Archives for March 2015

Episode 102: Religious Freedom Bills and RFRA

Chris, Greg and Joe tackle Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s SB 101 RFRA (religious freedom) bill, and Chris manages to upset Christians, Gay rights activists, and lawmakers at the same time.

Episode 026: TinderMania

A story of one man’s trolling exploits on Tinder causes Joe and Jason to run a gauntlet of celebrities. Will they swipe left or right? Also, it’s WrestleMania weekend!

Episode 25 – Jason’s Jury Duty Experience

While Joe described his experience thoroughly online, Jason also served on a jury this week. Find out more about his experience here.

Episode 101: Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal and Rand’s Purity

Chris and Greg discuss Hillary Clinton’s scandals and how it affects her run for President, and we discuss if Rand is pure enough for most libertarians.

Episode 24 – For Those About to Rock

Jason and Joe discuss a man receiving government welfare for his addiction to heavy metal, net neutrality, and Spiderman stepping into the Marvel Film Universe.

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