014: Alone in the World

Maranda talks about her feelings of isolation because of her career.

013: NFL Kneelers and Las Vegas Shooters

Maranda gives her opinion on the NFL Kneelers and Las Vegas Shooters.

012: Single Motherhood from 15 On

Maranda discusses her life as a single mom from the age of 15 and up.

011: Maranda Gets Fired, Bullies Her Way Back Into a Job

In an amazing story, Maranda explains why she was fired over the summer, and how she got her job back.

010: Maranda Gets a Permanent Ban From Facebook

Maranda gets permanently blocked from Facebook. Was it for selling nudes? Was it for cyber bullying? Listen and find out!

009: Maranda Takes on the Track Rats

Maranda tells us about the track rats she fought at the Indy 500.

8: Maranda Makes the Snake Pit Nude Again

Maranda single-handedly made the Indy 500 Snake Pit as ratchet as it was in the 1970s. She tells about her weekend of partying at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

7: Why Girls Like Bad Guys

Maranda Barnett tells Chris Spangle and her boyfriend Joey about the time she dated a real piece of sh–.

6: Maranda Goes Full T

Maranda Barnett is joined by Chris Spangle, Emily Sweet, and her boyfriend Joey Scheidler to share an incident in the club where her high T got the best of her. She also shares what it is like as a woman in comedy.

5: Farmer Tim Part 2

Maranda Barnett finishes telling Chris Spangle the final pieces of the Farmer Tim story.

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