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Episode 100: Our 100th Extravaganza Super Spectacular!

The WAL gang of past and present meet to reflect on 100 episodes and discuss the growth of the libertarian movement since our launch in March of 2012. With us: Chris Spangle, Creighton Harrington, Joe Ruiz and his wife Mikki, Greg Lenz, Miah Akston, Harry Price, Chris and Daniel Peffers, Brett Bittner and Crystal Goss. Learn more about the members of the podcast.

Episode 099: Net Neutrality and Education Reform

Chris and Greg are joined by Brett Bittner, a former school board member, and “Jeffrey,” a teacher to discuss the problems with our education system and the need for education reform. But first we discuss the passing of Net Neutrality.

Episode 098: Creighton Unplugged On the Open Letter to Ron Paul

Chris, Greg, and Creighton discuss the thought control employed by some libertarians, Creighton goes off on “An Open Letter to Ron Paul,” are left libertarians welcomed in the movement? Also, the prodigal son returns on an Apple device.

Episode 097: Libertarians Should Be More Like Brian Williams

Chris and Greg meander through a few news stories and then discuss likability, how to persuade people, and why libertarians should be more like Brian Williams.

Take the Myers Briggs test here. Visit the Advocates for Self-Government here. Read “Lenz: Awakening The Libertarian In You – The Ultimate Sales Guide To Libertarianism.”

Episode 23 – Public Indecency

The guys leave you feeling dirty in this steamy episode regarding bad celebrity hygiene, out of the box feminine treatments, and why you should be careful visiting the library.

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