Archives for August 2015

Episode 123: TV News Murders

Chris and Greg are joined by James Nease, Aaron Ewert, and Tyler Weiss to discuss the recent murders and how we can end these tragedies. James is on, so NSFW.

Episode 122 – Effective Outreach and Communication

Chris and Greg chat with Brett Bittner and Chloe Anagnos of the Advocates for Self-Government on how to effectively communicate libertarian ideas.

Episode 121: Hulu and Chill with James Nease

Chris talks to James Nease. EVENTUALLY, we start talking about why libertarians fail in politics.

Episode 120: Debate Recap

Chris, Greg and Jeremiah Morrell recap the two GOP debates.

Episode 119: Sandra Bland and Planned Parenthood

Chris, Joe, Greg and Harry discuss Joe’s amazing new life, the Sandra Bland tragedy, Planned Parenthood, and Trump.

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