The Sheetz Report: Business and Politics, Issue 289

Can’t get SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, etc. passed by congress?

No problem, just have Obama issue an un-Constitutional executive order:

The time for your representatives to speak up for us in NOW!  Tyranny in our time is upon us and it’s happening right before our very eyes.

Of course if law enforcement continues to use illegal surveillance tools it won’t matter:

As the legal questions regarding ‘stingray’ have yet to be answered.

Nelson Hultberg with an excellent article on why we need to re-institute state militias:

Anyone interested in history and/or liberty needs to read this.

Osama Bin Laden’s body was not buried at sea?:

What ?!?!?!  My government lied to me?

Do Obama’s SOTU addresses sound like reruns? (2:11):


MST2K has fun with the SOTU (2:35):

A little levity is appreciated from time to time.

Rand Paul’s response to Obama’s SOTU (13:14):

A dose of reality for the low information voter.

And here is the libertarian party response to the SOTU address (8:48):

If you don’t like the direction this country is heading in, you can change it.  But YOU will have to get involved.

John Stossel with a real SOTU address that should have been given:

Peter Schiff weighs in on the SOTU address (21:17):

Peter looks at it from a business perspective.

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks fame interviewed by Bill Maher (7:45):

Assange asks for leaks regarding US drone rules.

I have reported on this previously, but Matt Taibbi writes on the subject of gangster bankers in Rolling Stone magazine:

I find it foolhardy that HSBC would agree to a $1.9 billion fine but nobody at HSBC goes to jail?

Bizarre to say the least.  I wonder how much drug money HSBC took in, it was probably much more than the fine…proving once again crime does pay.

This is the best and most informative interview to date on the Obama purge of our military (14:56):

By who else?….Ben Swann.

Was Obama (or his handlers) afraid a Marine would take a shot?:

Marching Marines had no bolts in their weapons for the inaugural parade.

I’m not sure what AG Eric Holder is thinking on this one:

If ever a family should be granted political asylum, this is it.

I have expressed my extreme displeasure in the fact that NO Wall Street Bankers have ever been prosecuted for the fiscal cliff embezzlement.

PBS’ Frontline has addressed my concerns with a special report called “The Untouchables”.  Recommended viewing if/when your time permits (53:41):

The challenge conservatives almost always have when the engage the MSM (8:03):

Peter Schiff vs Lawrence O’Donnell, I was laughing uncontrollably by the 3:30 mark.

A very enjoyable interview between Keith Morgan and a West Virginia decision maker’s political talk show (7:18):

Loved it.

Another reason that concealed carry permits should be ‘shall issue’ instead of Sheriff’s discretion:

You shouldn’t have to bribe anyone to get one (LA county, CA).

Sixx King took a unique and controversial approach to black on black crime (2:43):

I’m just glad Sixx is an intelligent black man.  If he were white, liberals would have demanded (and gotten) his arrest.

Jack Lew, is he a good pick for Treasury Secretary (4:56):

Well…..he’s no worse than Geithner, but that’s not an endorsement.

SoCal police on such high alert they are shooting innocent people:,0,3955268.story

In hopes of killing ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner.  Police need to verify who they are shooting before pulling the trigger; they are obviously not.

Bob Livingston nails it with this op-ed:

The LAPD is no better than the LA gangs (and aren’t better shots either).

Alex Newman discusses the Chris Dorner rampage:

Ben Swann explains what we know about Christopher Dorner (3:54):

Ben Swann explains what happened to the cabin Chris Dorner was trapped in (3:42):

Ben once again drives the truth home, like it or not.

Broward County sheriff deputy (Alan Dubinski) interaction with citizen (Jessie Merchant) (3:04):

Bad judgment or bad cop?  I’m really torn on this one, these two have a history…I am leaning toward bad judgment.  Deputy Dubinski honestly sounds sorry for his verbal actions, and he didn’t beat Jessie either.

Seattle citizens protest domestic drones so successfully that the Seattle police must dismantle the program:

Score one for personal privacy.

Can you imagine all state governments working like Colorado’s (:32):

Please douse all the doobies in the area….

Canadians are trying to warn us (5:20):…n/2081848359001

I am fearful their warnings are falling on deaf ears.

