Archives for May 2015

Episode 112: Rand Paul, ISIS and Neocons

Chris, Greg, Chris Peffers, and Nick Taylor discuss Rand Paul and his recent ISIS comments and a veteran’s reaction to Memorial Day.

Episode 111: Flag Burning and Rants

Chris and Greg do a lot of ranting on free speech, and Miah calls in to discuss flag burning. This is a very NSFW episode.

Episode 110: Cybersecurity, Trans-Pacific Partnership

Chris, Greg, and Harry Price discuss recent actions on domestic spying, protecting your own cybersecurity, the NSA, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership and free trade.

Episode 109: Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers

Joe discusses many different issues regarding law enforcement with Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers.

Episode 108: Baltimore and James Nease

Chris and Greg are joined by James Nease to discuss Baltimore, the death of Freddie Gray, the Drug War, and the economic underpinnings of our current unrest.

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