee) speaks out from the senate floor when it is discovered that the CIA has been spying on her (3:42):
Feinstein was defending the same such NSA actions against citizens recently.  I also found it humorous that Feinstein called the Constitution into play (she’s been trying to destroy it for years as a senator).
Lindsey Graham (R-SC) shares Dianne Feinstein’s concern about government overreach (1:34):
Darrell Issa incensed about the CIA spying on congress as well:
It’s OK to spy on citizens, just don’t spy on me…hypocrites, every one of them.


Justin Amash (R-MI) posted the following to his facebook page concerning the above:
To quote Bob Dylan, ‘how does it feel’?


Lindsey Graham really needs to learn about ‘hot mics’ (:10):
Still think there’s a difference between D and R?


Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL & DNC chairwoman):
A special kind of stupid.


Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) (:44):
Another, special kind of stupid.


This is pretty funny.  Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) avoids an on the street interview on Obamacare delays (2:37):
He represents Chicago, what do you expect?


Rand Paul does not hold his father’s viewpoint on Ukraine:


Ron Paul interviewed by Neil Cavuto on Ukraine (4:34):
Cutting through the smoke, Ron speaks the truth.


New Jersey has become the 3rd state to ban the direct sale of Tesla cars to the public:
Well, at least the auto-dealership lobbyists are earning their money.  At the expense of consumer choice.  So much for free enterprise.


Thomas Massie (R-KY) is sponsoring a bill to release 28 pages of the 9/11 report that have remained secret:
I’m all for transparency, this is another example of our government not telling us the truth on what happened.


Hopefully, this will be the end of the Rachel Canning story:
She has moved back home.


It has now been proven that the EPA has been in collusion with ‘green groups’ over CO2 emissions from coal plants since Obama took office:
So, now what?


Boeing and Lockheed Martin have both been busted for using banned Chinese made parts for the B-1 and F-16 military aircraft:
Have your enemy manufacture (and reverse engineer) critical components to our air defense systems; the definition of stupidity (or greed).


This is a direct result of the above story:
China has closed the military technology gap between us by more than a decade.  Maybe we should do more spying on them?


This off-duty officer did the right thing but two things concern me:
Would a citizen be charged for pursuing the burglar after running him off the property and one hit in six or seven rounds?  The officer needs some range time during his mandatory time off.


I am a big supporter of gun ownership, gun safety and gun training.  Be careful where you get your training, all gun training instructors are not the same:
Terry Dunlap in Ohio should NEVER be allowed to teach others on gun safety again.  Gun safety isn’t that hard to teach…4 rules all gun owners HAVE to follow.


A few Connecticut police officers are actually looking forward to breaking down doors to confiscate firearms:
Here’s a good, brief video explaining the Connecticut law (2:35):
Please, stop this madness and remember what country we live in.


This is a good opinion piece by Dr. Robert Owens:
Between anarchy and tyranny, there is liberty.


Tom Woods sets the record straight on the rift between Judge Napolitano and Jon Stewart (4:21):
Remember that Stewart is first and foremost an entertainer (and a pretty good one), not a Constitutional scholar.


There is an LGBT activist and anti-2nd amendment legislator in Illinois 14th district (Kelly Cassidy) that wants all firearms registered:
Failure to do so would be a felony.  I have lots of good friends in Illinois, sorry you have to put up with people that want to rule over you like this…of course, you could get involved and vote them out.


Alex Newman reports that the college entrance exam SAT (scholastic aptitude test) will be revamping its test:
The new test will be easier than the old one; with common core the test will need to be changed as scores continue to plummet.
Less education of core subjects such as math, science and vocabulary (and citizenship) dictate the change.  Anyone else feel this is completely foolish?


Common core hasn’t kicked in yet (at least with this elementary school student):
Obviously a free-thinker!


This is a good, albeit long interview with Dr. Edward Group concerning the facts on antidepressant prescriptions (17:24):
Big pharma isn’t going to be happy if this interview goes viral.


Detroit and Chicago have something in common:
Dead people voting.

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 359


Ben Swann hit the ground running with his first episode of season 2’s Truth in Media project.
I urge you to watch this video, as it explains why we are where we are (13:20):
It’s like seeing the light bulb go on, to fix our government we must end partisanship as the first step.


SCOTUS has declined to hear the case of the Romeike family:
Neighbors of the Romeike’s have vowed civil disobedience if the government files for deportation, says they are fine people (I have no doubt):
Our government’s actions are not acceptable, time to get your representatives involved before they are deported back to Germany where they WILL be persecuted (home schooling in Germany has been illegal since the 1930’s).
Holder and Obama are responsible for this (the Romeike’s had been granted political asylum back in 2008, then Obama/Holder objected).

Update to above stories on the Romeike’s:  Due to public pressure put on the White House, the Romeike family is being allowed to stay in the US as refugees:
The HSLDA (Home school legal defense assn.) was instrumental in making this happen.


OK; let me try this one more time.
It is settled SCOTUS law that the police have no obligation to protect citizens from bad guys:
Do you understand?  You are responsible for the safety of your family, not the police.


Tom Woods interviewed Carol Paul just yesterday (26:20):
Carol Paul is Ron’s wife and Rand’s mom.  If you’re a fan you will love this interview.  If you aren’t you may move along now.

When will our representatives demand accountability for the IRS scandal?:
Paul Bedard reports; I have lost patience.  It is time to start knocking on doors with subpoenas and demanding answers.


Here is a partial list of questions that chairman Issa would have liked ex-IRS chief Lois Lerner to answer:
Lerner has used her Constitutional right to not self-incriminate herself.  Nobody said Lerner was stupid, she wants immunity from prosecution before she talks.


The FDA has been spying on whistleblowers in attempts to protect Big Pharma (2:57):
Oh what a tangled web we weave, is the purpose of the FDA to insure we have safe pharmaceutical drugs or to protect Big Pharma?  I think most know the answer to both questions.


Have Americans finally realized what has been happening to their freedoms over the past 20 years?:
Baby steps.


Intellectual Frog legs by Joe Dan Gorman (19:55):
Meanwhile back in reality.


Monsanto is once again sponsoring ‘Farm Mom of the Year’:
I think I’ll nominate my wife; she’s a bigger fan of Monsanto than I am (sarcasm font used).


Organic farmers answered a survey on what they fear most, over 80% of the respondents said GMO crops contaminating theirs:
It may be too late in the US, as GMO seed has grown from 2% usage in the 1990’s to over 90% today.  It’s getting impossible to avoid it.
Meantime, our government continues to defend GMO and take lots of money from GMO producers; what do we know that Europe and Asia don’t?


If you burn wood as a supplemental or primary source of heat, you need to find a good wood-burning stove NOW:
The EPA just banned 80% of all wood burners because they put out too many emissions (I have been told the 20% that are compliant suck).


RT America anchor, Liz Wahl resigns from RT on-air (1:16):
Interesting.  Liz Wahl interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper hours after her resignation (6:23):
Even more interesting interview.  Now the truth (6:29):
Liz did this for publicity, she wants to work for CNN or MSNBC or FOX.


Expand your horizons; watch this motherboard video on inventor Doug Coulter (7:45):
Is Doug insane? A genius? Both?  Watch and decide for yourself.


Planned Parenthood is reported to be donating $18 million to pro-abortion candidates in the upcoming mid-term elections:
Aren’t there laws against tax payer funded organizations donating to political elections?  This just doesn’t seem right to me.


One wireless carrier (Sprint) has found an additional revenue stream:
Overcharging the government for surveillance and intercept fees to spy on us at the government’s request.  Sprint is being sued by the government for this.


Will congress do nothing to stop the current president from tyrannical rule?:
Are we ruled by a republic or a king?


Tom Woods interviewed Bill Coffman (34:39):
Come Home America; Empire corrupts the soul.  This is an excellent interview.


An atheist group successfully forces (via court order) a mother to remove a cross she erected to honor her dead son erected in a public right of way:
More crosses went up when Ann Marie Devaney removed hers.  Good for them.


An animated video put out by the California teachers association titled Tax the Rich: an animated fairy tale (7:50) was released almost two years ago.
How the World Works (Lee Doren) has critiqued the video (12:41):
You watch…you decide.


This is a follow-up to the Euharlee, GA police killing of 17-year-old Christopher Roupe:!
The police officer (Beth Gatny) has fired her weapon in error before and had been fired from her previous employer, the Acworth, GA police department.
Beth was obviously in the wrong line of work, but I want her to face murder charges.  What she did was nothing short of unjustifiable homicide.


