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Episode 10: 10

The guys celebrate Ten episodes of The Culture & Arts Podcast with a European man who locked his wife in the shed for singing “Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead” when his mother died. Also, the hosts bring their own Top 10 lists to the table, and debate ensues over The Breakfast Club. Listen Here.

Episode 9: It’s a Weird World

Absurd stories galore; Can a missing person find himself? Can Disney’s Frozen turn your child gay? Should the word “Bossy” be banned? And which actors passed on some of Hollywood’s most iconic roles? All that, plus Text-Prank a stranger on this week’s episode of The Culture & Arts Podcast. Listen here.

Episode 8: Keep It Catchy

Joe, David, and Jason discuss a man who stabbed his girlfriend’s ex with a replica of Zelda’s sword, celebrity name changes and the 13 catchiest songs of all time. Listen Here.

Episode 078: Dr. Mark Thornton

Dr. Mark Thornton of the Ludwig von Mises Institute joins We Are Libertarians, and despite ongoing technical difficulties provides excellent insights into jury nullification, crypto currency, and Frederic Bastiat.

Episode 077: Bitcoin & Red Lights

Dan van Doren joins Greg and Joe for a discussion on Bitcoin, intervention in the Ukraine, religious freedom, and breaking petty laws.

Episode 7: Hulkamania & Scientology

Can a diabetic man survive 25 years eating nothing but pizza? Are Bible-believing Christians Hollywood’s newest target demographic? What are the 10 craziest beliefs held by The Church of Scientology? All that, plus the Rebirth of Hulkamania, on this episode of The CAP. Listen Here.

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