247: Digital Stampedes and What It Is Like Serving In The Military

Chris Spangle, Doug Karr, and George discuss the current environment of digital stampedes, the accusations against Al Franken, and Doug and George discuss their military service and how it shapes their view of foreign policy.

246: Trial By Twitter, Roy Moore Accusations, Wikileaks and Donald Trump Jr.

Chris Spangle and Harry Price discuss the environment of trial by Twitter, we give details of the Roy Moore accusations, and we get to the bottom Wikileaks’ communication with Donald Trump Jr.

Interview with Cara Schulz, LP Candidate Recruiting Specialist

Chris Spangle interviews Cara Schulz, the new Libertarian Party Candidate Recruiting Specialist on the challenges and benefits of running for office. Learn more: https://www.lp.org/run-for-office/

245: Tough Love for the Libertarian Party

Chris Spangle, Dakota Davis, and Shane Zoellner define the purpose of a political party and then ask if the Libertarian Party and its leadership are fulfilling its mission. James Nease later calls in to share his opinion as well.

244: Libertarian Opinion of Daylight Savings Time, Texas Shooting

Chris Spangle and Harry Price discuss the libertarian opinion of Daylight Saving Time and unpack the conversation around the Texas shooting, gun rights, and domestic violence.

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The CAP: Culture and Arts Podcast

Episode 026: TinderMania

A story of one man’s trolling exploits on Tinder causes Joe and Jason to run a gauntlet of celebrities. Will they swipe left or right? Also, it’s WrestleMania weekend!

Episode 25 – Jason’s Jury Duty Experience

While Joe described his experience thoroughly online, Jason also served on a jury this week. Find out more about his experience here.

Episode 24 – For Those About to Rock

Jason and Joe discuss a man receiving government welfare for his addiction to heavy metal, net neutrality, and Spiderman stepping into the Marvel Film Universe.

Episode 23 – Public Indecency

The guys leave you feeling dirty in this steamy episode regarding bad celebrity hygiene, out of the box feminine treatments, and why you should be careful visiting the library.

Episode 22: The Music Industry

Did Steve Jobs kill the music industry? Joe and Jason discuss Jon Bon Jovi’s recent claims as well as a man who is being sued for teaching blog readers how to hack cheaper flights.

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Story Time with Gena!

Episode 15: Mostly Happy Holidays

Gena, Chris and Greg discuss the holidays and some updates. Listen Here.

Episode 14: Annulling Pots

Gena gives us a quick update on quitting stuff. Listen Here.

Episode 13: Committed

Gena shares her recent struggles that include time in a mental health facility, (allegedly) burning money, and mooning the neighbors. Listen Here.

Episode 12: Bad Religion

Gena tells stories of business woe, and then we go deep in to religion. Listen Here.

Episode 11: Gena’s Libertarian Streak

Don’t look Ethel!! Listen Here.

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The Chris Spangle Show

The Jeff Vibbert Podcast Episode 1 with Me!

You know what you need? More me! I helped my co-worker (and occasional hater) Jeff Vibbert launch a podcast. He’s a very funny stand-up comedian and comedy writer. He asked me about my experiences working for The Bob & Tom Show and what my post-divorce life is like.

Interview: Rupert Boneham

Chris Spangle sat down with Rupert Boneham to discuss the origin and mission of Rupert’s Kids, the kids in the program, and our broken criminal justice system. He makes some very thoughtful points about how our system sets up the kids caught in the bottom 10% of the socio-economic ladder for failure. Listen Here. You can donate to […]

Interview: Gary Hill

Gary Hill was a 19 year-old honor roll student with a college scholarship when he made a decision that would change the course of his life. Gary is a participant for Rupert’s Kids. At 27, he is now working to build a life inspiring those around him to make different decisions than he did. He […]

An Introduction to Libertarianism with Marshall Fritz

My main job at the Englehart Group is marketing the Advocates for Self-Government. As I have been working on a large project, I have come across this video of Marshall Fritz. Our organization was founded by Fritz, one of the lesser-known giants of the libertarian movement.(I hope you will share this to remedy that.)People like […]

My Interview with Martin Luther King III

I had the pleasure of interviewing Martin Luther King III, Dr. King’s son, about his father’s legacy in 2007 at an event in Indianapolis. Listen Here.

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The Shill Report

Interview: Gary Johnson

Former Governor of New Mexico and 2012 LP Presidential candidate Gary Johnson joins us to discuss the NSA, the drug war, Rand Paul, Our America Initiative, his future plans. Listen Here.

Interview: Julie Borowski, TokenLibertarian Girl

We spent some time talking with Julie Borowski, sometimes know as TokenLibertarian Girl. By day Julie is a policy analyst for Freedomworks, and in her spare time she makes fun, short videos that share the libertarian perspective on current events. She takes us behind the scenes of her creative process, her background, and how she […]

Noam Chomsky, Coverage of Cruz and the Future of Journalism

Ryan, Joe and Chris interview Noam Chomsky on linguistics, propaganda, terrorism, American foreign policy, and his view on modern libertarianism. We then talk about the media’s slant on the government shutdown and the future of journalism. Listen here. SENATE BLAMES THE MEDIA FOR NSA WOES LINK:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/26/senators-nsa-media_n_3998229.html?utm_hp_ref=media INTERVIEW: NOAM CHOMSKY New Yorker Profile of Chomsky On […]

The Shill Report Episode 13: How to Make News, Op-Ed Pages

Ryan, Joe and Chris discuss how they made the Ron Paul interview go viral, do we care what celebrities think, and the duty of op-ed pages. Listen here. HOW THE NEWS IS MADE – WE ARE LIBERTARIANS STYLE Let’s tell the story about what was going on behind the scenes when the WAL was able […]

The Shill Report Episode 12: Jeffrey Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker of  Laissez Faire Books joins us to discuss the digital revolution in publishing, the history of Mises.org, the future of knowledge, and the importance of internet freedom in an age of crumbling institutions. Listen Here. GUEST: JEFFREY TUCKER Executive Editor of Laissez Faire Books, Distinguished Fellow of the Foundation for Economic Education, an adjunct scholar with the Mackinac […]

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The Rob Kendall Show

RKS 9-24-13: Low (Cost) Fidelity

April considers a new career in low-cost tree removal while Rob ponders acting out the movie High Fidelity. Listen Here.

RKS – 9-18-13: The Admiral

April meets David Robinson and prepares to run a race. Rob is a good friend and appears interested. Listen Here.

RKS 9-10-13 – Jay Baker

Rob interviews Indianapolis radio legend Jay Baker. Listen Here.

RKS 9-4-13

Listen here.

RKS 8-28-13: Twerk

Rob and April ponder the status of Robin Thicke’s marriage after the VMAs. The pair also discuss the exploitation of minority voting blocks. Listen Here.

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