Bob Barr reports that citizens travelling abroad can still expect DHS to snoop and/or confiscate your electronic devices you take with you when you return:

I don’t travel internationally, but would recommend you leave such items at home if at all possible.  You would think the 4th amendment would protect you but it doesn’t.

It’s even worse, DHS has declared anyone within 100 miles of the border can have their electronics seized without cause:

Until government policy changes you don’t have a 4th amendment protection against unlawful searches and seizures.

It’s not official and State Farm isn’t saying anything but:

It appears that State Farm Insurance is planning to leave Illinois.  This is the first of what many think will be a mass exodus of business to leave Illinois.

When will we citizens stop the abuse of our own government?:

When the only recourse we have is the court system?  What kind of prison time should SWAT officers face when they do something like this?

Dr. Benjamin Carson spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast and gave an excellent speech (27:32):

Very common sense, surprising content since Obama was at the head table.

Frank Camp was also impressed, as this opinion article states:

As a result of his speech, he was invited on Hannity’s show, where he was able to expand on his speech (10:17):

And this Neil Cavuto interview too (8:06):

There may be a future in politics for Dr. Carson.  I hope he really is the man he portrays himself to be.

If the next generation can replicate more Jack Andraka’s we’ll be in good shape (8:54):

A TED worth your time.

Early results are the Rove’s plan to save the GOP is backfiring:

Lovers of liberty rejoice…and double-down.

And so it begins, the new face of the GOP:

A nice op-ed by my old friend Doug Wead.

Karl Rove, not the GOP king maker he believes himself to be:

He’s a dirt-bag, my opinion only.

I don’t know, was this racist?

Some would say it is patriotic, but then again I don’t live in California.

Dumbest liberal tweets over the last couple of weeks (4:17):

Need a laugh?

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr and wife Sandi are both prepared to plead guilty to wire fraud, mail fraud and filing false tax returns:

I guess he couldn’t hide behind his ‘personal problems’ any longer.

I found this story very ironic:

Kerry had more security for a short trip to Virginia than the entire Benghazi consulate had.

Being president is hard:

This will be the second vacation we taxpayers have paid for in the past 6 weeks (he went to Hawaii for Christmas).

What did Nero do while Rome burned?

You’ve got to hand it to Orly Taitz:

She doesn’t give up, still trying to get the courts to rule on Obama’s eligibility: almost 5 years later.

Taxpayer funded study says tea party groups were started by the tobacco lobby:

Do I really even need to add any comments?  OK, I’ll add one; why is my tax money being wasted on such foolishness.

Mark Horne with a thoughtful op-ed on government waste:

As a person who lives in a rural area, the broadband statements really hit home.  (As in I wish I had it).

Alex Newman writes that Texas parents are beginning to wake up to what their kids are learning in Texas government schools:

And many don’t like it.

Bradlee Dean speaks out on the hypocrisy of government schools and who is allowed to speak:

I have to agree with Bradlee’s statements, liberal bullying has reached its limit with me too.

Bradlee Dean is a member of ‘sons of liberty’, so patriotism and Christianity is a big part of what he is all about.

Giacomo op-ed on why should we roll over whenever a complaint is initiated concerning religion and schools:

Why don’t we leave it up to the parents of the children that attend the school?

Another school backtracking on a ‘free t-shirt’ giveaway:

Wellman, Iowa.

Aurora, Colorado principal in trouble over a tutoring program not open to all in need (2:05):

Reverse discrimination, there is no other explanation….since rescinded, kinda.

Race riot between blacks and Somalian Muslims occurred at Minneapolis South High School:

I didn’t hear about this in the MSM but a UK website, wonder why?

It’s been 2 months since the Sandy Hook tragedy and we still don’t have many details:

Maybe we will learn more when search warrants become unsealed on March 27th?:

Then again, maybe not.

The moral decline of our nation is now almost complete:

MA government school officials now allow boys is girls locker rooms and vice versa, based on the students own perceived ‘gender identity’.

My, school has certainly changed since I grew up.  The school isn’t even allowed to tell the parents what gender their child has stated he/she is.  I don’t see this creating any problems, do you?

It is time for parents to reassert parental rights and tell government schools where THEIR rights end….at the locker room door.

Wild Bill and the wimpifying of American youth (1:40):

It wasn’t that long ago that most felt this way (10:13):

It’s fun watching PSA’s from the late 50’s/early 60’s; here’s another one, a warning for young ladies (10:03):

How enlightened we have become in one generation.