This week’s issues on Connecticut and their new gun laws (4:34):
CT state police spokesman Lt. Vance has said if ordered, police will begin door to door confiscation (7:44):
I guess each individual officer will be faced with doing his job and violating his oath or refusing to follow an un-Constitutional order.


In Kentucky, if you shoot a police robot, you will also be shot:
Put this info in your good to know file.


Georgia may be the next state to make medical marijuana legal (1:23):
Bill passed the house 171-4, now goes to the senate and then hopefully the governor to sign.


It’s time states re-think their laws surrounding exemptions for union activities that would be considered crimes for anyone else:
Read this story by Alec Torres about Sarina Rose to see if you agree with me.


Should the parents be responsible for their daughter after this?  Rachel Canning is suing her parents for support (2:13):
Hopefully the New Jersey judge will throw this case out  (UPDATE: HE DID).  Spoiled kid doesn’t want to follow the house rules, OK then, you’re on your own.
Rachel is welcome to come home if she is willing to follow the house rules…she isn’t.


Suffolk County NY D/A Thomas Spota should be fired for bringing manslaughter charges against the homeowner (2:15):
It is Long Island, NY but still; this is pretty plain to even the drive-by media…self defense.


In what can be only described as ‘classic Florida’ (2:43):
I don’t condone it and I question the intelligence in doing so.


Dick Morris presents the neo-con viewpoint concerning Ukraine (3:26):
Dick is (in my opinion) 98% wrong on this.  I agree Obama is a weak president, but sending arms and troops is exactly the wrong thing to do.


Marco Rubio, the new face of the neo-con wing of the republican party:
I was really hoping they would just die a natural death, wishful thinking on my part.


Dan Joseph interviews members of the democratic party who support Hillary and why they support her (4:12):
They couldn’t think of anything worthy.  The D’s better get a better candidate or the R’s might have a chance in 2016.


A documentary that Pennsylvania judge Mark Ciavarella Jr wishes had not been made; ‘Kids for Cash’ (2:14):
Ciavarella is currently serving a 28 year sentence for his role ($2 million in kick-backs) in putting more than 3K kids in prison.  Joe Wright wrote this article.


If an ‘R’  (like George Bush) did this it would be in the headlines for a week:
How do you spell respect?


Jackie Kuhls crams a whole lot of stupid into this 2:36 video:
More ignorance on a subject that she tries to explain about than one person should be allowed to have.


Bob Adelmann gives us more background into exactly who are next surgeon general will be:
They don’t get much more anti-2nd amendment than Dr. Vivek Murthy.  Pay attention people.


Give this country another 25 years and maybe we won’t have a 2nd amendment:
As we continue to teach our children that guns are BAD.  Indoctrination of the next generation continues unabated.


It might not take that long:


James Corbett Report on the real happenings in Ukraine (12:34):
It would appear once again that the US is destabilizing another sovereign country.


There are still a couple of open Constitutional legal issues with Obamacare:
We’ll see if they go anywhere.


Julian Assange interview with Alex Wagner (15:09):
We are heading towards a dystopian surveillance society.


General Boykin is very concerned (1:31):
The muslim brotherhood has deeply infiltrated the Pentagon.  Guess Gen. Boykin will be relieved of duty any day now.


Todd Starnes reports how the MSM is attempting to destroy ‘Trail Life’ by showing a picture that depicts a Hitler salute (it wasn’t):
Trail Life is the new alternative to the Boy Scouts that does not allow homosexual boys in their group…how politically incorrect.


In Canada, the RCMP has taken it upon themselves to expand the banning of certain firearms (10:57):
It’s time that Canadian public officials come down hard on the RCMP for their overreach on their citizens.


You probably don’t have time for this, but it is an excellent documentary on the BP deepwater horizon oil spill cover-up (1:30:19):
Full disclosure, I am a BP stockholder.  This is a very disturbing documentary that exposes just how far businesses and politicians go for the production of energy.
Ultimately, it all comes down to following the money…as it does 99% of the time.


Good news on the TPP negotiations; they are stalled for the time being due to many significant gaps reports Joe Wolverton:
Let’s hope they stay that way for a long, long time.


Michael Snyder with 16 signs that America has become a seriously wicked nation:


Reads like a good short story; corruption in Bent County, CO:
Between the DA and undersheriff of the county.


Network World provides us with 12 terrific techie TED talks:
I’m willing to bet you will find at least one worth watching.


I have reported on the cell tower in a suitcase previously named ‘stingray’:
In Florida, they are being used without any warrants to track cellphone locations.  This will be a case for the judicial branch to decide.
You probably know my opinion.


You don’t hear or see this everyday (4:58):
2 Cellos play AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.  Angus Young would be proud.

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 358

Untitled-1Ben Bullard reports of a new SCOTUS that amends the 4th amendment:
As long as anyone in the home consents, it’s OK.  This reverses the 2006 ruling that stated if anyone refuses police may not enter.
Inform your family of this major change, police will now attempt to coerce a family member to allow access without a warrant.
When SCOTUS ignores the Constitution, what’s left?
In another goofy SCOTUS ruling, it was determined 6-3 that asset freezing (leading to forfeiture) can continue:
You would think that the right to competent counsel could be hindered if you can’t afford a good lawyer.
NOTE: Since 1986 when the federal government asset forfeiture fund was created, it has grown from $94 million to $1.6 billion.  Makes you think I hope.

This short video was put together by the ACLU.  This is why you should be concerned about the collection of your metadata (2:59):
Kinda blows away those that say they have nothing to hide now, doesn’t it.

With pending lawsuits against the above, the NSA now wants to keep your metadata indefinitely:
Like they would have removed it after 5 years anyway?  Why don’t I trust them?

Fast & Furious hasn’t went away, Holder and Obama just wish it did:
Executive privilege isn’t going to help and can’t be used.  It’s been 2 years, we the people deserve to know just what Eric Holder and Barack Obama have been doing on our behalf.
One would think the Annapolis, MD police chief (Michael Pristoop) would know the difference between real news and satire:
Ignorance abounds in Maryland.  Here’s the satire article, can you tell it’s satire?:
Hint: The Daily Currant is a satire site, in the same vein as the Onion.
I’ve have had a very low opinion of senator Harry Reid for a number of years.  I have determined he is either senile or certifiably insane…maybe both?
Here’s the latest example (1:49); and one family’s response for being called a liar by Reid (4:08):
Sam Rolley and Joe Wolverton report on the confirmation that government trolls use the internet to destroy people who publish/blog about the truth:
Thank you Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald and The Intercept.  Here are some of the tactics they use.  A new low for our government working against her own citizens.
So, why do we have all these lobbying groups around politicians?:
One reason:  because it works.  Where else can you get a 22,000% return on your investment?

Excellent article by Michael Snyder that explains exactly what has happened in Ukraine:
Mike Shedlock reports on the hunt for Viktor Yanukovich:
Much more on Ukraine:
Includes some great pictures of his log built mansion just outside of Kiev.  Documents found let us now know how close Kiev came to being a bloodbath, fortunately the order to fire on civilian protesters was not followed.
I thought Obama said he wouldn’t be doing this anymore (5:41):
We really shouldn’t be killing unknowns, we should at least BE CERTAIN that those we kill are actually bad guys.  Why are we hated again?

Alex Newman reports that Scotland will assign an overseer to EVERY child in the country:
Giving the state more power of the child and further taking the parents out of the equation.  This is per the new UN rules.
Does this scare the crap out of you too?   This law is currently being debated in the senate.  You might want to find out how your senators feel about this proposed international law/treaty.

Just a day after the FCC stated they wanted to place monitors within news rooms and newspapers (at Obama’s request) (5:19):
The FCC has backed off according to the commissioner of the FCC, Ajit Pai.  Did Obama THINK he could get away with this?

G. Edward Griffin lecture on how socialism, communism, fascism and Nazism are really all the same (47:07):
He is exactly right.  Good lecture if you happen to have time.  He reaches to the heart of collectivism.

Kevin Kookogey (who tried to set up a 501c3 organization) describes the tribulations he went through while dealing with the IRS (6:39):
Kevin has chosen to fight back.

