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LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 080: Why I am a Libertarian: Joe Hauptmann, Candidate for IN House District 87 and Former LPIN Chair

It’s amazing how a person who can be a reliable source of argument could become a long-time teammate. Many years ago, Joe Hauptmann used to argue with Steve Dasbach, Hauptmann coming from the right, Dasbach from the left, until they discovered they agreed on libertarian principles. From there Hauptmann became Indiana’s state chair, while Dasbach was the LNC’s director.

Now Hauptmann is running in a competitive two-way race for Indiana House in District 87. This is Joe’s story of his discovery of, and early involvement with, the Libertarian Party.

Listen Here: Joe Hauptmann’s Discovery of the LP

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 082: Which Way to the Libertarian Caucus?

LPIN Executive Director Chris Spangle picks up where the last podcast left off- with Indiana City-County Councilor Ed Coleman’s navigation of uncharted, caucus-free waters.

So, what happens when Libertarians are elected to the Indiana statehouse? Or to Congress? Will they caucus with Republicans or Democrats? Will they stand alone as kingmakers? Spangle considers the various angles in this edition of the podcast.

Listen Here: Which Way To The Libertarian Caucus?

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 084: Why I am a Libertarian: Mark Rutherford, LP National Vice Chairman

Mark Rutherford is the Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee, and like many other Libertarians, he credits two-time presidential candidate Harry Browne with helping to make it so.

Prior to being elected to the LNC, and to a seven-year stint as LPIN State Chair, Rutherford once thought of himself as a Republican. In this edition of the podcast, Mark Rutherford describes his shift from the Republicans to the Libertarian Party.

Listen Here:

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 081: Ed Coleman Transparency Proposal Passes Unanimously

If the thought is that one Libertarian on a legislative body has no value, think again. Besides being a coveted vote on any fairly evenly split council, being outside the usual “bi-partisan” bickering can mean easy passage of an ordinance or bill on “tri-partisan” lines.

This is exactly what happened when Indianapolis City-County Councilor introduced a transparency proposal in late 2009. It was so obviously good government that both the Republicans and Democrats had no choice but to vote for it- and give Coleman a legislative victory.

Listen Here: Ed Coleman Transparency Proposal [Read more…]

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 079: Why I am Libertarian: Ed Angleton, Former Democrat

Conventional wisdom holds that Libertarians are former Republicans. In reality, disaffected Democrats are every bit as likely to become Libertarians.

Ed Angleton is a good case in point. He comes from a family of Democrats, and even shook Bobby Kennedy’s hand as a youngster. But with civil liberties as an absolute, an aversion to political correctness, and faced with an 800% property tax increase, it can become uncomfortable to remain a Democrat.

This installment features outgoing LP of Marion County Vice Chair Ed Angleton’s conversions story.

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 078: Rebecca Sink-Burris, The Grown-Up In The Room

Rebecca Sink-Burris participate in the first of three debates between the three candidates for US Senate Monday night. Often times, she looked like a buffer between the other two, but always like the grown-up in the room.

The contrast was stark: Rebecca answered the questions, while the Republican and Democrat slung mud at each other.

In this installment of the podcast, Rebecca Sink-Burris comments on the experience of being in the debate, and reactions to her performance.

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 075: LP of Hamilton County Joins Lawsuit against Town of Fishers

Mike Kole is the Chair of the Hamilton County Libertarian Party and a candidate for County Council, but above all, a citizen of the Town of Fishers. When the Town failed to place the public question regarding the municipality’s form of government, Town or City, on the ballot, a lawsuit was the response.

Kole was invited to participate, along with local Republicans, by local Democrats, making the suit a tri-partisan action. The suit is founded in the belief that a valid petition was submitted, and that the people have the right to choose their form of government.

Listen here: 075 Mike Kole Joins Lawsuit Against Town of Fishers
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LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 062: Why I am a Libertarian: Andy Horning, 2008 Candidate for Governor

Andy Horning is well known to Hoosiers across the state. Although he ran several times as a Libertarian for went to the Republicans, and came back to the Libertarian Party, his original conversion to libertarian thinking may surprise you.

Listen here: Why I am a Libertarian: Andy Horning, 2008 Candidate for Governor [Read more…]

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 072: Why I am a Libertarian: Jerry Titus’ Conversion During a Televised Debate

We’re introducing a new segment on today: Why I am a Libertarian. Many people are confused why Libertarian Party members leave the two party system to build up a third party. We will bring you the stories of Libertarians currently working to grow the LPIN.

There are many reasons for the Libertarian Party to press for inclusion in debates, among them the large audience that can be reached with fully developed discussions of Libertarian policy solutions.

Jerry Titus came to see the Libertarian Party as his political home after watching Andy Horning perform in a gubernatorial debate. Titus is now a Libertarian candidate for Howard County Council.

Rebecca Sink-Burris will appear in all three US Senate debates this year, the first took place on Monday, October 11.

Listen here: Jerry Titus’ Libertarian Conversion During a Televised Debate

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LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 071: Chris Bowen Earns FOP Endorsement

The Libertarian Party of Indiana is proud to announce Chris Bowen’s endorsement by the Marion County Fraternal Order of Police. Bowen, the son of a policeman, is running for Lawrence Township Trustee.

In this episode of the podcast, Chris Bowen talks about the FOP endorsement, and his campaign for Lawrence Township Trustee.

Listen to the podcast here: 071 Chris Bowen Earns FOP Endorsement

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