Archives for February 2014

Episode 6: The Power of Love

In this Post-Valentine’s Day Episode Joe, David, & Jason Discuss Bizarre Love Stories, Personal Break-ups, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Warning: This Episode May Offend PETA, and also some Feminists. Listen Here.

Episode 5: Borat & The Zombie Hulk

Joe, David, and Jason discuss an incident with a human zombie, Borat, Creationism vs. Evolution, Selena Gomez bailing on rehab, and the long awaited departure of Jay Leno. Listen Here.

Episode 4: The Hidden Mysteries of McDonald’s and Descent of The Beebs

Joe Ruiz, Jason Murrell and David Murrell Discuss the Menu Items that McDonald’s doesn’t want you to know about, as well as Sex With Glass and the Fall of Justin Bieber. Listen here.

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