Organic farmers get hit with another set of rules as the FDA will begin telling them what they can and cannot do:,0,1088828,full.story#axzz2uG0ZrAe4
Evan Halper reports for the LA Times.  Get ready to lose another group of family farmers in the name of safety.
It wasn’t too long ago the Iran and Iraq were at war with each other:
Funny how times change.  Article by Warren Mass.

Obama awarded the coveted 4 Pinocchio’s award for his 7 million Obamacare covered statements:
A lie, repeated enough times, becomes truth.

Susan Rice shows you how to destroy your career in under 5 minutes (5:46):
Trey Gowdy (R-SC) piles on.  I have no regrets for lying to the American people.

Just because you don’t like the message, should you threaten the FCC shut down the TV station that ran the ad? (1:04):
Here’s the letter sent by legal counsel representing congressman (aspiring senate candidate) Gary Peters to TV stations airing the AFP ad.
Is there anything that is NOT true?  Then sue them for defamation.  That should be the only question asked.

They don’t have to enforce laws they disagree with.  My question back is does that also hold true for citizens?

Here’s the latest info from 02/24.
It appears that both the state and judge are trying to get out of this mess, charges of violating the gag order by the father have been dropped.
Public pressure may be paying off.

I ran a story in the last issue about Luis Rodriguez from Moore, OK who was murdered by 5 Moore, OK police officers:
Here is the raw video released by the family’s lawyer who recorded the police encounter (5:27).

Clarksville, TN.  I allowed the search because I have nothing to hide.  When will people learn to not give up your rights?
Student does the right thing (he thought).  Guess he was wrong (2:44):
Livingston, TX.   When will we demand that zero tolerance rules be rescinded in school districts across the country?

Terrorists crossing the Mexican border?  Our government says no, reality says yes (3:05):
Learned a new term: OTM (other than Mexican).  Nothing to see here, please move along.
Even the MSM has began to discredit the Southern Poverty Law Center:
The SPLC has completely lost their minds.

Frank Camp with an op-ed on education that makes complete sense to me:

ATF agents are still losing their guns in some of the weirdest places, and lots of them too:
You would think they would be more responsible with their firearms; hell it’s even in the name of the agency they work for.

Alex Newman warns of the renewed interest in Obama/Podesta’s plan to dramatically alter our world views and behavior:
Apparently the UN Agenda 21 movement isn’t progressing quickly enough.  We should only elect representatives that view the UN with complete distrust.

Rand Paul has put a hold on the nomination of Vivek Murthy for surgeon general:
It won’t matter; with the senate rule changes Obama will most likely get what he wants if Harry Reid pushes the nomination.

The US 9th district court got this one wrong:
Student’s perceived ‘safety’ should never come before the 1st amendment.  If one assumes potential violence because of an American flag worn on a shirt, we have already lost.
I wonder if an American flag shirt worn on any other day (other than on May 5th) is OK?

Michael Tanner from the CATO Institute describes the coming Tsunami of debt for the younger generation (5:05):
Sorry kids, I tried.

Good op-ed by Selwyn Duke on our current education system and values:

Reality always wins (2:22):
There is no free lunch.

Connecticut residents now have over 3.5% of all citizens within the state declared felons for not registering their AR-15’s or illegal magazines (7:43):
A plea from CT patriot Mike Vanderboegh of the Sipsey Street Irregulars to state representatives:
I will state once again; if a revolution is to begin will it begin in Connecticut?

A video response to Michelle Obama from a 20 year old knucklehead (1:09):

CNN discusses Lindsey Graham for Hillary ad (4:22):
Hopefully, one candidate can knock Graham out in the SC primary.

Mark Horne reports on another unjustified police shooting:
York County, SC.  Police spokesman Trent Faris stated the shooting was justified.  I read the story….no, it wasn’t.

Business as usual in Obama’s EPA as another official caught using private email to aid environmentalists:
Judith Enck knows better than to do this.  So much corruption, so many agencies.
David Vitter (R-LA) seems to have had enough of it as well:

It’s too bad medical marijuana has no medical value (sarcasm font used) (4:32):
CDB versus THC, two different chemicals in the plant; CDB sounds like a wonder drug for some illnesses.

Michael Minkoff op-ed on a bill that Georgia is ready to pass: Dubbed the ‘slowpoke bill’:
Now this is a law I can fully support.  I would like to see this passed in all states.

Lawndale, CA citizens just discovered that there school superintendent was making $663K in salary AND was also given a $900K loan at 2% interest for 40 years (4:14):
Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.  The entire school board should be recalled, this is ridiculous.

Sarah Palin predicted in 2008 what would happen in Ukraine (3:34):
Crisis scenario #4.  It pains me to say the Sarah isn’t nearly as ignorant as I have been led to believe.

NYPD caught lying once again:
Fortunately, a private security cam caught the truth.  I’m afraid NYC taxpayers will be paying for this (not the lying cops).

If you’ve got a SWAT team, this is gonna happen (2:52):
Ridiculous.  I’m tired of hearing ‘we did this to guarantee everyone goes home safe’.

Don’t know if I even want to include this or not; this goes so far beyond conspiracy theories (19:33):
The big plantation is the second video down.

Wayne Allyn Root op-ed on voter ID laws:
He makes a valid point; try and do anything (including Obamacare) without ID.  It ain’t going to happen.

I think that John Myers is getting more cynical on CNN and the rest of the MSM:
I do agree with him, it’s government propaganda.

Jon Stewart did a hit piece on Judge Napolitano for what he said about Abraham Lincoln (6:05):
Thomas DeLorenzo counters with the facts on what has been said on both sides:
I like Jon a lot but please remember…he has a comedy show to entertain us.  It’s not always factual.

Bill Maher actually goes after MSNBC for being too liberal when it comes to Bridgegate while ignoring Benghazi (6:14):
Rachel Maddow is so stuck on herself; why does she still have a show?

Ted Nugent recently got lambasted for his comments about Barack Obama and his comparisons to a sub-human mongrel (9:48):
CNN host Erin Burnett allows him to explain.  I think she was even more annoyed by the end of this interview.

This edition’s good conspiracy theory is:
British intelligence and CIA secretly ran Obama’s DNA against his grandparents that we know:
No match was found.

One way to remove the backlog of exam requests within the VA is to destroy the medical records and cancel the requests:
Voila!  Backlog gone…..nobody said it was the RIGHT thing to do, but now the VA is much more efficient.

Spike Lee is being sued by the elderly couple that live at the address that Lee tweeted out was George Zimmerman’s to his 240,000 followers:
Seems the death threats continue, Lee paid them $10K and apologized, I guess a lawyer told them they could get more (much more).  They are suing for $1.2 million.

Have Detroit citizens finally said enough?:
I respect the rights of citizens to protect themselves and their property by any means necessary.

If you can’t beat them, join them? (10:07):
Patrick Moen (ex-supervisor with the DEA) explains why he now works in the private sector for a holding company that invests in cannabis.

Aren’t you glad you aren’t Marcus Jeter? (3:50):
I sure would like to see about 3 NJ police officers lose their jobs and go to jail over this.

Obama vows to veto the house changes to the IRS rules regarding 501c4 rules:
Do you still not think the IRS is just another branch of Obama’s henchmen?

Bradley Smith connects the dots that the MSM refuses to in this op-ed on the IRS scandal:
Just how many smoking guns are required?

At least Indianapolis police now understand that video recording them while on duty is not a crime:
It was part of the demanded policy change as a result of a 2011 criminal case involving Indianapolis resident Willie King.

Sean Hannity has some fun with Mike Dickinson (D candidate for congress) (4:07):
I include this purely for entertainment value.

I recently had a good discussion with a liberal friend of mine and was asked why I appear so anti-union:
It’s stories like this…

Katie Pavlich reports that 80% of those that do graduate from high school in NYC, are unable to read:
If this information interests you read this article by Lindsey Burke:
So the new mayor (Bill De Blasio) has decided to curtail 3 new charter schools from opening next year.  At least the NYC teachers union will be happy, but I’m not sure how this addresses the problem of illiteracy in NYC adults.

Peter Schiff reports the fantasy recovery persists despite contrary data (22:39):
Scary times indeed.

Austin, TX police chief Art Acevedo: open mouth and insert foot:
How to make a bad situation worse.

Austin, TX police are pushing for access to security cameras INSIDE of public schools:
Hey, we gotta keep the kids safe don’t you know.

