LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 050: Former LPIN Chairman Mark Rutherford elected LNC Vice Chair

Former LPIN Chair Mark Rutherford was elected Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee on Sunday, at the National Convention of the Libertarian Party in St. Louis, MO. Rutherford will serve a two-year term, and is an additional Hoosier voice helping to lead and direct the national Party, the other being Rebecca Sink-Burris. This interview […]

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 045: Rebecca Sink-Burris wins Libertarian nomination for US Senate

Rebecca Sink-Burris has taken on many important roles for the LPIN over 30+ years of activism, including retaining ballot access in 2002 as a candidate for Secretary of State, and currently representing the state on the Libertarian National Committee. She now has another: Candidate for US Senate. Rebecca speaks about the issues she’ll run on, […]

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 044: Abdul-Hakim Shabazz Offers Media Relations Advice

Indianapolis talker Abdul-Hakim Shabazz hosts “Abdul In The Morning” on WXNT 1430-AM, and speaks to as many candidates and elected officials from all three parties as anyone in the Central Indiana media, giving him a unique insight into what works, and what doesn’t, when dealing with the media. Shabazz spoke at the recent state convention […]

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 043: Allison Maguire for Marion County Pike Township School Board

While Libertarians are sometimes dismissive of Primary Elections, owing to the partisan, private business nature of so much of the ballot, there are good reasons to vote on May 4. Ask for a ‘School Board & Issues Ballot’ so that you may cast a vote on non-partisan school board candidates, and vote on referenda and […]

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 041: Mike Wherry LPIN Candidate for Secretary of State

Delegates to the annual Libertarian Party of Indiana State Convention have nominated Mike Wherry as their 2010 candidate for Secretary of State. The SOS race is crucial to the LP in that Wherry will need to achieve a minimum of 2% in order to retain automatic ballot access for Libertarians through 2014. Wherry was interviewed […]

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 040: State Chair Sam Goldstein on upcoming state convention

The second-most important event in the LPIN’s annual calendar, the state convention, approaches. Delegates from all across the state meet to do the business of nominating candidates to statewide office (Secretary of State, Auditor, etc.), Indiana legislative office (Indiana House and Indiana Senate), and Congressional office (US Senate and US House of Representatives). In addition, […]