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Episode 093: Thanksgiving, Immigration, and Ferguson

Chris and Greg discuss Thanksgiving, the immigration debate, and the Ferguson decision.

Episode 092: Books, Net Neutrality, Recent Elections

Chris and Greg discuss the changing nature of how we learn, Net Neutrality, the recent elections, and recap our previous podcast: Rachel’s Story.

The Jeff Vibbert Podcast Episode 1 with Me!

You know what you need? More me! I helped my co-worker (and occasional hater) Jeff Vibbert launch a podcast. He’s a very funny stand-up comedian and comedy writer. He asked me about my experiences working for The Bob & Tom Show and what my post-divorce life is like.

Episode 21: WTF Politics

Description: Joe’s 5-Year Old Daughter Cami joins Joe and Jason to discuss the most odd Political Parties ever formed in the U.S.

Episode 091: Rachel’s Story – The Real Cost of Government

Chris and Greg sit down to talk to Claude “Woody” Wood  and Linda Martel of Indianapolis, IN about the death of Woody’s daughter Rachel Wood while an inmate in Indiana prisons. It is is a difficult story that shows us the tragic results of an inhumane system. We want to warn you that this is graphic and emotional at times.

Sign the petition to end privatized prisons in Indiana.

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