Austin, TX police can’t catch a break this week as it is revealed that they arrested Larry Davis for DWI even though he blew 0.0 BAC (4:22):
I would like to see Larry financially compensated for having to spend 2 nights in jail, this is not fair to the citizen.
Austin, Texas…stay away if at all possible, there are some serious problems in the Austin, TX PD.

Did someone get away with murder? (1:27):
Most probably.  Good story by Deborah Feyerick & Ross Levitt.

The ‘off the grid’ person in Cape Coral, FL (Robin Seronis) has lost her case:
Must hook up to city water, the judge says she doesn’t have to use it though.  So I have to ask…why?

Most of you have seen the Pepsi MAX video of the Jeff Gordon ‘Test Drive’ commercial that went viral last year.
Well, he’s back with round 2, read the promo behind it and watch the video (it cracked me up) (4:50):

Here’s a copy of your letter to Congress. Please share it with friends. Ask them to send a letter too. Grow the Downsize DC Army!
Subject: Constitutional Limits
You swore an oath to obey the Constitution. Honor that oath. Abide by the Constitution’s limits on federal power.
Reporters Without Borders ranks the U.S. just 46th in press freedom. ( This is YOUR fault, because YOU have encouraged the following transgressions…

* Authorities tracked and read the emails of FOX’s James Rosen.

* The Justice Department seized Associated Press phone records.

* Glenn Greenwald risks arrest for publishing the Snowden leaks.

* Freelance journalist Barrett Brown faces a 105-year prison term for posting ALREADY PUBLIC information! (

FIX THESE PROBLEMS. The First Amendment says Congress shall make NO LAW abridging freedom of the press. DO THAT!
America should be #1 in all freedoms, NOT 46th! FIX IT!

Mr. Perry Sheetz
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
The campaign used to send this message can be found here:
Your message was sent to the following recipients: Representative Peter Visclosky, Senator Daniel Coats, Senator Joe Donnelly.

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 357


The basis for much of my view on currency is based on this excerpt from a piece by Bob Rinear.  I urge you to read this, it’s not long or complex but goes a long way in understanding our place in the world economy (and how it’s going to change).

No One Gets It.  They Will. 

By: Bob Rinear

I have been telling you all that for the past 7 years, the entire world is trying their best to get away from the US dollar. Yet if I ask 100 random people what that means, or why it would happen, or what is the outcome of that happening….I get blank stares. Or laughter. Some don’t have a clue what I’m talking about and others shake their heads and snicker as they think I’m losing my last remaining marble. Yet this isn’t some right-wing conspiracy nut stuff I’m talking about folks. For the past several years, everyone from the World Bank, to the IMF, to China, to Russia and darn near anyone else of any import, has remarked that the US dollar’s debasement has made it unsound as the worlds Global Reserve Currency. The problem is…our dumbed down, “shop till you drop”, American Idol, Beer swilling Sunday Football, populace doesn’t have the faintest clue what being the Worlds Reserve Currency has meant for us.

They’re going to find out.  Most of our readers are light years ahead of the “masses” when it comes to really understanding what’s happening in the financial world. They understand the real deal, not the tarted up, watered down baloney; stuffed down everyone’s throat by lunatic liars on CNBC.  But we’re only talking about several thousands of people who really understand the importance of what is to come. The others will be blind-sided badly.

So, if you’ve been a loyal CNBC watcher and wonder what is really going on when day after day, hour after hour they trot on the same liars to tell the same bullish story…and yet the economy wallows in the mire…here’s the deal. We’re rushing headlong into losing our Reserve Currency status. What’s that mean? Stay tuned.  For almost 200 years it was Britain that was considered the world’s Reserve Currency. But after WWII, because they had gone so insanely broke trying to survive the war, a lot of new global agreements were drawn up. The US was in bad shape too, but at least we were victorious and had a lot of growth to look forward to.  So, the US shared the role with Britain for the next 25 years.
But then it started to get ugly for England. They had embarked on an almost purely socialist society with Government taking over most crucial business. As you can imagine that went horribly amiss.
As they went broke, inflation broke out big time. As the economy continued to crumble, to save the day, they tried to pull off a currency devaluation of almost 15% in one day. They figured they could pay off their troubles with “cheaper” sterling. Well, all it did was ignite gigantic inflation, and crippled their economy to the point where at times you could only open your business for 3 days a week, because they didn’t have the electricity to keep everyone going.
Just as all this was taking place, here in the US we had our own troubles brewing. We’re talking the late 60’s and we had a war in Vietnam and trying to implement all kinds of social programs here too. “Guns and Butter” was the common slogan. The French, seeing our economic distress were “selling back” their dollar reserves for Gold. Back then sovereign countries could exchange dollars for gold at the 35 dollar an ounce set point. Well, Nixon saw our gold stores falling like a Rock, and closed the “gold window”. From that point on, Dollars were backed by nothing but the “full faith of the US Government”. Also known as “fiat”.

But no one really wanted a paper dollar backed by nothing. People had seen “fiat” currencies before and they all failed horribly. So there was no demand for dollars. Thus, they came up with the notion of the “petro dollar”. Considering every nation on earth needed oil, and the OPEC countries supplied it, they made a deal with the Saudi’s, that we’d offer them protection, services, exclusivity, etc, in exchange they could only sell their oil priced in Dollars. Now think of that for a minute. This gets deep, but stay with me….
Because the world needed oil but had to use dollars to get it, there was instant demand worldwide for “holding” dollars. In short time, it wasn’t just oil that was priced in dollars, virtually everything of value was. So, if you were in Italy and needed to buy oil, you’d have to take your lira’s and exchange them for dollars before buying your Saudi oil. The world was “mopping up” any excess dollars and keeping inflation from going hyper. But here’s the problem. Being the world’s Reserve Currency meant we had a privilege that no one else had. We could have our Central bank, and print all the dollars we ever needed.  The Italians couldn’t. Nor the Germans or anyone else. See, they needed to keep their currency strong, by producing and exporting more than they imported, thus keeping their balance of trade in the black and holding their value up…so they could buy the most dollars/oil with it.

But here? Fat chance. We didn’t have to produce anything. If we needed more money, we just printed it. All we had to do to meet our bills was “borrow” more and then print the money to pay for it. Well, after just 40 short years the US followed so many “wrong” paths that we went from the most economically sound country on the planet, to the world’s biggest debtor nation. The US owes more money than ALL the Eurozone Countries COMBINED. And to pay all those bills we just crank up the presses and print more money. As I speak the Federal Reserve is printing up 85 billion a month and buying up toxic notes from banks, Freddy and Fannie and Institutions. That’s a TRILLION dollars a year.

Well the folks running their own particular countries aren’t stupid. They’ve seen the US borrow and spend, while they had to try to make money the old-fashioned way, by working for it. They’ve seen the US devalue the currency to the point where our dollar is worth about 7 cents compared to what it bought 70 years ago. So, they don’t want it any more. They’re tired of supporting our “shop till they drop” consumers. They’re tired of holding paper money that buys less and less each year.

The charade is coming to an end folks. China, and Asia are beginning to really express themselves as new world powers and they’re both tired of the US running the show and junking the currency. So, they’ve been setting up bilateral agreements across the globe to do business in THEIR NATIVE CURRENCY.  At first, the Chinese were content to just get rid of dollars by buying gold, silver, oil, coal, copper, land, US highways, Sugar plantations, anything “solid”, etc. But that isn’t good enough. They want their currency to carry a lot of weight around the world and have made the statement many times that a ‘new” reserve currency should be put in motion. One that they are part of.

  • What’s your plan?  Stepping off my soapbox now.

Rand Paul states in an interview with Glenn Beck that (2:20):
The R’s will not win the presidency again without a major transformation of the party.  I liked how he skipped around his McConnell endorsement.
Also notice that Rand said a third-party candidate truly stands NO chance, citing his father’s bid when he ran as a libertarian.


Alexander Bolton writes that this may be McConnell’s ‘bring it on’ moment against tea party ideals:
I see the Kentucky senate race looking a lot like Indiana’s back in 2012, and that is not a good thing.  We got rid of a RINO but replaced him with a liberal democrat…FAIL.


My good friend Andrew Horning (he ran for Indiana senate in 2012) is a scholar on the Indiana state Constitution; has issued the following press release.
I’m sure that the MSM will do nothing to report this, so it’s up to people like you and me to shed light on this corrupt process.

Primary elections, as implemented in Indiana, are illegal.

