Health Care Statistics

In this next installment on health care, we will turn to the numbers. I’m a numbers guys, so I always like to look to the data to see what we can learn. There is so much information out there that could be researched and analyzed. I have gathered some key statistics from the World Health Organization […]

Insurance and Public Utilities

Back in the summer of 2009, a much younger and fresher Barack Obama and his allies in the Democratic Party had health care at the center of attention in the world of politics. The drama that unfolded during 2009 and 2010 which included party switching, deaths, longshots winning special elections, and parliamentary tricks all led […]

Executive Power – What’s Next?

We recently celebrated President’s Day. As we continue to watch the development of the Trump presidency, this seems like an opportune time to review a brief history of the office, the growth of executive power, and what might be in store for us in the decades to come. During the hot summer of 1787, the Constitutional Convention […]