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10-8-07 – Mitch Daniels Presser

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10-30-07 – Rishawn Biddle

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Behind the Scenes of the WAL Radio Network

Chris discusses how the podcasts get made on the WAL Radio Network, what equipment is used, and at minute 45 discusses the guiding philosophies of the network.

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Episode 5: Setting the Record Straight

In a cathartic STWG, Gena dispels some myths and does not care what you think of her. Listen Here.

Episode 5: Casey Hendrickson, Amash Coverage, Jay Carney

Ryan, Chris, and Joe learn what it is like to be a local talk radio show host from Casey Hendrickson, and then discuss coverage of the Amash amendment, and Jay Carney has another bad week. Listen Here.


Casey Hendrickson entered the world of talk radio in the Las Vegas market, working for CBS owned AM 840 KXNT. He rocketed to number one on the talk radio charts and made the jump to Fox News Radio (KDOX). Seeking to bring his family back to the mid-west, Casey joined 95.3 MNC as host of Michiana’s Morning News in 2011. He now hosts his own show during the afternoon drive.


Where is the domestic coverage on the Amash Amendment to the DoD appropriations bill to defund the #NSA’s ability to spy on innocent American citizens? CNN is still covering the Royal Birth, FOX NEWS has Weiner fever, and MSNBC can stop playing the race card.

There’s a lot to this story and only the Guardian and the Huffington Post seem interested in reporting on it. WAL news site has an in depth piece on this site as part of our weekly column on the activities of Michigan Rep Justin Amash.


1.   Now that the White House has officially opposed the amendment, does the President 100% own the spy network – ie no more blaming Bush? Did the WH opposition put the chill on the media?

2.   Isn’t it pretty significant that rep will be forced to vote their opinion on NSA spying efforts?

3.   Republican’s who vote against the amendment will be labeled “Obama Republicans” – how will this play out next year during the mid-term elections

4.   Is it vindication for Snowden if the Amendment passes?

5.   Why did General Alexander feel the need to hold a TOP SECRET emergency briefing with congress if his program is legal and ethical? Why did he meet with R’s and D’s separately?

6.   With 74% of Americans feeling skeptical about NSA spying (WaPo), why is there even a debate here?

See, there are many angles here. Where were the stories!?!?





On Wednesday Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney were supposed to talk about the economy and the White House’s new focus on fiscal issues, however, the discussion quickly got scrappy as Scarborough took exception to Carney calling the recent problems at the IRS “phony scandals.”

“At the beginning, you said it was just the Cincinnati office,” Scarborough said. “Then we find out more people in Washington are involved, and then this past week we found out, despite what any of us think of the investigations on Capitol Hill that it wasn’t a couple of crazy people in Cincinnati, that this information actually went up to the Chief Counsel of the IRS, which was one of two political appointees by the President of the United States and the entire IRS. So it doesn’t sound phony to me, Jay.”

Carney tried to deflect Scarborough’s comments as GOP talking points, but Scarborough wouldn’t relent.


“No, Jay! Is that the truth or not?” Scarborough said. “Don’t give me talking points! That doesn’t work on this show…So answer my question, and then let’s talk about the economy.”

Before Carney could answer, Scarborough jumped him again.

“I gave you the question, and you decided to fight me, Jay,” Scarborough said, “Stop your games with me. We’ve known each other for too long. I’m not playing your games! I’m not somebody you talk down to from your podium!”



Former White House assistant press secretary Reid Cherlin thinks it’s time to end the charade that we call it quits for the daily press briefing.

“The daily briefing has become a worthless chore for reporters, an embarrassing nuisance to administration staff, and a source of added friction between the two camps,” Cherlin wrote. “It’s time to do the humane, obvious thing and get rid of it altogether.”

RELATED: Jay Carney loves questions, ironically he hates answers:


Round 2 of the game of half answers and skillful deflections.


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RKS 7-24-13: Cut… It… Out…

This week Rob professes his love for Jodie Sweetin while April criticizes the studio decor. The pair also name drop like crazy in an attempt to receive free promotion. Listen Here.

Episode 4: Rolling Stone, Zimmerman, and State Run Media

We give a different perspective on the Rolling Stone kerfuffle, the media and Zimmerman, and Bradley Manning. Listen Here.

Show Notes:

ROLLING STONES COVER — Why is this a big deal?

On Thursday morning’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough weighed in on the controversy by comparing the effort to examine Tsarnaev with the increase in sales of the Koran following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and explained “We were trying to figure out why they hated us, and we ended up realizing they hated us because we were evil.”

Scarborough Clip:

Fox and Friends was not as understanding. They were clearly upset with the photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover, and they trashed the magazine for daring to portray a terrorist in a positive light.

Doocy Clip:


Mark O’Mara also said that Zimmerman was not racist. And he scolded the media in a press conference after a not-guilty verdict was handed down in the case, blasting the press for prompting racial undertones in the case. “You guys ran with it, and you ran right over him,” O’Mara said. “… It was horrid to George Zimmerman that the media ran with a race story. It was your guys’ fault.”

Michael Steele, the former Republican National Committee chairman, questioned whether O’Mara was “high.” Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) also weighed in, suggesting during the press conference that O’Mara could “incite a riot by his arrogance alone.”

Zimmerman Trial Statement:> (28:30 mark)

Did media try to tee up the next story by exaggerating the possibility of riots? Race baiting?

Beckel Thinks So:

“What do you think we do?” Beckel asked Bolling. “What do you think this network and every other network does? We’re not profiting off of this?” When his co-hosts scoffed in disbelief, Beckel said of the Zimmerman coverage, “this is big news, and it gets good ratings, and everyone’s making a profit, so what’s the big deal?”


How dare a high school-age intern dare to ask White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a question relating to the security provided to the family of George Zimmerman!? An intern with the daily caller asked whether the Obama Administration should be protecting Zimmerman’s family. Jay Carney clearly did not like the question and dismissed it as “ridiculous”. The MSM seems to agree and has only talked about the high schooler and completely ignored his question.

Jay Carney hissy fit:

BRADLEY MANNING — “Aided the Enemy Charge” impact on the media:

From the Guarding Article:

“Thursday, Colonel Denise Lind, the judge in the Bradley Manning court martial, refused to dismiss the “aiding the enemy charge”. The decision is preliminary, and the judge could still moderate its effect if she finds Manning not guilty. But even if she ultimately acquits Manning, the decision will cast a long shadow on national security journalists and their sources.”

From the Huffington Post Article:

“A judge’s refusal to throw out the charge that Bradley Manning may have “aided the enemy” in giving documents to WikiLeaks leaves in place a precedent that could affect more traditional news organizations.”




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And remember, when the media breaks the news, The Shill Report fixes it.


RKS 7-17-13: IN Auditor, Childhood Memories, The Ultimate Warrior

Rob and April delve into the job description for auditor and determine they are the most qualified. Rob also gets a retweet from the Ultimate Warrior and re-lives childhood memories. Listen Here.

Episode 4: Based on a True Story

Gena reveals a shocking story about her virginity, and interviews Mrs. Spanglebear. Listen Here.

10-24-07 – Schellinger And Thompson

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