Freedom, IN – February 14, 2014
Members of the private clubs called the Democratic and Republican parties have incrementally and over the past century written legislation to create and protect their status as “major parties” (a special political class of citizens) with special privileges under Indiana Code.

By maintaining arbitrary thresholds (see Ind. Code § 3-10-1-2) that suppress all other candidates and political organizations, they have granted themselves taxpayer-funded primary elections, which implicitly provide more money, public attention, free advertising and media promotion to only Democrats and Republicans at the actual expense of all alternatives.

This is an obvious violation of the Indiana Constitution’s Article I, Section 23:

“The General Assembly shall not grant to any citizen, or class of citizens, privileges or immunities, which, upon the same terms, shall not equally belong to all citizens.”
We are investigating options for a legal remedy.


Here is the Indiana state Constitution with annotated notes by Mr. Horning:


I don’t know how Jay Carney was able to say this with a straight face:
Big Obama campaign donors didn’t get ambassadorships because of money…Well, it certainly wasn’t because they were qualified.


Orwell’s future won’t be fiction for much longer before 1984 is at hand:  the Obama administration wants the FCC to put government monitors in newsrooms and newspapers:
Judge Napolitano’s opinion on this matter (3:37):
To tell them which stories to cover.  Kind of like the Ministry of Truth from the fictional? novel 1984.
To quote Thomas Jefferson: our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.  This is so far over the line…it sickens me.
Is he TRYING to spark a revolution?


When the president of Intel refuses to answer questions (twice) on whether the NSA can access their processors:
I think we’ve got our answer.


Johnny Carson interview with then private citizen Ronald Reagan on balancing the budget 03/13/75 (2:19):
If he would have done what he said he would do, he would have gone down in history as one of our greatest presidents.


Judge Napolitano reveals the real truth about Abraham Lincoln on FOX Business show ‘The Independents’ (5:37):
How what you learned in school was not totally accurate.  Funny how history can make men better than they really were.


Why the University of South Carolina would ever approve this textbook is beyond my comprehension:
For fiction, fine…but this is considered a history textbook.  Shameful.


It’s too bad that marijuana is still considered a schedule 1 drug by our federal government (just like meth/heroine/cocaine).
Here are a few stories of what parents are willing to do to help their children (6:37):
Thank you Colorado.  It’s about more (much more) than getting high.


It truly is all about the money:
Legalize marijuana and the cops lose millions in federal grant money.


This is going to cost Hawthorne, CA taxpayers dearly:
I hope at least a couple of police officers lose their jobs over this one.


More on common core (10:57):
Where did it come from?  This video explains.


Connecticut gun owners and state lawmakers are headed for a showdown:!
Is following an unjust law actually violating the law?  We will see shortly.  If a revolution is to begin, will it begin in Connecticut?


Once again, the way to end these situations of a bad guy with a gun is a good guy (or gal) with one as well (2:34):
Note, this carbine is illegal to own in NY and CT.  All 3 burglars were caught.  I like a happy ending.


The first lady and girls are back skiing in Aspen once again:
While the president is enjoying the past weekend golfing in soCal and Mexico with his friends:
Didn’t they just get back from Hawaii last month?  I want to be president too!


Texas law confuses me; kill 4 people while driving drunk and get probation because your family is rich:!
Make threats in the context of playing a video game and the prosecutor wants to put you in jail for 8 years.  The police and prosecuting attorney are way off base on this one.  SMH.


So far, we have seen 27 un-Constitutional changes to Obamacare done without congressional approval in any way:
The president has NO authority to re-write established law, that is the job of the legislative branch.  Why doesn’t congress do THEIR job?


This is how we treat whistleblowers now; the story of John Kiriakou (ex-CIA) by Jay Syrmopoulos:
Helps explain why Snowden did what he did, he didn’t want to end up in jail for exposing the truth on what our government does.


Most of you have heard that black civic leaders shut down a planned Trader Joe’s due to open in Portland, OR because it would attract too many whites to a black neighborhood:
Trader Joe’s said they wouldn’t open a store where it wasn’t wanted.  Change the color; isn’t this racism?
Selwyn Duke has an opinion as well:


European governments have stated that citizens retirement savings could be used to fund long-term investments to boost the economy:
Sure am glad something like that could never happen here is the US.
Oops: nevermind (1:29):
Where is your retirement money at?


Michelle Obama went on the Tonight Show and proceeded to call all 26+ year olds ‘knuckleheads’ for not signing up for Obamacare (:35):
Probably not the best way to endear them into the program, I wouldn’t think.


Jamaican track star Usain Bolt (1:14):
I just became a fan.


The US Army has known of problems with the primary battle rifle used in both middle eastern conflicts (M4A1) for over 10 years:
A friend of mine who served in Vietnam often said ‘remember the gun given to you to defend your life and kill the enemy was made by the lowest bidder’.  Some things never change.


Do you have any idea what is happening in the Ukraine? (various videos):
Ron Paul interview on ‘The Independents’ states the US is plotting a coup d’état against the Ukraine (5:11):
Looks like civil war to me.  I wonder how long until we are faced with the same here?


Not a good time to be a banker in foreign exchange currency trading as 7 people involved (3 from JP Morgan) have committed suicide in the past week.  Some speculate they may not all be suicides:
Is the whole thing getting ready to collapse?


Have you ever heard of Jacob Barnett? (18:10):
Here’s a TEDx worth watching.


The nerve of this middle school to recognize straight A students (2:56):
And exclude the other students who didn’t get such good grades.  Just another sign of the times we live in.


Nancy Pelosi makes some new bat shit crazy statements:
“Our founding fathers would totally support Obamacare.”  No they would not, just read what they wrote.


Do you think free enterprise is alive and well in the US?:
Read this story about Tesla (a fairly new car company that builds excellent electric cars) and the challenges they face in trying to open factory stores in Ohio.
The lobbyists for auto dealerships have been trying very hard to make the Tesla business model fail to protect their own dealers.  This is not free enterprise but protectionism.


Do you find the absence of information on the Sandy Hook tragedy over a year later strange? (43:37):
This interview with Wolfgang Halbig (you can read his bio at the above link) might help, very interesting interview worth your time.


If I were a Pepsico shareholder this would anger me:
But I’m not.  Are most Pepsico stockholders anti-2nd amendment?


Ex-Illinois congressman Mel Reynolds just can’t seem to stay out of trouble:
He should still be in jail, but president Bill Clinton commuted his prison sentence before leaving office; just another perk of being president.


One NH state representative is trying to make it illegal for police departments to accept military surplus vehicles without local citizen approval:
I hope JR Hoell’s proposal gathers momentum, this is a good idea.


Joe Dan Gorman’s latest edition (19:49):
Intellectual Froglegs.  If not us…   who?


Is Japan afraid that we would not come to their defense if China were to attack?:
Sounds like they are keeping their options open and may begin building their own nukes.
Japan is also trying to create Asian alliances to strengthen themselves and neighbors to the Chinese…and state the US isn’t taking the Chinese threat seriously enough:


NSA and DHS drop their lawsuits against Dazzle for parody T-shirts against the respective agencies (1:27):
This is truly a win for citizens.  The Bill of Rights lives!


I was really disappointed to find out that the evil Koch brothers were way down the list of big political donors, placing 59th:
Unions took 6 of the top 10 spots, no report on where George Soros is on the list (do to the number of front organizations he uses to hide his donations, no doubt).
Come on Charles and David, let’s step it up now.  You’re not going to let all these liberal groups outspend you are you?


A new California law requires all chefs and bartenders to wear gloves (5:30):
This is so stupid, I don’t know where to start.


The US Army has spend $96 million for a 300 acre simulated town for training purposes (5:01):
Didn’t our forefathers caution us on the dangers of keeping a standing army.  Will they be used against us?


It’s time to end this miscarriage of justice.
Return Justina Pelletier to her parents NOW:
It is hard for me to comprehend this is happening in America, but it is.
Dave Jolly digs a little deeper into this and discovers that the hospital that is keeping Justina from her family (Boston Children’s Hospital) has done this at least 5 times to families in the past 18 months:
Seems they want to prove their diagnosis at any cost (even death of the child).  I would recommend you find another hospital if you need one that badly.


Then I read this story by Alex Newman about 11-year-old Sarah Hershberger who is receiving chemo against her and her parent’s wishes:
It’s killing her.  What’s going on with our government?  What gives them the right?


