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RKS 8-28-13: Twerk

Rob and April ponder the status of Robin Thicke’s marriage after the VMAs. The pair also discuss the exploitation of minority voting blocks. Listen Here.

Episode 10: Avoiding the Media and Syria

Listen Here.

Ryan Asks Gary Johnson A Question

LINK: (22:50 – 25:33)


O’Reilly ended his show on Thursday night with an apology to his viewers for incorrectly stating that Republicans were not invited to speak at the 50th anniversary event in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and his “I Have A Dream” speech. He owned the mistake and encouraged his viewers to not assume facts, but to verify them.



What purpose do anonymous quotes serve and should people be skeptical of comments made by people unwilling to speak on the record?

From the HuffPo article:

“I leave it to you to decide whether or not you believe anonymous quotes that are included in AP stories, or an on-the-record statement from people who have looked at exactly the same information and reached a different conclusion,” Earnest said, citing, among others, public statements by President Obama saying that the Assad regime was definitively responsible for the attack.

Earnest’s repeated denials prompted CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett to note that the wire service was a “trusted news organization” and AP White House correspondent Julie Pace to note that “you guys talk to us anonymously all the time.”




From Brian Howey: “Some friendly advice to the governor: As a congressman, you championed media access and shield issues. As a radio and TV talk show host, you thrived on access to lawmakers. As governor, your accessibility has been far below that of your predecessors. You probably should rethink that”


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My Interview with Martin Luther King III

I had the pleasure of interviewing Martin Luther King III, Dr. King’s son, about his father’s legacy in 2007 at an event in Indianapolis. Listen Here.

11-9-07 – Martin Luther King III

Listen Here.

Episode 8: Moist

Gena fills us in on her week with an extra $100 in her pocket. And she says moist. A lot. Listen Here.

Episode 9: Al Jazeera, Rue Britannia

  • Ryan, Chris, and Joe discuss the launch of Al Jazeera America and the need for a 1st Amendment in Britain. Listen Here.


    The launch of Al Jazeera promises to be a test of what the American consumer really wants from cable news networks. Is the current trend of infotainment a winner, or will viewers tune in to 14 hours of hard news and documentaries?

    “Viewers will see a news channel unlike the others, as our programming proves Al Jazeera America will air fact-based, unbiased and in-depth news,” said the channel’s acting chief executive


    Q: The question is does this spin happy, reality TV saturated culture really want facts?

    Rocky start, AT&T Uverse dropped the channel, prompting a lawsuit from the network and cutting out 5 million potential viewers. Within the first 5 minutes, subtle jabs were taken at MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News for not providing the new in a way to Americans deserve


    Q: Bumps in the road that will smooth out, or is this truly a massive uphill battle? Is it smart to start a fight with the other networks right out of the gate?

    Glenn Beck had a warm welcome for the new network: “I do this because I believe in it.” He said to his followers, “Our voice has got to grow, because Al Jazeera–quite honestly the voice of the enemy.” Imagining his critics who might say “it’s only Soledad O’Brien,” Beck replied, “Oh really? Sell me another shill.”

    VIDEO: (6:35 – 6:48)

    Q: Al Jazeera is owned the royal emir of the oil-rich Persian Gulf state of Qatar. Is this an issue for American viewers?


    Guardian editors revealed that they were forced by the British government to destroy hard drives that held files leaked by Edward Snowden. Under threat of legal action, the Guardian took this step in order to continue reporting on NSA and global surveillance programs. Despite being told that other copies exist, the agents from the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) required that the drives be obliterated.

    “You’ve had your fun. Now we want the stuff back,” Rusbridger quoted a senior British official that was unnamed.


    Q: Do they know that copies exist? If so, was the purpose intimidation?

    The White House has said that it would not be “appropriate” for the US government to destroy leaked government secrets obtained by media organisations in the way ordered by the British government.

    “It’s very difficult to imagine a scenario in which that would be appropriate here,” said White House deputy spokesman Josh Earnest on Tuesday

    The White House did not criticize the British, nor would Earnest speak about the data and where it might be located or who is analyzing it.


    Following the hard drive incident, Glenn Greenwald’s partner, David Miranda was detained in Heathrow airport for 9 hours under a provision of the UK Terrorism Act of 2000. He was in route from German to his home in Brazil.

    Miranda had gone to Germany to pick up files from Greenwald’s investigative partner Laura Poitras and bring them back to their home in Brazil. Materials he was carrying, including a laptop and other drives, were confiscated from him, but he claimed not to know if they contained classified materials.

    Q: Jeffery Toobin compared Miranda to a “drug mule”. Fair or not? Does this imply that journalist having classified information is a “terrorist” act?