Groups that profit from keeping marijuana illegal are demanding the DOJ stop legal pot in CO and WA:

Can say that this surprises anyone, follow the money.

Anarchists are striking back against video surveillance in the US:

What started in Germany and spread throughout Europe is starting to hit here as well.  (I secretly have sympathy for these efforts and yes, I understand they are breaking the law).

Bruce Yandle op-ed on Rahm’s rule of crisis management:

A footnote to the theory of regulation.

How evil are Wall Street rating and investment firms?:

9 emails that shed a light on how they feel about the general public investors.

My neo-con friends will love this op-ed by Cliff May:

I don’t agree with it but will report all sides of the argument, healthy discussion is usually a good thing.

Georgia wants water from Tennessee, and Alabama, and Florida:

Wants to redraw the GA/TN border.  I thought state water rights were only an issue in the west?

This is a good op-ed by Tim Kelly regarding Africa:

Should we rethink the entire colonial empire mentality regarding the continent…and what about China and to a lesser degree Russian influence in the dark continent.

How long do we do the bidding of France and other European powers?

A good 3 minute video in support of full gun control:

This is a good parody video, I found it humorous; you might too.

Russia is betting on a dollar collapse as they continue to buy gold at an astonishing rate:

Pay attention people.

Have you heard of a drug called ‘Devil’s Breath’ (35:44):

It is considered the world’s scariest drug and is readily available in Columbia.

The chances of a government using this on selected citizens is real, educate yourself on the facts.

Most of my fellow citizens still think it’s all Bush’s fault:

That’s what this email newsletter is all about, changing low information voters into knowledgeable and responsible citizens.

If we just had a fundamental Constitutional class that was required of every rep and senator, things like this wouldn’t happen:

Pelosi doesn’t know which amendment protects our right to have firearms.  Have I mentioned that I think she is bat-sh!t crazy?

Bob Livingston op-ed, proof of a police state:

Can’t say I disagree.

Jen Gerson reports that 100% organic isn’t even achievable anymore:

Cross contamination from GMO crops is unavoidable, and it will only get worse.

And then I read this from Tom Philpott:

I thought one of the big selling points to farmers was GMO seed creating much higher yields.  If that is not true then why plant GMO?

It has already been proven that invasive plants and insects have developed resistance to the current pesticides and herbicides used.

Senator Rand Paul has introduced national right to work legislation:

Good article by Bob Adelmann.

Nancy Pelosi states that a congressional pay cut would undermine the dignity of the job:

Yep, she really did.

There are some stupid people out there, including Ken James (Chief of Police for Emeryville, CA) (5:00):

Guns are not used for defensive purposes.

Municipalities will take after the failed airlines lead:

Declare bankruptcy and force governments helping hand.  What happened to making sure defined pension plans were fully funded to avoid these situations?

Now we learn that most of the Obamaphones ($2.2 billion last year):

Weren’t ever even qualified to insure they were going to those eligible to receive them.  Your tax dollars at work.

Want an easy way to let your representatives know you are a responsible gun owner who values his GOD given rights?:
Smith & Wesson make it easy:

Sturm, Ruger & Co. does as well:

FOX News reports the only reason for the government’s massive ammo buys was to secure a good price:

I’ve done the math and it doesn’t add up.  This is supposed to be factual reporting?  Does anyone still believe the MSM?  How gullible do they think we are?

Here is a chart you need to look at and understand, scroll down a little:

This is the reserve balance at the federal reserve.  Chart by FRED.  This is what happens when you print money out of thin air.  Wonder why the markets are doing well?  It’s because the dollar is losing its value at an alarming rate.

We all know what’s next.

With the popularity of the Paul Harvey ‘farmer’ commercial, we all knew it was just a matter of time (2:12):

“So GOD made a liberal”.  Yes, It’s parody.


Perry Sheetz
“The foundation for a police state has been put in place and we must mobilize resistance before it’s too late.” — Congressman Ron Paul  (Texas – retired).




Perry is a former two-time Ron Paul delegate to Indiana Republican State convention. He now serves as the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Porter County. He is the author of the Sheetz Report. Perry Sheetz shares his thoughts on business and political stories you need to know. Sign up here!

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