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LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 002: Todd Singer on the Obama and Daniels Administrations

Libertarian Party of Indiana Chair Todd Singer talks about the hopes and fears libertarians may have for liberty-friendly policy coming from the Obama Administration and the second Daniels Administration in Indiana.

LPIN Podcast Season 1 – 001: Mike Kole Welcomes Listeners

Host Mike Kole sets out the goals for the podcast: To promote those doing the work of liberty throughout Indiana. The LPIN’s candidates, leaders, and policy analysts are the stars of the show.

The podcast will average 6-10 minutes in length- just right for providing depth of thought, insight, and analysis, rather than a jumbled couple of soundbites, or a recitation of the phone book, as some podcasts unfortunately tend to be.

Send suggestions for topics or interview subjects by email to mikekole (at)

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