Lenz: 12/27 Today’s Interesting Links

The Perfect Woman: 171 lbs, A Pear-Shaped Body, And A Taste For Beef Steak

Should We Ban Swimming For Children? (For The Newton Gun Hypocrites)

Christianity Close To Extinction In The Middle East…

Proof That Conservative Social Policy Has Merits

Should You Stop Being So Accommodating?

Charity Begins Wealth Creation

Did The US Government Poison Alcohol During Prohibition?

The Power of Concentration…

Whoa Dude, Are We Inside A Computer Right Now?

20 Inspiring Rags-To-Riches Stories

Greg Lenz is a reformed Conservative. I've slowly evolved my position from Conservative Republican to it's current status of Libertarian Republican. I'm aware people hate the Libertarian Republican label, but ultimately I'm a pragmatist. Economic issues are my primary concern therefore I do support Republican candidates from time to time (Rand Paul 2016). As of late, I find myself flirting with Minarchism. The writings of William F. Buckley, Ayn Rand, and Thomas Jefferson have played the biggest role in shaping my beliefs.