    British officials stole a line from the US play book to justify the detainment: The home secretary, Theresa May, said on Tuesday: “I think that it’s absolutely right that if the police believe that somebody is in possession of highly sensitive stolen information that could help terrorists, that could risk lives or lead to a potential loss of life, that the police are able to act, and that’s what the law enables them to do.”

    Q: Was the US involved in this detainment?

    David Miranda has been granted a limited injunction at the high court to stop the government and police “inspecting, copying or sharing” data seized from him during his detention at Heathrow airport – but examination by the police for national security purposes is allowed.


    Q: We keep talking about the criminalization of investigative journalism…Fair to say that we are now there?


    Interesting facts: There are about 65,000 journalists working for brands of one sort or another, according to a report in the Nieman Journalism Lab. And 5 million Americans now hold a security clearance.

    In other words, there are about 77 people keeping secrets about the government for every single person whose professional duties might include asking questions about that government.

    “This one, Barrett Brown, is a journalist, and his crime is copying a URL. Mr. Brown did not perform any hacking himself; he merely linked to a site that published emails hacked from a private security contractor, HBGary.”

    ““The heart of the case is linking to something,” Mr. Swift said when he took the case. “Classified, secret information held by the government is public property, and, if it’s leaked, the press has the right to publish it. The government now uses private subcontractors to store information, and the question is: Do the same protections apply to private information being compiled for the government?”

    Now the government is attempting to put a gag order on the case. Meanwhile, the mainstream media is quiet on the topic. Suppose they don’t want Big Brother’s eye on them?


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RKS 8-21-13 – Happy Birthday, Mr. Governor

Rob ponders ways to get the governor to give a speech at his birthday party, plus a thorough review of the “late night” menu at the local McDonald’s. Listen Here.

11-13-07 – Bob Cockrum

Listen Here.

11-12-07 – Various CCC Members

Listen Here.

Episode 8: Rob Kendall and LP Inclusion in Debates

We invite Rob Kendall, author and host of the Rob Kendall Show, on to discuss writing a book, political activism, and working in radio. Listen Here.

Legendary Political Reporter Jack Germond Died At Age 85

    • Covered 10 presidential elections – regular on the McLaughlin Group
    • 50 year newspaper man
    • Germond co-wrote “Politics Today,” a five-day-a-week syndicated column, for more than 24 years.
    • Part of the old school late-night poker game, cigar, and whiskey crowd
    • Disdain for talking heads and smooth political shows – liberal leaning


    • Radio Career
    • Time with Mike Pence
    • Podcasting
  • Life as an elected official


Article from A. Barton Hinkle discussing the race for governor in Virginia and how the Libertarian candidate being left out of the media narrative is not only bad journalism, but also bad politics.  Below is excerpt:

“The article then moved on with its main theme: the “negative tone” of the fight between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli. It never pointed out that voters actually do have a third choice: Robert Sarvis, who is running for governor on the Libertarian ticket, will be on the ballot as well.”

The article also discusses the use of polling limits to exclude 3rd party candidates and debunks some of the more common defenses for that practice.



A court has ruled that journalist James Risen must reveal his source in open court in the criminal trial of former CIA official Jeffery Sterling. Sterling was indicted for leaking classified information to Risen for his book – State of War. The 4th circuit court of appeals has ruled that Risen could not claim 1st amendment protections and must testify.

The settings of these decisions have come in to question. These rulings have taken place in Maryland and Virginia — setting an unsettle precedent in two states that are also home to the NSA and CIA. Rosen has refused to co-operate and could face time behind bars. More stunning is the utter lack of interest from the mainstream media especially given the ramifications of this case for the entire industry.



This story is contradictory to Eric Holder’s promise to not prosecute reporters… James Ball is watching the Risen story closely as he too has been investigated by the government for his involvement with WikiLeaks.  From the article:

“Such reassurances are false. What happens to WikiLeaks today happens to New York Times reporters tomorrow.

There are two reasons I can say this so starkly. The first is that we’ve had time to see it happen. In the last year, AP reporters learned their phone records had been secretly subpoenaed and analyzed in a bid to uncover their confidential sources. A Fox News reporter was surveilled . And veteran New York Times reporter James Risen faces jail for refusing to disclose a source.”



  • NBC’s Meet the Press recently fell to a 21-year low. It is now third place on Sunday morning, trailing CBS’s Face the Nation and ABC’s This Week.
  • Face the Nation has moved in to the number one spot for the first time in 15 years.
  • What’s gone wrong for NBC?
    • David Gregory was a horrible choice to replace Tim Russert?
    • David Gregory does not garner the level of respect of Fact the Nation’s Bob Schieffer?
    • David Gregory does not get the big stories that This Week’s George Stephanopoulos can?
  • Is Meet the Press still relevant?



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