I question the wisdom of the president to bring back known Hamas/PLO adviser Robert Malley to the position of senior director of the National Security Council as Pamela Geller reports:
I guess there’s no reason not to, Obama can’t run again and he has a lot to do if he wants to destroy this country before leaving office.  This is a good decision for him.


The establishment GOP is trying very hard to lend truth to the moniker of being ‘the stupid party’:
Leader of the defending main street super PAC Steven LaTourette wishes those tea party republicans like Ted Cruz would just leave the party.
….uh….Steven?  You would never win another election if your wish were to come true.


Well, that was a little excessive (2:23):
I have a feeling this will cost Denver taxpayers a tidy sum of money.


Not a new story, just interesting (9:10):
Wahpeton, ND teenager eventually got justice, I think.


If you ever wondered what happens to a police officer when he/she arrests a fellow police officer:
Here’s what happened to Florida state trooper Donna Watts when she arrested Miami police officer (since fired) Fausto Lopez.  Thin blue line indeed.


17 year old Christopher Roupe was killed by Euharlee, GA police when he answered the door to his parents house (2:18):
The officer mistook a Wii video game controller in his hand for a gun and killed him.  I demand criminal charges be filed against this police officer.
Mark Horne weighs in with his opinion:


This is a bad cop story, don’t read if you don’t want to get angry (2:05):
Moore, Oklahoma.  5 police beat a man to death and confiscate a cell phone recording of it.  Moore, OK has a gang problem; it’s called the local police.


I cannot fathom the fact that no LAPD officers were fired over the Christopher Dorner manhunt case of shooting innocent citizens:
It truly is open season on citizens when police don’t even follow their own rules regarding shooting people.
Oh well, LA county taxpayers will pay the $4.5 million in claims (so far).


This one’s going to cost Broward County, FL taxpayers as well (3:49):
Recording police is not a crime.  LEO’s really need to understand that!


Recording police is not a crime.  We all have at least one friend that’s a police officer:!
If we just tell them that and they agree, you have done your good deed for the day.  If that friend wants to argue with you on the point refer them to this article.


Tim Brown with a simple question in this op-ed:
We as citizens must be for ‘no knock raids’ or we must be more vocal in stopping their use.


This happened just outside of Las Vegas, NV (6:58):!


Joe Trippi (longtime democratic political strategist) states there will be a libertarian president sooner than you think (22:19):
I sincerely hope Joe is correct.


I think that Matt Barber has a problem with Brittney Cooper’s article in Salon:
I dunno, makes perfect sense to me (sarcasm font used).


The 3 people who beat 86-year-old Carroll Jordan to death will not face murder charges (1:58):
Since Jordan died in surgery and not in his home where he was beaten.  Justice?


Think our gun laws in parts of the country (DC in particular) are messed up? (3:56):
One used shotgun shell, a used shotgun shell does not concern me.


I loved this letter to the IRS, written by Paulie Smith; a 6 year old:


You may have heard the VW auto plant in Chattanooga, TN had a vote to unionize.  The workers spoke and voted 712-626 to not have the UAW represent them:
The UAW is now appealing the vote.  The deck was stacked IN their favor and they lost.  Now they want a do-over?
With a pro-union stacked NLRB I’m sure they will get their wish.


It looks like the knockout game is alive and well in New Orleans and it’s in the tourist rich French Quarter:
New Orleans police and city officials deny the allegations, Mardi Gras is fast approaching.  Travel at your own risk (and carry a gun to protect yourself).


What does the group think of their voting bloc?:
I’m not a democrat, so I don’t take any offense to this.


I don’t think this is a common core question…just stupid (2:03):
Romeo, MI: freshman biology is studying DNA sequencing; you won’t believe this homework question.


Speaking of common core:
Changing the name doesn’t change how much it sucks.  Remain vigilant.


Common core is so bad that the nation’s largest teachers union (NEA) has publicly stated implementation has been completely botched:
So, the union that pushed so hard for this now admits it sucks and it needs wholesale revisions.  When will we let states and local officials decide how to best educate the next generation (hopefully before it’s too late).


Thomas Eddlem points out that people aren’t who they pretend to be:
In this case, Mark Meckler.  I don’t like people who ridicule those with a different viewpoint without proof (that’s part of my job)!


Bob Owens with another reason to never surrender your firearms:
Not that I planned to.


If our nation’s highest appointed law person (A/G Eric Holder) can’t answer this question:
Does the Constitution allow for Obama’s executive actions?  He needs to step down.


If things keep up like this, I won’t be able to afford electricity:
It’s not like Obama didn’t tell us what he was going to do.  The EPA will need to roll back mandates until technology can deliver what the EPA demands.


US government says we have no inflation as food prices continue to soar (2:38):
Someone’s lying, I’ve been grocery shopping too…It’s the government that’s lying.


My banker friends will appreciate this (3:48):
What bankers really think about on Presidents’ Day.


A 5:15 minute diversion from reality:
If you’re an RP fan, opponent of Obama or just appreciate a low-brow South Park style of humor.  Conrad the Constitution.


Big issue, if you made it this far you deserve a 2nd diversion from reality (1:35):
NBC’s Brian Williams and Lester Holt with ‘Rapper’s Delight’.

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 356


In honor of what would have been Aaron Russo’s 71st birthday, Gary Franchi released this video in tribute (10:15):
If you didn’t know Aaron and what he stood for, watch this.


This 7:10 video and transcript of Catherine Engelbrecht speaking before the house oversight and government reform committee is a MUST watch:!
It’s time to kick ass and take names…NO MORE!  Still think there is not a smidgen of corruption in this administration?
Here’s a little more on Catherine Englebrecht’s troubles:
This is unacceptable.


The WSJ reports that 100% of all conservative leaning 501c4 organizations received extreme scrutiny by the IRS:
Even long-established ones.  Still think the IRS is not the enforcement arm of the Obama administration?  I do not consent.


Alexis Levinson reports that some tea party groups are doing a splendid job in raising donations:!
But a terrible job in disbursing said funds.  The best advice I can give you is donate to candidates, not political parties.


So, how’s that drug war going for us? (7:39):
ReasonTV released this video 2/13/14 and has so far received 17K views.  I would like to see this garner 100K views quickly, please watch.
How many more wrongful murders must we citizens endure before real change takes place?
I’m telling you, we have reached the tipping point where honest citizens fight back against military police raids…and rightfully so.  SO WRONG!


The Intercept is now up and running:
An independent news agency headed up by Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill & Laura Poitras.
Think of it as Wikipedia for journalists.


Barack Obama; have you had enough yet? (13:27):
I have.


Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) says Boehner and the GOP are ineffectual and weak (7:12):
As the house (controlled by R’s) has pushed through a debt ceiling increase with no strings.  Can someone explain the difference between R and D to me?
My kids can’t afford this, I am outraged.


Ted Cruz calls out his fellow R’s on the debt ceiling increase in this interview with Mark Levin (15:09):
There are a few R’s that are different from D’s; just not nearly enough.


Jon Stewart deconstructs the ambassadorships Obama have been handing out (4:49):
Leave it to Jon to bring sense to all of this.


California kelp is now radioactive (1:28):
But our government says it’s not a safety issue and I know they would never lie to us.

[divide] provides an update on all states regarding marijuana laws, by John Ross:
It’s coming in some states much faster than others…but it’s coming.


Thomas Massie (R-KY) interview on the new FOX liberty program (The Independents) (5:34):
Massie is another liberty minded congressman, we need many more.


Our next surgeon general (Vivek Murthy) is a radical gun grabber:
His confirmation is confirmed since the senate rule change to 51 to confirm a nominee (unless a few D’s vote against him).


Ron Paul’s straight talk for 2/10/14 (4:54):
Will no one challenge Obama’s executive orders?


This is a very entertaining video concerning one man’s justice in Electra, Texas (18:38):
This video had 87 views when I watched it…it should go viral, it’s that good.


Iran is sending warships to US maritime borders:
Why am I not concerned?  Because I do not perceive this as a threat.
Neither does Warren Mass in this op-ed:
As Iranian admiral Ali Fadavi states ‘American warships will be sunk in combat against Iran’:
My response, to quote from Jaws: you’re gonna need a bigger boat.


Rand is not pulling any punches when it comes to bad D’s (1:31):
I love it.


TSA wants a new level of body scanners for deployment at airports:
I can’t wait.


Uncle Ben’s infused rice; you might want to steer clear of it:
Nobody seems to know what is making people who consume it sick.


