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Episode 137: Analyzing Making a Murderer

Chris, Greg, and Brett Bittner breakdown the Netflix docuseries “Making a Murderer.” We give you the entire plot with our own commentary and theories, as well as giving a libertarian insight into what this means for our society. Lots of spoilers, so watch before or instead of the series. Get the links mentioned here.

Raw Audio: National Review Writer Charles CW Cooke on the Conservative Movement

National Review writer Charles CW Cooke (@charlescwcooke) speaks to America’s Future Foundation in Indianapolis thanks to the National Review Institute.

Episode 136: Comedian Stewart Huff on Creative Thinking and Humanity

Chris Spangle and Greg Lenz chat with comedian Stewart Huff. Stewart is a southern storyteller that shares thoughts about religion, politics, and life. We talk about creative thinking, critical thoughts, and how humanity learns to excel as a species. See his standup clips at his website here.

Episode 135: Homeschooling and Rand Paul

Chris Spangle, Greg Lenz, Brett Bittner, and Chris Mayo explain why homeschooling kids is an excellent educational option and start breaking down what happened with Rand Paul’s campaign.

Episode 134: Gun Control and Oregon Standoff

Chris, Greg, Brett Bittner, and Harry Price discuss the proposed gun control actions by Obama and the background on the Oregon standoff.

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