Libertarian ticket hopes to steal voters away from Trump

Does the Gary Johnson campaign see a realistic path to the White House in the few weeks left before Election Day? Judy Woodruff sits down with former Gov. William Weld, the Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Johnson’s running mate, to discuss their longshot chances, why he’s focusing on deriding Donald Trump, Gary Johnson’s “Aleppo moment” and the schism in the Republican party.

Gary Johnson Takes ‘Great Pride’ in Offering Alternative on Presidential Ballot

Gov. Gary Johnson makes his case for the White House on “This Week.”

USA Today: Gary Johnson: If I’m not in the debates, there’s no way I can win

Libertarian candidate discusses the presidential race, the possibility of being a spoiler, Syria and other issues with Editorial Page Editor Bill Sternberg. He also announces that he will not run again.

PBS Newshour: Gary Johnson on the rules keeping him off the debate stage

Former governor and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is polling the highest of third-party candidates, although he did not qualify for the upcoming first debate. He speaks with Gwen Ifill about what he sees as unfair election polling, how he would do away with the “added layer of bureaucracy” that is the Department of Homeland Security and the Black Lives Matter movement.

CBS: Can Gary Johnson and Bill Weld make a dent in the 2016 election?

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are looking to go head-to-head with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, but can they succeed? CBS News elections director Anthony Salvanto, CBS News contributor Nick Thompson, and CBSN political contributors Lynda Tran and Rick Davis join “After 60” on CBSN to discuss the 2016 Libertarian ticket.

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld At SiriusXM on The Michael Smerconish Program

Gary Johnson and Bill Weld At SiriusXM on The Michael Smerconish Program

Kennedy: Did Gary Johnson pick up his biggest endorsement yet? and Reason TV Editor-in-Chief Nick Gillespie and National Review Reporter Kat Timpf on Gary Johnson picking up the endorsement of New Hampshire’s largest newspaper.

Gary Johnson Speaks at the Detroit Economic Club

Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson sat down for a discussion at the Detroit Economic Club, during which he spoke about his time as governor of New Mexico. as well his third party Presidential bid. He discussed his plan to revitalize the economy, his view on the current climate of the presidential election and the need for comprehensive immigration reform. He was also asked about his recent television appearance in which he blanked on a question about the military conflict in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Gary Johnson Talks About Missing First Debate on MSNBC

Third party candidate Gary Johnson will not be invited to the first presidential debate, but he has managed to get his name on the ballot in 50 states. Watch as he discusses with Sheinelle Jones his candidacy thus far and the latest national poll showing Trump in the lead.

Gary Johnson & Bill Weld rally in New York City

“Gary Johnson & Bill Weld rally in New York City 9/10/16 – LIVE from New York! Home of the first presidential debate. Where Hillary launched her political career. Where Donald built his tower. Where WE TAKE A STAND!”

The Libertarian Ticket on 60 Minutes

Steve Kroft interviews Gary Johnson and his running mate, Bill Weld, the Libertarian candidates taking on the two-party system with many ideas outside the political mainstream.

Our View at the Gary Johnson Event at Purdue

This past week Mitch Daniels, the President of Purdue University, sat down with Gary Johnson. Here was our view of the event.

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Gary Johnson Appears at Purdue University with Mitch Daniels

Purdue President and former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels holds a ‘Conversation with Gary Johnson.”

Gary Johnson Holds a Press Conference at Purdue

Purdue President and former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels holds a ‘Conversation with Gary Johnson.” This is the press conference following the event.

Gary Johnson’s Morning Joe Appearance – “What is Aleppo?”

Mike Barnicle asks Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson how he would handle Aleppo, Syria as president. Johnson responds.