Glenn Greenwald states in an interview (8:12):
Obama is more hostile to the press than Richard Nixon (he was actually sharing an opinion of/with a NYT reporter).  That’s a powerful statement to make.


Bob Adelmann writes on the alarming increase in ‘no-knock warrants’:
And the corresponding increase in murders because of it.  NO-KNOCK WARRANTS must end, now!


Illinois wants all government school children to learn on the importance of unions and collective bargaining:
As long as they also teach the downsides of unions I think this is a splendid idea.


I wonder what members of the IUOE (International Union of Operating Engineers) have to say about their corporate jet (that’s another story altogether) being used for cabinet member (S of Labor) Hilda Solis flights from CA to DC to avoid freeway traffic?:!
Nothing to see here, please move along.


Geraldo Rivera defends Obama on O’Reilly’s show (5:43):
Did O’Reilly do anything to Obama that the MSM did not do to Bush?  No.


Ben Swann ponders why we allow the USPS to purchase guns and ammo (2:38):
The USPS is in the red, why should we allow them to buy things they don’t need?  Hey congress, do your job.


NC NAACP protestors over voter ID laws are required to:
Have proper ID to participate in the protest.  Ironic much?


Is the tea party racist?  Yes.  Can you give an example?  No. (8:52):
The NAACP is a racist organization.


Alabama state rep. Alvin Holmes actually said this on the house floor:
Reverse the skin color of the statement; is it racist?


If our nation is approaching a financial cliff, Washington certainly doesn’t know it:
Pat Buchanan op-ed, is the tea party’s dream an illusion?


How do liberals react to a black conservatives? (3:42):


The continuing story of Justina Pelletier:
This is happening in America, today.


Public service announcement:
You do realize that keeping paper money in a safe deposit box is illegal, I would suggest a good home safe.
And for paper money?  It’s a bad investment.


Mark Horne reports that liberals are teaching that Austrian Economics is evil:
Add this to the reasons why I think it is right.


Is revolution inevitable?:
After reading this op-ed I can’t say I disagree with the authors opinion.


Life is ‘difficult’ for free murderer Manuel Ramos who was found innocent of killing Kelly Thomas last month:
Why don’t I find any pity for Manuel?


Is your sheriff a Constitutional sheriff? (Mine isn’t):
Ask him to educate himself on the CSPOA and see if he or she will join this group; they may be our last line of defense to tyranny (before revolution).


Former NO mayor Ray Nagin convicted on 20 counts of bribery and corruption (2:00):
This doesn’t surprise me even a little bit.


Meanwhile, Detroit’s ex-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his father have racked up over $1 million in legal defense fees:
Didn’t work out so well, Kwame is now serving a 28 year sentence for corruption.  The kicker; taxpayers paid for his defense.


Not a fan of NY SAFE Act:
But I call this poetic justice.  Be careful on what you wish for.  (For the record, I always know when I’m carrying).


In another, infinite wisdom of NY lawmakers; cosmetic changes to the standard AR-15 make it legal once again (SAFE Act approved):
Looks a little strange, but it’s still the same gun…just SAFE compliant now.  (Does it LOOK less scary, that’s all that matters).


More poetic justice:
I guess the suicide vests worked pretty good!


19 statistics about the drugging of America that are almost too crazy to believe:
Americans teens take 3 times the amount of anti-depressants than European teens do (#16).


DHS put out bids for 141K rounds of .308  168-grain ‘sniper rounds’:
That is my preferred round for ‘reaching out’ to defend myself as well, good choice.  But as a taxpayer, I have to ask, why?
(My note, the .308 is more of a medium reach cartridge; the .338 Lapua and .50BMG are far superior long-range sniper rounds.)


At one point in my life, I felt that joining the service was a noble and patriotic thing to do:
Needless to say, I do not think that way anymore.  Nothing but pawns for the people in charge.


Jack Hunter with an op-ed I hope becomes true:
Libertarians have taken over the GOP from the establishment neocons:  we’ll see soon.


Justin Amash is getting lots of money to help defeat a primary challenge from the establishment GOP:
Are you a supporter of the ‘Rebel Alliance’ yet?


I’m still waiting for that ‘transparent stuff’ to kick in (12:19):
As the US continues to free fall to 46th in the world press freedom index.  We were 32nd last year.


Dave Jolly writes on the growing divide between races:
He’s actually taking the talking points from an op-ed by Tracey Halvorsen…a white woman living in Baltimore.  Here is Tracey’s story, it’s about a 10 minute read.


Dave Jolly with an explosive op-ed that may draw the opinion of the reader that he is racist:
That would be a mistake, he is pointing out that most mob violence is seriously under-reported (and it’s usually black youth involved).


House D’s are running ads against Obamacare and are even using Pelosi’s PAC to do it (:31):
Just how stupid do they think voters are?  Don’t answer that yet.


I’ll bet you didn’t know we were paying the muslim brotherhood farm subsidies:
It’s all part of the farm bill, don’t ya know.


Who is making money on the Detroit pension fund crisis?:
Bob Adelmann reports that the two biggest beneficiaries are Bank of America and Union Bank of Switzerland.  Surprised?  The biggest losers?  People who purchased city of Detroit municipal bonds.


Maine and Connecticut approve of GMO labeling, the food industry group is still hard at work to make these state battles a thing of the past.
The food industry group consists of 29 companies that do not want labeling (they include Monsanto, Dow, Pepsico, etc):
And are working directly with congress and the FDA to bypass state’s rights for labeling.  This isn’t going to end well for those that want labeling on the foods they eat.


Citizens for a really safe Ashland. OR speak out (4:11):
Satire at a city council meeting that would make the Onion proud.


If you’re a bad guy intent on robbery:
Never bring a taser to a gunfight.


The Tonight Show has had a few great hosts: Steve Allen to Jack Parr to Johnny Carson to Jay Leno to Jimmy Fallon (I hope).
Very few comedians were as great as Jonathan Winters (4:08):
A diversion from reality.

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 355

Why Obama would sit down for an interview with Bill O’Reilly preceding the Superbowl is beyond me (9:57):
I don’t like Bill, but at least he didn’t offer softball questions like the rest of the MSM.
Still, Obama took no responsibility for his past actions and mistakes.  Unfit for the office.


Trey Gowdy (R-SC) grandstands during a congressional hearing on IRS corruption (6:25):
And I love it!


The Heritage Foundation points out the farm bill is mislabeled:
It should be called the food stamp bill as 80% of the appropriation is for food stamps (SNAP) and nothing to do with farming.


Jim Rogers and Ron Paul interviewed on IRA confiscation (1:29):
After the SOTU and the MyRA statements by Obama; this is no longer a conspiracy theory.


If you don’t think internment camps can happen again in the USA, you are dead wrong:
SCOTUS justice Antonin Scalia states it is a reality, it’s even codified in law (ever hear of the Patriot Act or NDAA)?  WAKE UP PEOPLE!


Joe Dan Gorman’s Intellectual Froglegs – The Rebranding of Karl Marx (19:19):
One of his best in a while, this is probably worth 20 minutes of your life.


Oregon is proposing additional gun control legislation (6:07):
Manuel Martinez (a Cuban immigrant) doesn’t think it’s a good idea.  Pure passion, please watch this.


William Jasper article (fairly long) on your financial future:
You need to read this so you are aware of what government and banksters have in store for you, the common man.  Evil does lurk in the heart of some.


King Obama thinks he can do anything he wants except reclassifying marijuana as not a schedule 1 narcotic:
Lots of money at stake to keep it illegal, don’t you know.


Only in Chicago, IL is this a crime:,0,3394153.story
Normally, if you shoot and kill the burglar IN YOUR HOUSE, you are called a responsible homeowner and it’s justifiable homicide.  The prosecutor should do the right thing and drop the charges, expired FOID card or not.


Ben Swann lets us know how to score a quick $3K (1:42):
You just have to agree to get the flu and a 9 day quarantine…where do I sign up!


This NJ tea party member says it all in (2:03):
When gun control was discussed at a state government assembly meeting last year.


Jenny Beth Martin of tea party patriots takes aim at the IRS (3:14):
It’s been over 3 years, and they are still waiting on tax exempt status?  While the IRS wants to pay employees bonuses to boost morale?


Congress has come down hard on the IRS as well for proposed rule changes:
That would make legal what the IRS is currently doing to patriot and tea party organizations (just in time for the 2014 elections).
Comment period is about to close on proposed IRS rule changes as Bob Adelmann writes:
Wonder who will win this battle?


