Do Not Engage

 This article submitted by Christopher Peffers I got in an argument with a liberal on Facebook the other day. This is a pretty common occurrence for me (and much of America) but I don’t mind. I like the arguing. Nothing gets my fire burning like a good debate. It’s good to throw around ideas with […]

WAL Mixtape Series: Daniel Peffers

Want to know more about the We Are Libertarians  squad? Recently, WAL Contributors were asked to name their Top 20 Song Favorites. Explore the list. Which Contributor’s Mixtape would you ride to? 1. “Dark Star” Tarja 2. “Ever Dream” Nightwish 3. “When in Doubt” Thousand Foot Krutch 4. “Who We Are” Haste the Day 5. “Amish […]

Peffers: Adam Vs Activism

On Independence Day, 2013, Adam Kokesh and, at the time of this writing, over four thousand potential accomplices plan to hold an open carry protest in Washington DC. That’s right, an open carry protest in Washington DC. One last time, an open carry (meaning handguns in outside the waistband holsters AND/OR long guns) protest in […]