The new media revolution has just begun, and the entire face of news, media, and entertainment is ever-evolving. The WAL Radio Network strives to provide high quality production and content for our audio podcasts and we are consistently looking for ways to improve and expand our brands. Partner with us as we strive to build brands that serve specific high growth markets.

Company Profile:

Our founder is Chris Spangle. Chris has previously worked in the radio industry as a producer, for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in public relations, in media production for DVC, Inc, in politics as the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party where he excelled in communications, and currently works full-time in the advertising industry in Indianapolis, IN. This diverse and experienced background helps to form the backbone of our growth.

The WAL Radio Network brands bring together nearly a dozen of interesting and intelligent contributors in the Indianapolis area. This close proximity and commitment to the vision of the WAL radio network help fuel the growth of our brands.


The audience for our shows are largely 20 to 40 years old. This market is coveted in the broadcasting industry as the “money demo.” We cater to millennials, the largest generation on the planet. As millennials, we understand what entertains and what will sell.

We also build brands that cater to specific communities. In the age of new media, few have the ability to cast a wide net. Even cable news channels are catering to communities, and most directories force shows in to categorical boxes. By building a good reputation with community members, we build loyalty. This loyalty fuels a desire in the listener to support the brands that support them.

Multiple Platforms:

The WAL Brands are placed on every conceivable platform to ensure that our content is easily discoverable. When searching for podcasts, most users pick a topic or community and search for shows based on this content. We have posted our brands on every podcast directory and social media site we can possibly find to ensure we’re easily found. In three months, the We Are Libertarians brand has added 5,000 twitter followers, 4,000 facebook fans, and as a result, our audience has multiplied six times.


We are based in Indianapolis, so a healthy portion of our audience for all of our brands come from Indiana. We are growing. The We Are Libertarians show is currently heard in 6 countries every week.

How do I Begin to Advertise with Your Brands?

Contact Chris Spangle at or via phone at 317-319-7844 to discuss in-show or on-site options. A pricing list is not available, because every client’s needs and budget is different. We view these relationships as partnerships.

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