Email’s released this week reveal IRS harassment of conservative/patriot groups go back years:
And are not any new plan devised by the IRS for fairness.  Remember, it’s all about the next election cycle.
If this administration weren’t so corrupt, we could have a chance at real reform of the IRS…now.
Nixon got busted and lambasted by the press when he did it and he backed down; wonder why the MSM is so silent on it now?


The war on the tea party from both the left and neocons receives a ton on press in the MSM.

Thomas Eddlem reports for the New American that that badge of non-cooperation is not necessarily deserved:
This graph looks at 8 votes deemed important to civil liberties and see for yourself.


An open letter to AG Eric Holder from Kent Terry (brother of Brian Terry):
You know, Holder does need to be held accountable for this.  This has gone on far too long.


Google Glass; is this creepy enough for you? (3:22):
The app is called NameTag and it is currently in beta testing.


Keith Broaders op-ed on reconvening the continental congress:
If only we could trust our fellow citizens to implement his plan.  I fear this cannot happen in this age.


Retired Sergeant Audrey Glemba (Mesa, AZ police on a full medical disability since 2008) just completed her 10th triathlon since her medical retirement (5:02):
She is also collecting workman’s compensation as well.  Pissed yet?


Georgia, not a state you want to be pulled over in (4:14):
Driver’s rights violated with alarming regularity.  Never give consent to a search.  You have rights, don’t surrender them to the police state.


Need a haircut?  You can get a free at the Warren, MI police department (3:52):
Well, at least the police officer was fired.  No word on how much this cost MI taxpayers.


Good golly, these people are allowed to vote! (3:14):
And I wonder why this nation is in the shape it’s in…


In a previous issue I mentioned the fact that Obama is appointing ambassadors to countries they know nothing about.
Here is a question by ABC News Jonathon Karl to state department spokeswoman Jen Psaki on George Tsunis going to Norway as ambassador (1:54):
This is actually the exchange, not a skit on SNL.


In Indiana, you might not want to rob the pizza delivery man (2:35):
It’s all about self-defense.

The Gibson guitar company has released a new guitar; the end result of the government’s confiscation of raw materials from a raid on Gibson over 2 years ago:
Government Series II Les Paul’s.   Prices start at $1099.


Sam Rolley states in this op-ed; the time for choosing is here:
Do you support the establishment GOP or the tea party flavor of the party?  Or you can be like me and give libertarians a try.


Should a child porn conviction be enough to prevent Larry Brinkin from collecting his SF city pension?:
Just wondering.  It probably won’t matter when fellow inmates find out why he’s in prison.


Joshua Cook reports that Nancy Pelosi may actually have a fight on her hands in 2014 (1:08):
His name is John Dennis and he has a message that may resonate with CA-12’s liberal voters…it’s called NSA spying.  I do like his ads.


I found this interesting; an obscure British comic book (Eagle) predicted today’s technology remarkably well, 50 years ago (4:48):


Billionaires are lining up to donate to Hillary 2016:
And so it begins…


Can you pass this simple political quiz?:
So, how’d you do?


The department of labor; why does it even exist?:!
Just more political corruption inside the beltway.  Get rid of it!


Some union leaders will stop at nothing for their cause:
Impersonating a political candidate electronically goes too far.  It’s not a 1st amendment issue at that point.


How Lyndon B Johnson poisoned America (4:40):
By Randall Terry, the voice of resistance.


Paul Broun is running for the senate to represent Georgia (:15):
Here’s his first ad, it’s a good one.


Obama states that James Clapper (Director of national intelligence) should have been more careful on how he lied to congress (1:29):
Just another impeachable offense congress will choose to ignore.


The IRS will pay employees millions in bonuses to boost morale:
Congress could stop this, but I bet they don’t.  I do not consent.


Common Core is turning ugly in the state of Wisconsin:
Education leaders threatening parents with a call to CPS if they opt their kids out, school board members being asked to resign for even questioning the CC standard…nasty stuff.
What the heck is going on in Wisconsin public schools? (2:44):
Time for parents to get involved and rectify this situation.


I think I included this a long time ago, but it’s so good here’s another chance to watch it.
Penn & Teller take on the issue of gun control (28:06):
Warning for language, but very funny.


Not sure why the USPS needs ammo, but this is mildly alarming:
Maybe they’re trying to keep up with the department of education and NOAA.


Leave it to gun master Jerry Miculek to have some fun with CA state senator’s Kevin DeLeon’s statements on guns (7:50):
If you are a gun enthusiast at all, this is pretty funny.  If you are not, watch and learn.


If you are ever faced with a ‘photo enforced’ traffic offense:
I strongly suggest you do what Nate Cox did.


Max Borders op-ed for FEE on 10 reasons liberals fear the rise of libertarians:
The more you know…


I’ll wager the vast majority of Chicago citizens are unaware that Rahm Emanuel wants over $100 million of a $900 million bond issue to pay for police lawsuit payouts?:
If they did I would suspect Chicago citizens would demand profound changes in Chicago police and how they conduct their jobs.
We need to remember when police do bad things, they are not financially responsible for their actions.  It falls to the taxpayers to pay for their mistakes.


A new invention for treating wounds in the battlefield may save countless lives:
Now if the FDA will expedite their approval process for use.


Police state much?  Ankeny, Iowa police really love their SWAT toys and want to use them at every opportunity (3:19):
Wonder what the Des Moines police and mayor have to say about this, since this raid was conducted by Ankeny SWAT without DMPD involvement?
Follow-up story since Ankeny police were caught doing bad things to citizens (1:40):
Des Moines Register reports on this story (2:30):
Radley Balko writes about this in the Washington Post, so it’s a national story now:
Lawsuit?  How much is this going to cost Ankeny, Iowa taxpayers?  This story really disturbs me, what does the judge that signed the warrant have to say?


A sad case of police in central Texas executing a ‘no-knock warrant’ for suspicion of marijuana leads to the death of one officer (Sgt. Adam Sowders).
The home owner (Henry McGee) assumed he was being robbed during the pre-6 AM break-in.  A grand jury refuses to indict McGee for capital murder:

Explain to me again how no-knock warrants for non-violent citizens is done for officer safety?  This practice must end, the ends do not justify the means.
Judges need to take a more active role in signing search warrants specifying ‘knock and announce – do not destroy the door to enter’ warrants, it’s to easy for people to be killed the way things are now (usually the homeowner).

Mark Horne reports on what one citizen did after reading and watching the above story and what transpired:


Denver’s FOX31 investigative report on police caused auto accidents were directly linked to the police being at fault (6:02):
I will repeat, a badge does NOT grant you special rights.


Philip Hodges op-ed on PETA’s treatment of pets:
I wondered about the same things.


Since Karl Rove declared war for the GOP on the tea party:
Donations to his three Crossroads PAC’s have fallen off 98%.  This information brings a smile to my face, and a warning to the establishment GOP going forward.


SC county GOP’ers have been trying to censure Lindsey Graham, not so in Horry County where the establishment is strong (like Indiana and most other GOP states) and unlike Arizona and John McCain (13:21):
I guess you’re a bad GOP’er if you call them out, another reason I had to leave the GOP.  It doesn’t appear much has changed.


Another good guy with a gun story:
Because you won’t hear about it from the MSM.


Kristen Meghan lecture on geo-engineering (21:35):
Very interesting lecture concerning chemtrails, worth watching.


I don’t ever recall another president so directly tied to terrorist organizations:
As our current president.


Police officer arrests firefighter while responding to an auto accident (2:10):
This isn’t going to end well for at least one police officer.


Industrial band Skinny Puppy bills the US DOJ $666,000 for the use of their songs as part of torture of prisoners:
I found this story funny.


Update on the Campbell, WI overpass protestors for Impeachment of Obama being banned from a pedestrian overpass:
It’s going to court as a 1st amendment issue, I wish the protestors luck…they do have the Constitution on their side but that may not be enough anymore.


Update on the Texas 16-year-old Ethan Couch who avoided jail time with his lawyers ‘affluenza’ defense (4:01):
Judge Jean Boyd is not very popular in Texas right now and rightfully so.


Glad to see the government’s campaign ‘if you see something, say something’ is paying off:
We are now a nation (and generation) of wimps, unable to take care of ourselves.


This may entertain you for a minute or two: