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232: The Immigration Crisis Solved, Trump’s Tax Plan Explained

Chris Spangle, Greg Lenz, Brian Nichols, and Sara Potter discuss the pure libertarian position of open borders versus the conservative position of border control and then find a solution to the divisive issue. We then explain what is in President Trump’s tax plan.

231: How To Win a War on Drugs, Russian Facebook Ads are BS, Trump and the NFL

Chris Spangle and Harry Price Discuss:

– NFL Protests, Trump making useful idiots out of Boomers
How to Win a War on Drugs
Trump’s New Travel Ban
Rand Paul’s Healthcare Demands, Graham/Cassidy Dead
Alabama Senate Race a test of Bannon and McConnell, Foreshadows of 2018
Should Twitter Ban Trump?
Obama warns Facebook over Fake ads, but their investigation exposes Russia investigation as fake
Social media propels AfD into German Reich
Equifax CEO Steps Down. What Happened? Is your information at risk?
Preview of the League of Liberty Podcast

230: Trump Speaks to the U.N., North Korean Crisis Explained

Chris Spangle, Greg Lenz, and Tad Western dissect Trump’s first real foreign policy speech in front of the U.N. and we explain the origins and solutions of the North Korean crisis.

229: Rand Paul Returns to the Stage, Trump’s Lawyers, St. Louis Riots

Chris Spangle and Harry Price detail Rand Paul’s return to the news in his opposition to war funding and Trumpcare, Trump’s lawyers revealing secret information to a reporter on accident, and the St. Louis protest against the acquittal of a white police officer killing a black man.

228: We Forgot 9-11

Chris Spangle, Greg Lenz, and Dakota Davis discuss their experiences on 9-11 and the lasting change in the country. Dakota was 5 when it happened, and has no real awareness of that day’s events, and we unpack the impact of a new generation not remembering this tragedy. We also are raising money for a victim of Harvey. Please donate here.

011: Maranda Gets Fired, Bullies Her Way Back Into a Job

In an amazing story, Maranda explains why she was fired over the summer, and how she got her job back.

010: Maranda Gets a Permanent Ban From Facebook

Maranda gets permanently blocked from Facebook. Was it for selling nudes? Was it for cyber bullying? Listen and find out!

009: Maranda Takes on the Track Rats

Maranda tells us about the track rats she fought at the Indy 500.

227: Identity Politics, Racial Tension and Immigration

Chris Spangle, Greg Lenz, Harry Price, and Abdul-Hakim Shabazz break down the current climate of racial tension from the black perspective, and we touch on immigration reform.



Bonus Episode:

We now have a special weekly bonus episode for our Patreon subscribers. You can get yours through a special bonus RSS feed here. Here is a sample:

Chris Spangle, Greg Lenz, and Harry Price discuss how Google was truly founded and then how the government is unnecessary in hurricane relief.

226: DACA Explained, North Korea, Utah Nurse Assaulted by Cop, Irma

Chris Spangle, Harry Price, and Brian Nichols bring you the weekly news roundup. We cover Trump’s ending of the Dreamer’s program DACA, North Korea claims to have set off a hydrogen bomb, a Utah nurse is assaulted by a police officer, and we update you on Hurricane Irma.

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